Chapter Twelve

The next morning she paced her office in front of the two women. The one who had the broken chin was called Laya and the one with the bloody nose was named Courtney. Amelia walked into the office and closed the door behind herself.

"Well?" Xena asked.

"Its official the entire community of women think your fight last night thinks that the show you gave on last night for the men was so shameful that we might end up having to close the club down. In fact there is a town meeting about your fight tonight." Both women looked down although Courtney had nothing to be a shamed of she did not engage Laya in such an act.

"I must say I agree with them, you've really hurt and disgraced the women of Amphipolis. Laya why couldn't you just have come to me instead of making a fool of yourself. I could have cleared up the misunderstanding or you could have handled it like women in the ring. Not disgraced yourself in front of men which is the one thing we try are against."

"I'm sorry Xena, but I'm a jealous woman, but I should have known better than to think that my husband would cheat on me or that Courtney whose always been my friend would do such a thing to me. Courtney can you ever for give me?" Courtney looked at her and she seemed like she was going to refuse when Xena and Amelia glared at her.

"I forgive you Laya it was an easy mistake." They nodded their approval. They hugged and walked out together. Amelia and Xena discussed what the men could come up with.

"I'm sure they'll be watching us all more closely," Xena grumbled as they walked to the town square for the meeting. Amelia and Xena waited for last minute stragglers to arrive.

"After last nights spectacle between Laya and Courtney, we have decreed that women can no longer own night clubs without a man and it must be turned into some like a tea shop immediately. Women are also no longer allowed in night clubs. If you want to dance, weekly dances will now be held. Anyone who wishes to buy Xena's establishment will host the dances."

"Hell no excuse you, but I'm not selling and your new laws are proposterous, not to mention I'm not the only one who owns Scorpio it's a partner ship." Amelia was angry too. To stop the uproar a vote was taken and Xena could see some women were being forced to vote for the laws.

"Fine, no more night club, but its still a teashop during the day so therefore still ours."

"Its fine we have night clubs in Athens, Thebes, Cornith, Sparta, Mycenae, Ithaca, and one being built on Lesbos." Xena nodded.

"Yeah, and we have a nice spa on Lesbos and on the island near Lesbos." Amelia stopped walking and gasped.

"Xena you're a freaking genius."

"Of course I am, but what did I just come up with?" Xena asked stopping to turn and look at her.

"There are hot springs in the hills right?"

"Right, but what's your point?" Xena asked still not getting it. Amelia pulled her towards her office and told her in a whisper about a club. She decided that it would be a country club that required you to wear a short white skirt that stopped three inches above the knees along with white shirts, shoes, socks, head bands. Just everything they wore had to white. There would be Hot Springs, swimming in the small lake that formed before going down into the river. There would be plenty of rooms so that often the ladies stayed the night. Than they would be able to get massages and awesome food would be made to accommodate all members.

"Perfect!" Xena exclaimed as they looked at their large structure. It had been two years now and Solan was five. Borias had married Kyla. Hercules and her were dating from afar. He came back as often as possible to be with her or she managed to take a trip down to Cornith if she wasn't off saving people or protecting her business interests with Amelia or taking care of Solan.

"Now the girl fights will begin again and we can live happily ever after."

"Agreed." Xena said.


As you guessed it Xena gets married to Hercules and Solan views him as a second father. Borias divorces Kyla after their third child which are in his custody. Gabrielle dies in childbirth just because something tragic must happen and Perdicus being the bastard he is gives them to Xena and marries some girl he was cheating on Gabrielle with. He left Amphipolis. Perdicus jr. , Eve, and Gabriel were happy to be rid of him. Xena had two more children Gabrielle and Iolaus. The third child died at birth. Amelia and Xena's spa was a major success just like their other establishments. They are filthy rich and spend most of their wealth on orphanages.

The End

A/n: I got tired of this story so I just ended it abruptly like this and don't plan on ever correcting any gramatical mistakes. Its staying exactly like this.