Rescuing Darkness

Chapter Two

Harry glided back into consciousness expecting one thing: Pain. After getting nearly beaten to death by his uncle, he didn't even expect to still be living. This summer, Vernon had decided to kick his punishment up a notch and began beating him with thick metal objects, cutting him with carving knives, and worst of all, raping him. Harry could still feel his uncle's fat hands clutching his throat while the man thrust brutally into him. He even let Dudley have a go at Harry, which scared the most out the boy. Vernon always told him how Harry would soon earn his keep, and Harry had an idea how.

But instead of feeling the stinging pain he experienced with every movement, Harry felt absolutely fine. Though he did feel a bit numb. Harry pondered for a moment the possibility of being dead then squashed it. If he was dead then he would be in Hell right now, and this felt nothing like Hell.

He opened his eyes a bit wider to look around. He definitely wasn't in his room. If was nicely furnished in dark colors and the bed was nice and soft. He believed that the sheets were silk, but having never felt silk before, he didn't really know. He looked around then spotted someone sitting in a chair far into the corner. The person was obviously asleep judging by the slackness of his figure and the heavy breathing.

Harry tried to move to get a closer look at the man, but realized his limbs were numb, and he couldn't get them on the floor. He also noticed he was naked. Suddenly, a thought hit him in the face. What if Uncle Vernon had sold him to someone while he was unconscious? The man could have had his way with him Merlin knows how many times. Harry began to shiver uncontrollably and tears welled up in his eyes. He was an official slut now, just like Dudley and Uncle Vernon said. What would Ron and Hermione think if they knew? What if this man wouldn't let him go to Hogwarts? Would he just be some prostitute forever? Choked sobs made their way out his mouth no matter how hard he tried to conceal them. He did not want to wake the man up.

"Potter?" Too late. The man even knew his last name. "Potter, stop your crying."

Harry tried in vain to stop the tears and the small animal noises coming from his mouth. He even covered his face to try and halt his sobs. He didn't notice that two other people had come into the room until they rushed over to him. He felt someone pull him up and rub his back.

"Potter, get a hold of yourself." Wait, he knew that voice.

"P-professor Snape," Harry stuttered out between sobs.

"Yes, Potter, who else could I possibly be?" The professor answered sarcastically.

Harry looked over at the person rubbing his back and recognized the blonde hair. He sobered up quickly. This could only mean one thing.

"V-Voldemort," Harry said turning to the man in the chair.

"Yes, Potter?" the Dark Lord answered, slightly irritated.

Harry began to shake worse than before. He had been sold to his worst enemy, naked, wandless, and previously unconscious. This was possibly worse than Hell. The floodgates opened with full force. Harry couldn't even see through the tears.

"Shh Harry, it's going to be alright," came a sweet feminine voice from beside him. He felt himself being pulled into a tight hug.

"No," Harry sobbed into the well-formed chest. "It's not alright. I'm Voldemort's wh-whore."

"What!" Three voices shouted at once.

"There are many things you are to me Mr. Potter, but a whore is not one of them." Voldemort voice was closer than before.

"But didn't my Uncle sell me to you?" Harry said finally getting some control over his emotions.

"No," the Dark Lord answered, "I took you from that blasted Muggles' house."

"Oh," Harry hid his face in embarrassment, "So you didn't know about…"

"We knew about your abuse Potter, if that is what you are speaking of," Snape said from his position.

"We learned a few things after healing you," the woman Harry perceived to be Mrs. Malfoy said in a sort of comforting voice.

Harry perked up and tried to sit up as much as he could.

"You healed me?" He received three simultaneous nods. "But why?"

"I can't very well kill you if you're already dead." Voldemort scoffed, and Harry raised an eyebrow.

"You were on the verge of death Harry," Mrs. Malfoy said still rubbing his back. "In fact you've been out for a week. How are you feeling by the way?"

"Numb." Harry finally relented into her embrace.

"That would be the pain numbing potions. You were quite fretful in your sleep, Potter." Snape was just as cold and indifferent as ever.

Harry started to squirm a little. Even in unconsciousness he had nightmares. He just hoped he didn't scream.

"So am I healed enough for you to kill me?" He directed the question at Voldemort.

"Why so eager Mr. Potter?" Voldemort seemed more skeptical than curious.

"If I die there won't be anymore pain."

"And what brought you to this logic, pray tell?" Snape asked with an eyebrow raised.

"So many people have died because me. First it was my parents, then Cedric, then Sirius. Everyone close to me is getting hurt or killed," Harry said. He guessed he would let it all out, even if it was to his worst enemy. Someone had to hear him before he died.

"I do recall that I killed your parents, and my followers killed that Hufflepuff and Black." Voldemort intervened. "You didn't kill anyone Potter."

"You came back because of my blood didn't you? That was my fault. Now all those muggles and wizards have been tortured and killed because of me." Harry's eyes brimmed with tears at the memories of the visions Voldemort sent him.

"I believe that situation was out of your control. For the ritual to work the blood had to be unwillingly given." Was Voldemort actually trying to take the blame from him?

"See Harry, none of that was your fault." Mrs. Malfoy assured him. "People die in war its no one's fault."

"Except the murderer of course." Snape added offhandedly.

"You're not helping Severus." Mrs. Malfoy glared at the Potions professor then attended to Harry who was still shaking.

"If it's any consolation Potter," Voldemort said, not exactly knowing what to say. "I do not wish to end your life at the moment. I have other things to attend to." Voldemort then strolled out of the room without a backward glance.

"Are you sure you're alright Harry?" Mrs. Malfoy checked him for any more ailments.

"I'm fine, but I do have a few questions?" Harry tried once more to sit up on his own.

"Of course go ahead. Lay down Harry." She lightly pushed him back down.

"Why are you being so nice? I mean you are a Malfoy."

"My name has nothing to do with this Harry. Besides, after seeing your previous condition I don't think I could ever as mean to you as my husband and son. Which reminds me, I need to talk with Draco about his behavior." She gave herself that mental note while using the some of same wand movements that Harry had seen Madame Pomphrey use before.

"Okay…How come I can see perfectly without my glasses?"

"Those horrid things weren't even with you when you came. Severus and I used every healing method we knew, so I assume your eyesight was also fixed."

"You healed me too, Professor?" That was one thing Harry found hard to believe.

"Yes, Potter, how else do you think you got those pain numbing potions?" Snape nearly scowled.

"I thought you hated me, sir."

"I did Potter," Snape sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose, "But the I realized how unfounded my hatred was. All these years I thought you were a spoiled brat who would up just like your father. I can see how wrong I was to treat you as I did based on assumptions."

"It's okay Professor. Your not the only who thought I was living in luxury. Not many people know about the Dursley's. Besides after seeing how my father and his friends treated you, I'd be kind of spiteful too. At least you were constant." Harry laughed a little at that.

"Well if that's enough questions," Mrs. Malfoy had finished with her check up and was tucking Harry back in, "Then you should get some rest. There will be food and clothes for you when you wake up." Harry blushed realizing he was still naked under the sheets.

Then Professor Snape Harry what he recognized as Dreamless Sleep potion, and the two Death Eaters headed for the door.

"You know Harry, the Dark Lord actually stayed here the entire time you were unconscious. I don't think he really wants to kill you." Mrs. Malfoy said before closing the door behind her.

The last random thought that crossed Harry's mind before he went to sleep was 'Did Voldemort look…normal?'

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