Girl Fights


Lady Razeli

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters from the original show Xena: Warriorprincess. However I did make up some characters.

Language: Profanity def, but not a lot.

Sex: yes, and some references I think.

Author's note: If your looking over your kid's shoulder and they're not at least thirteen some parts may not be appropriate.

Chapter One

"Come on we have to get home." Xena said. She was going to settle down with Borias and Solan for a year. The gods had given them back as a thank you. She was so happy. Gabrielle had Perdicus back. They were following slower behind everybody else. Everybody were trying to catch up, but that was what the year was for. To basically get to know everybody again.

"What is the rush?" Borias asked."I'm not anxious to meet your father."

"My father's dead." Xena said."My brother's the one who'll give you a lot of grief. And my mother.Especially my mother."

"Will she like father, mother?" Solan said to her. He was so happy. Before they had set off for Amphipolis Xena made sure he knew the truth. She couldn't keep it a secret if she tried. Not anymore not after what happened.

"Why wouldn't she?" Xena asked.

"I don't know." Solan said. Soon they had to stop though and make camp.

"Record timing." Borias said as Perdicus and Solan came down to the water's edge too. Xena and Gabrielle were swimming with their clothes neatly folded on a rock. Camp was set with a fire going and stew cooking over it.

"We've been practicing." Gabrielle said.

"What kind of stew is that?" Perdicus asked.

"Deer." Gabrielle said.

"I don't like deer." Perdicus said.

"What would you rather have?" Gabrielle asked as Solan jumped in. Borias was undressing too.

"Fish." Perdicus said.

"One fish comin' up!" Xena said. She grabbed one out of the water, and threw it at him. She hit him in the face. They laughed. Poor Perdicus had to cook it himself as they splashed around.

"Oh god you can't cook." Gabrielle said coming to check on the stew. She moved it off the fire, and looked at his burnt fish." Xena another fish!"

"Ok!" Xena said."Time." They stopped splashing her. She went under water for a moment. She found a good sized fish. She got out of the water. Like Gabrielle she was in her undergarments. They couldn't get completely naked. Not anymore.

"I can totally see through that." Borias said when she dived back into the water.

"Damn." Xena said. Gabrielle came back and dived in.

"Xena we have to go shopping."

"Yea, Borias just pointed that out." Xena said.