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Previously,The Gilmore's were shocked to learn of the sexual relationship between Logan and Rory. Lorelai came to Rory's birthday party and left early, causing her to go up to her room and cry with Logan there to comfort her. The tension between Emily and Rory has been growing to apocalyptic proportions and Richard, who overheard a private and loving conversation between Logan and Rory has started to come around to Logan once again, despite the recent news of the details of their relationship. Logan went to see Lorelai after she left Rory at her birthday party, causing her to break out into hysterics. He told her off and offered her a pair of tickets to Atlantic City to use after making up with Rory. The next day, Rory gets in another fight with Emily and while talking to Logan on the phone he offers to have her move in with him. Lorelai finally built up the courage to call her daughter and apologize and offered to have Rory move back into Stars Hollow. Rory is caught between choosing to live with her mother and her boyfriend and thus begins the next chapter.

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Make A Wish

Part Five

He was giddy.

He had unpacked many a drawer in his life. There were the drawers of his bedroom when he was getting ready to go to a new school. There were the drawers of his dorm when he was getting ready to go home after being kicked out. There were the drawers of his Yale on campus apartment when he was getting ready to move into the Taft building. Unpacking drawers had always been a tedious and annoying process. But not this time.

This time he had never been more excited to unpack a drawer in his life.

With every removal of a sock he could see one of hers taking its place. The same went with every pair of boxers, but his mind went into an entirely different place when he thought of what would be replacing his underwear. It went somewhere that it probably shouldn't go until later on in the evening because, chances were, Rory's mind would be focused completely on moving into his apartment in a speedy and organized fashion. He should expect nothing more than a quick peck on the lips before his biceps were put into use.

Now that he was thinking about heavy lifting, he might also want to clear up some shelf space for her books. Actually he should probably run to the furniture store and buy another bookshelf. Come to think of it, he should probably wait for Rory before buying any new furniture. Looking around his apartment, he couldn't help but notice how unbelievably masculine it looked.

Rory probably would not feel very at home here. With that realization he felt a pang in his heart that he couldn't quite describe. It felt very familiar to the feeling he had when he realized as a child that he would never be good enough for his father. It came along with the feeling of inevitable disappointment. And the last person he wanted to disappoint was Rory.

She was the only person in the world who had the power to take him from a giddy moron to a nervous wreck in the matter of seconds.

He was in love with her.

He wasn't sure when exactly he had realized this. Because he was quite certain he had realized it long before he allowed himself to admit it as truth. And he had just allowed himself to admit it as truth just after he had hung up the phone with her.

She was moving in with him.

He never thought this day would come. Sure, when he was younger he always thought that someday he would find the one, fall madly in love, get married, and live happily ever after. But that was before Cindy McAllister had entered his life. Just the thought of her name made him physically ill.

Cindy McAllister had entered Logan Huntzberger's life at the age of twelve. She was a sweet, beautiful, twenty-five year old woman who had made an appearance at his sister's birthday party on the arm of his father. His mother was out of town and his father had introduced her as a friend – a friend that he was not allowed to tell his mother about.

Mitchum had forgotten the very important detail that his son was twelve years old, not stupid. It seemed that night, as Logan had drifted through the party, eavesdropping on one conversation after another, that he had learned more about the type of man that his father was than he had in his entire twelve years of life. And not only did he learn about his father's exploits but with every group of talking women came one more piece of gossip about the infidelity of other men and women.

That night he had vowed never to waste his time trying to find love. It didn't exist.

Rory had helped him realize that not only did love exist, but it was definitely something that he wanted to hold onto.

Taking out his phone, he pressed number four on his speed dial and waited with bated breath for an answer.


"My apartment is not girly enough!"

There was a laugh at the other end of the line. "Logan, is there something you're not telling me? Did you and Colin finally forgo all that sexual tension that has been building up over the years?"

"You're hilarious," Logan said. "Rory is moving in in like….two hours and my apartment is not girly enough. She is going to hate it and she's going to move out and never talk to me again because I wouldn't let her feel at home in my stuffy, dark, boyish apartment."

"You're still seeing Rory?" Honor practically screeched. "She's moving in with you? What the hell, Logan? Why are you not keeping me updated on things like this?"

