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This was written for the community 10hugs, which I believe is still fairly new, so if you're on LJ, check it out! And check out my journal too, while you're at it. xD This is going to be a series of ten different oneshots all having to do with a different theme, but each one of the stories has to have a hug in there somewhere. If you're interested, I've done another challenge for 7snogs with Axel/Roxas as the pairing...you can check that out under my profile. :D

Anyway, like the summary said, the pairing for this challenge is Riku/Sora...my OTP! YAAAY! xD Expect all different kinds of ratings on this set...I can tell you right now from the themes I picked that some of them are probably going to be perverted. xD Ahaha wow.

But this one's just cute. :D I've never written a Little Riku/Little Sora fic, so this just made me meeelt. Hehehe. Anyway, let's kick this pig! Enjoy:D

Theme: Storm
Rating: K

It was hurricane season on Destiny Islands. With most of the residents there having lived on the beautiful beachfronts their whole lives, they weren't very fazed. Get the batteries, canned food, bottled water, maybe a backup generator, and you were set.

However, such a storm could still be very unnerving for a child...

Six year-old Sora hated storms, hurricanes definitely included. His mother always told him that he was born during the worst hurricane in Destiny Islands' history, and was named because his eyes were the same shade of blue as the sky when the whole outburst had passed.

Not that any of that mattered to a six year-old. All he cared about was that storms made loud noises, lightning was scary, and the island could float away if it rained too much! Sora pictured all of his neighbors getting on the beach, rowing the island around the ocean with big oars like he did with his boat. That might be fun for awhile, but wouldn't it get really tiring?

Hmm...he'd have to ask Riku, his best friend in the world! Riku was a whole year older than Sora, so he knew practically everything! He always had an answer to Sora's questions, no matter how dumb they seemed.

With that thought in mind, Sora ran to Riku's house one cloudy morning after hastily telling his mom where he was off to. His little brown sandals flapped with every step, but went unnoticed by the boy. He quickly bounded towards the silver-haired boy's house without really paying attention to where he was going—the path to his home was practically automatic; he could probably find it in his sleep.

"Riku! RikuRikuRikuRiku!" Sora babbled, knocking on the big screen door to his best friend's house. To his surprise, Riku didn't come and answer the door immediately like he normally did. Cocking his head in confusion, the younger boy struggled to pull the door open with his tiny fingers. After a few unsuccessful moments though, the door suddenly swung open with gusto, nearly whacking Sora in the face.

"Hey!" he complained with a pout on his face. His expression brightened a second later when he realized it had been Riku who opened the door. Yay!

Riku, however, wasn't amused. The older boy frowned and gave Sora a funny look. "What you doing here? Didn't your mom tell you—"

Sora, however, wasn't in the mood to listen, his little child mind still full of questions he knew only Riku would be able to answer. "Meet me in the Secret Place soon, 'kay?" He dashed off without waiting for an answer, leaving the silver-haired boy to sigh and ask his own mom if he could go outside and play while he still could.


The Secret Place was actually a cave, hidden behind a glittering waterfall and a narrow passageway. Sora and Riku had discovered it a few months ago when they had been playing hide-and-seek with Tidus, Wakka, and Selphie, and found that it was the perfect size for two best friends to squeeze through. Now it was the only place they would ever hang out at—not even playing video games all day could compare.

Sora made his way towards the back of the Place, sitting against a wall of scribbles. He grinned to himself, remembering how he and Riku had quickly made a mess of the once-plain cave. They had quickly found out that you could easily carve pictures, words, whatever you wanted with a sharpened rock. They could hardly wait to be grown-up, so they could make pictures on the ceiling!

The brunet had gotten so side-tracked thinking about the possibility of being five feet tall that he didn't notice a certain someone had joined him until a loud "BOO!" echoed through the cave.

"AHHH!" Sora cried, flailing his arms and falling over, nearly eating dirt. He quickly stood up and put his hands on his skinny little hips, trying his best to look stern.

Riku was unaffected. He just rolled his brilliant aquamarine eyes and plopped on the ground, crossing his arms. "Look Sora, I'm not really supposed be out here right now. I think your Mom's lookin' for you—"

The younger boy either pretended not to hear or just plain didn't, because he interrupted with a shriek. "RIKU! I have something I hafta ask you, and don't laugh at me 'cause it's really, really, reeeeally important!"

Riku let out a sigh. It was such a burden being older and knowing more about the world. "What is it?"

"Well I heard Mom talking about the storms and she's afraid that the island's gonna get flooded! So I was just wondering if we'd be able to take our paddles and move the island around like a boat! Should we get our oars together? I know Tidus and Selphie would help paddle us around, but I dunno about Wakka; he's kinda weird and smells bad—"

"Sora, I think it's too late for that," Riku gently butted in. "There's already a huge storm coming! My mom said it could blow us right off the face of the world!"

Blue eyes widened in fear. "NOOO!" Sora suddenly latched on to Riku's shirt, clutching it desperately. "I don't wanna be blown off the face of the world! I hate storms!" Tears filled his eyes, threatening to spill over.

Riku laughed a little, attempting to pry Sora off of himself, but no avail. "Don't worry, Sora. I won't let the storm get you."

A muffled sniffle filled the cave. "R-really?"


"You won't?"

"I won't."

"Even if the whooooole island floods and we have to paddle ourselves around like a giant boat?"

"Yup, and we'll do that 'till we're all grown up. Then we can go on real adventures, ones a lot more scary than a storm!"

"Nothing's scarier than a storm," Sora replied, his voice still softened from his face buried in the older boy's chest. "But...you promise? You really, really, really promise?"

Instead of replying right away, Riku swiftly moved his arms around Sora, like a true protector. He rested his head on the mess of brown spikes, smirking a little when he felt his best friend squeeze him around his waist, no longer so afraid.

"Yeah. I promise."

And that was exactly how their mothers found them just before the storm hit—sound asleep, snuggled in each other's embrace.


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