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It was a few weeks after she had turned eighteen that Haruhi had begun to notice things were getting weird.

Although most of the Host Club except for Haruhi and the twins had graduated, the rest of them took time away from their busy college lifestyles to fly in on their private jets and visit the Host Club. This pleased Haruhi, but she would rather die than admit that, so she acted appropriately irritated with the situation.

But as soon as her eighteenth birthday celebration had passed, she was beginning to catch them staring at her in several instances, and continuously acting as if they were hiding something.

Each time she caught them staring, they would act in the appropriate suspicious way. Kyoya would adjust his glasses and look away calmly, Mori would avert his eyes quickly, Hunny would hide behind Mori, Kaoru would clear his throat and pretend to be looking at something behind Haruhi, and Hikaru would blush brightly and suddenly become extremely interested in his shoes.

Tamaki was the worst at being inconspicuous about it. Every time she caught him staring at her, he would drop something or have a particularly clumsy moment. And every time Haruhi spoke to him, he would sweat and blush and act nervous. Every time their bodies even came in slight contact, like her hand brushing his elbow, he would turn crimson, apologize, and drop something else.

They were hiding something; she could almost smell it in the air. It was plaguing her more than usual one afternoon when the whole Third Music Room was quiet, all the new recruits to the Host Club having gone home. This was usually the time when the Host Club veterans all caught up with each other over tea and sweets, chatting about how things were going for them.

Kyoya had gone on to go to business school while handling his own private business on the side, Mori and Hunny run a dojo, and Tamaki is training to take over the family business after a long and strenuous argument between his father and grandmother. The twins and Haruhi were busy preparing for their exams, the twins planning on going into the fashion industry like their mother (and possibly modeling on the side) and Haruhi, of course, wanted to be a lawyer.

Haruhi stared around the room twitching, gritting her teeth together. Finally, she couldn't take it anymore and a mini explosion erupted in their peaceful music room. "WOULD YOU ALL JUST COME OUT WITH IT?" She demanded, causing everyone else in the room to jump. "What are you hiding? I know you all know something that I don't. And it's bugging the hell out of me. I many not be a rich bastard like you lot, but I do have some right to this club… and if not the club, this friendship!" She paused, panting before giving them all a steely gaze that made even Kyoya stiffen slightly. "I WANT TO KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON." She said in a scarily calm tone.

There was a silence as the people in the room exchanged nervous glances.

"Should we… ask her?" Tamaki said, and everyone looked to Kyoya expectantly.

Kyoya sighed and adjusted his glasses. "I think… it's time. Haruhi, would you please stand up?"

Haruhi stood up, a look of confusion displayed on her face.

All six of them stood up and stood in a row in front of her, all looking at her with serious determination, everyone (even Kyoya and Mori) fashioning red tints across their faces.

"What…?" Haruhi asked uncertainly. Nothing would prepare her for what came next.

All six boys simultaneously fell down to one knee and pulled out velvet boxes from their pockets and flipped them open revealing sparkling diamond rings. "Fujioka Haruhi, will you marry me?" They chorused.

"W-W-WHAT?" Haruhi gaped and at them, twitching. "T-This is a joke, right?" When all of them shook their heads, Haruhi looked up with a look of sheer disbelief. "WHAT KIND OF A CRACKFIC IS THIS?"

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