"Why wouldn't I still be seeing Rory?"

There was a pause at the other end of the phone and Logan could tell that his sister was taking her time to formulate a response that would do the least amount of psychological damage. She bit her lip and sighed before letting her honest thoughts out in a whisper. "Well…it's just… I didn't expect that thing you had going on to last very long. That's all."

"That thing?" Logan asked. "What the hell does that mean? You don't think I have what it takes to make a relationship last for more than a week?"

Honor sighed; she could hear the anger and hurt in her little brother's voice over the phone. But she couldn't lie to him, "Well… no…"

Logan shook his head in disbelief. "I can't believe this. You're supposed to be the one person in my family who has faith in me. What? Do you think I'm just like Dad? That I couldn't possibly stay in a relationship without sleeping with the next pair of tits that crosses my path?"

"I never said that, Logan!" Honor yelled. "It's not like that at all!"

"Then what is it like, Honor? Please tell me."

"You always run before things get too serious! When you left after dinner that night and Mom and Grandpa were going on about you and Rory and the m-word I thought that was it. I haven't heard from you since then. I didn't know that you were still seeing her. I just assumed that you bailed."

"Well, I'm glad to know that you have so much faith in me and my ability to hold down a relationship."

"Logan…" Honor pleaded as she sensed that he was about two seconds from hanging up on her and not talking to her until she walked down the aisle. "I love you. I don't mean to hurt your feelings. I don't. I'm just being honest with you. And I was wrong. Okay? I'm glad I was wrong. I love Rory and I'm so happy that you guys are working out."


"Logan, I've never thought that you don't have what it takes to hold down a relationship. I just…. I never thought you actually wanted to."

Logan turned his head to the window and bit his lip, escaping for a moment into his thoughts. Could he really be mad at his sister for having the same thoughts about him that he had just had about himself?

"So your apartment is not girly enough you say?"

Logan smiled. "No. It looks like a boy lives here…"

Honor laughed out loud. "I wonder why."

"I just…" Logan sighed. "I'm afraid that she is going to move in here and feel like a guest. What should I do? What should I get?"

"Logan, if you want Rory to feel at home then don't do anything. Just let her come and do whatever it is that she wants to do. Go shopping with her and ask what she wants. Don't go and buy a bunch of stuff without her. You want her to feel like she has a choice in what goes on. Going out and buying a bunch of pink throw pillows without her isn't going to help."

"Okay…" Logan said with a sigh. "Honor?"

"Yes, Logie-bear?"

"I'm nervous."

"I can tell," Honor said. "You didn't even yell at me for calling you Logie-bear."

"I'm serious."

"You'll be fine."

Logan smiled and took a deep breath as he remembered why it was that he called his sister in the first place. With just one sentence she had the power to make him feel a hundred times better about himself.

"I remember when Josh and I moved in together. It was the best - "

"Yea…. I don't really want to hear this story. I mean I don't really care."

"Why do I even try to talk to you? You're such an asshole."

Logan smiled. "I love you too! Bye!"

"Bye! I hope you get syphilis!"

Logan hung up the phone and laughed. He loved his sister. He honestly had no idea why he didn't call her more often. As a child she had been such a pillar of support in his life. She was almost a mother to him. It was her room that he ran into when he had a nightmare and it was her that he went to if he scratched his knee.

She always knew exactly how to fix his problems and make him feel better, even now when he was twenty-three years old.

He placed the phone back in his pocket and, taking a deep breath, looked one more time around his bachelor pad. It was never going to look the same again. Even if, God forbid, they broke up and she moved out it was still never look the same. Her fingerprint was going to stay in this apartment forever.

And for some strange reason he didn't seem to care.

A knock on the door made him jump with excitement. He bounced over to answer it and as the door swung open he came face to face with his girlfriend.

"I hope you have a lot of boxes for me to lift because I skipped my trip to the gym today and I need my workout to stay this beautiful."

Rory looked up at him, revealing her red-rimmed eyes and biting her lip.

"Logan…. We need to talk."

The last of the boxes had been brought downstairs. Andrew McCrae's son and that tall foreign boy had spent hours in her home, traveling up and down the stairs from her granddaughter's room and back and forth from the pool house to the foyer, dropping the boxes of her things by the door as they went. After finishing her rummage through her granddaughter's things, Emily just began to sit an watch them as they so nonchalantly tore through her relationship with her granddaughter.

They had no idea what they were doing. They had no idea that by moving those boxes they were cutting the last tie that Emily Gilmore had to Rory. Their relationship would never be the same again. Rory would never feel the same way about her again.

She had lost both her girls in the same devastating way.

Why was it that she could not keep them safe? How had it come to pass that both of the girls that meant the world to her were ruined by the men in their lives? She had such high hopes for both of them and they were crushed in the same way twice. How was it that Emily Gilmore was not able to see through the cool exteriors of those boys?

It was terrifying how utterly wrong she was about Logan Huntzberger. She had always thought that he was such a nice boy. Of course she knew his reputation. But it had been her strong belief that all he needed to do was find the right girl, a girl who would capture his heart and make him see the error of his ways. For a while she had thought that it was Rory that would do that for him.

She was wrong. Rory didn't change Logan. Logan changed Rory. And not for the better.

With every second she sat on the couch nursing her glass of wine she continued to think of the things that Logan must have done to her. Images that she never wanted to imagine flashed in her mind and she could not force them away. The knowledge of what they were doing was making her sick. And as the time went by, the sick feeling in her stomach began to turn to rage.

Unable to take the situation sitting down any longer, she thrust herself up from her chair and walked over to Richard's study where she flipped through his address book until she landed upon the name Huntzberger. She dialed the phone and waited until she heard a sickeningly saccharine voice on the other end.


"Hello, Shira. This is Emily Gilmore. How are you?"

"Emily! Well, what a pleasant surprise. To what do I owe the pleasure of this call?"

"You can drop the act, Shira. I think we are both perfectly aware of how we both feel about each other. This is hardly a friendly phone call on my part."

"What can I do for you, Emily?" Emily noticed immediately the change of tone in the other woman's voice.

"Well…" Emily began. "You can start by telling me how it is you managed to raise a son just as conniving and two-faced as yourself."

"I beg your pardon?" Shira said. "You may have a problem with me, Emily Gilmore, and frankly I don't blame you for having one but don't you dare presume that I will accept you calling my home and talking about my child in such a manner."

"I wouldn't have to if your child as you put it hadn't absolutely ruined my granddaughter and my family in the process. I never realized Logan was such an evil genius but with you as a mother I guess I shouldn't be too surprised."

"Perhaps you should tell me what exactly this is about, Emily."

"It's about your son defiling my one and only granddaughter!"

Shira had the gall to laugh on the other end. "Oh Emily, is that what this is about? What kids get up to these days is their own business. Honestly I'm surprised this has come as such a surprise to you. Logan is twenty-three years old and Rory isn't too far behind. Perhaps its best we just leave well enough alone."

"Excuse me, Shira," Emily ground into the phone. "But you seemed to have absolutely no intention of leaving well enough alone when you attacked Rory at the dinner you held at your house."

Once again the blonde woman laughed. "Well… Frankly, Emily, there is a difference between the girls my son brings home to marry and the girls he… well….amuses himself with. I don't get involved in that part of his life. It's not a mother's place."

Emily Gilmore's face contorted into a look of rage that only a few people had ever seen before – her husband and her daughter. To think that she used to consider this woman a friend of hers. She had never hated anyone more than she hated Shira Huntzberger and her son at this moment.

"Let me get this straight, Shira," she began. "You have absolutely no problem with your son using my granddaughter for sex but the second a ring appears on her finger you will put an end to it."

Shira laughed a third time. "Well, I strongly doubt that will happen. Logan…he is a free spirit. He'll get bored eventually. I'm not concerned."

"Yes, he's like his father that way isn't he?" This time there was no laugh on the other line.

"I think we've talked quite enough about this, Emily."

"You keep that boy of yours away from my granddaughter, Shira."

A fourth and final laugh was heard over the wire. "But, Emily, those kids will be together whether you like it or not."

Emily Gilmore was rendered speechless.

"Goodnight. Give my love to Richard."

We need to talk.

What a cliché. It was surprising just how much panic hearing those words in real life could be. He had never heard them before in his life, yet it seemed fitting that the first time he would, and the first time they would affect him, they would come from the lips of Rory Gilmore. They inspired a pounding in his heart so intense that he could feel the throbbing in his ears. How was it that she held such a power over him? With one mere sentence Rory Gilmore was able to cause his heart physical strain.

It had been approximately ten minutes since the dreaded sentence was uttered and in that time Logan had somehow managed to calmly lead her into his apartment and to his couch where she was currently sitting, trying to control her tears so that she could begin to speak uninhibited. Logan had been up to get her a glass of water that she had gratefully accepted. It was almost gone now.


Rory bit her lip and swallowed down the enormous lump in her throat. She was going to have to speak eventually. She was going to have to crush him eventually.

"My Mom and I made up," she said simply and softly. Logan broke out a huge smile and his genuine happiness for her made her feel even worse about herself.

"Rory!" Logan exclaimed. "That's amazing. I'm so happy for you! Why are you crying about this?"

"I'm not crying about that," she explained.

Confused, Logan cocked his head to the side and reached over to grab one of her hands in his. The innocent and loving touch made Rory flinch, knowing that in a matter of seconds his heart would be broken because of her and her unnaturally close relationship with her mother.

She wanted to move in with him so badly. She wanted nothing more than to enter the next phase of their relationship, but she was afraid. She was so horribly afraid of what choosing him over her mother would do to their already rocky relationship. She didn't have a choice. If she ever wanted be close with her mother again she had to do this.

"My mom wants me to move back to Stars Hollow."

It was hardly a whisper. But it carried an explosion louder than an atomic bomb. Although every muscle in his body had stayed exactly as it was before, she could see the despair flow through him right in front of her. Damn his eyes.


"I don't know what to do!" Rory sobbed. Her crying intensified as Logan's hand pulled away from her. He unconsciously moved away from her on the couch and turned his head so that he was starting at the door to the bathroom, lost in thought.

"Logan…" When he didn't turn to look at her Rory let out another sob. She leaned forward and lifted her hands to his face, trying to force him to look at her. "Logan…" she pleaded again. "Please…"

He jerked his head away from her hands and stood up to being pacing around the room.

"I…" he began, pausing to formulate a sentence and run a hand through his hair. "I can't believe this…."

"I didn't expect for this to happen!" Rory explained as he continued to pace around his apartment. She had settled her tears to the point where she was capable of holding an actual conversation. And she wanted nothing more than to talk to him about this. "She just called me out of the blue the second after I talked to you and we apologized and she wants me to move back in with her and - "

"And you obviously want to move back to Stars Hollow."

"I never said that!"

Logan scoffed and looked away from her, halfway because he was so angry he could scream and halfway because he was so hurt that she picked her mother over him that he was embarrassed to show his face to her. Being vulnerable was something that Logan Huntzberger did not take kindly to.

"You didn't have to say it, Rory," Logan said. "You showing up here in tears is enough to tell me that you don't want to move in with me."

Rory bit her lip. "I'm just so confused. I don't know what I want."

"I think you do," Logan said, pulling out his cell phone. "I'll call Colin and Finn and tell them to help you move into your Mom's place instead."

"Logan, stop it!" Rory said as she jumped up from the couch and snatched his phone away from him. "I never said that I was moving in with her. I came over here to talk to you about it!"

"What's to talk about, Rory?" Logan asked, his heartbreaking. "What am I? I'm just some guy that you happen to be with at the moment. I'm the guy who probably has a lot to do with why you and your mother even fought to begin with. How am I supposed to compete with her?"

"You are not just some guy, Logan. I love you." She brought a hand up to touch his face one more time but once again he flinched away from her. As if her words weren't painful enough, her touch was like a knife. "I don't want to hurt you."


"Tell me what to do," she pleaded. "Please. Just tell me what I should do."

"Don't you dare ask me that!" Logan said, quickly moving from hurt to angry. Rory was taken aback by his reply.


"No! Don't come in here telling me that you have to choose between moving in with your mother or me and then ask me to choose for you. Because I'm going to tell you to move in here! And the last thing I want is you moving in here because you feel sorry for me…"

"I would move in here because I love you!"

"Oh please…"

"You don't know what this is like for me!" Rory yelled. "You have no idea what it could do to me and my mother if I choose you over her. She's my best friend! Would it be such an easy choice if you had to choose between Colin and me!? This is hard! I love you both so much. If I don't move in with her we may never be the same again!"

"Would that be so bad, Rory?"

"Don't you dare!" Rory said. "You have absolutely no idea what it means to have a family like my Mom and I have. Don't you dare treat this like it's no big deal."

"I'm not! And you're right. I don't know what it's like to have a relationship with my parents like you have with your mother. But call me crazy….I don't think that's a bad thing! I don't find it unhealthy that I'm not so utterly dependent on my parents that I can't make a decision like oh…. when to lose my virginity without consulting them."

As soon as the words left his mouth he hated himself. Partly because the last thing he wanted right now was for her to be mad at him and partly because he really didn't feel that way about her relationship with her mother. He didn't feel that way about it at all.

"Screw you, Logan."

He closed his eyes and nine seconds later heard the door to his bathroom slam shut. Nothing could have made this moment worse, nothing, other than perhaps the ringing of his phone and the sight of his father's name on the caller id.


"Logan, this is your father."

Logan took in some air and let it out slowly, hoping that Mitchum would not hear the annoyance or the pain hidden in his breath. "What do you want, Dad?"

"Your mother has been on my ass all night telling me to call you and let you know that she received a vicious phone call this afternoon from Emily Gilmore. Apparently she isn't too fond of you and the way you are treating Rory."

"I'm sorry, but I don't see how my relationship is any of your or Emily's business. Tell Mom I'm sorry she called and I will talk to Rory."

"I know its not my business what you do with your girlfriend, Logan. But it is my business when my wife bitches at me all day because of a phone call she received concerning you."


"I know you and Rory are having sex. I don't give a rat's ass. Frankly, I'd be more concerned if I learned that you weren't. I would just like to remind you not to flaunt this information in front of Emily Gilmore. The woman is psychotic. And if your mother gets another phone call like this I will not come to your rescue."

"Oh, this is you coming to my rescue?"

Mitchum sighed. "Don't forget the meeting with your career counselor tomorrow, please?"

"I won't!"

"And wear something nice. Don't show up in a pair of jeans and a tee shirt. These people know me. I have a reputation to maintain. The way that you dress and behave reflects upon me."

"I never wear jeans and a tee shirt, Dad. Never. You would know that if you spent any time with me outside of events that require a suit and tie."

"Just show up and look good," Mitchum said with an obvious hint of annoyance in his voice. "Oh and Logan…"



The tone of his father's voice left no question as to what exactly he was talking about and the knowledge made him shudder in disgust. It made him look upon the time Rory spent working at the Stamford Eagle Gazette with even more contempt. The thought of Mitchum's eyes on her made him want to pull his hair out.

"Go to hell."

It had been a half an hour since the bathroom door had slammed shut and he had not heard a sound coming from the room at all. He found himself standing in the hall staring at the door, trying to build up the courage to walk through. With a deep breath he opened the door and walked in, looking around to see his girlfriend sitting inside the bathtub with her feet drawn up to her chest and her chin resting on her knees.

He had never felt worse about himself.

She moved her eyes upward to acknowledge him and he offered her a weak smile before climbing into the bathtub with her. He sat on the opposite end and watched her for a moment, reveling in the peaceful silence.

"I'm surprised you're still here."

Rory turned her head to the side, too upset to look him in the eyes at the moment. Her move made Logan's heart ache all the more. "I didn't want to leave things like this."

"I'm so sorry I said that, Ace," Logan said. Rory finally moved her head back to look at him and he, once again, saw tears fall down her face. "I didn't mean that about you and your Mom, I was just…"

"You're just jealous of her!" Rory accused with a raised voice. Apparently the yelling was not going to stop even after half an hour. "You're my boyfriendLogan. Not only are you my boyfriend and you are jealous of my mother but you're twenty-three years old and acting like you're two!"


"Don't," Rory said. "I don't want to hear your bullshit excuses. It's pathetic. You're jealous."

"Yes," Logan said, shocking Rory with his honesty. "I am."


"I am jealous and why shouldn't I be? I had gotten used to being number one on your speed dial for the past couple months. For the first time in my life I had been the most important person in someone's life but now all that is gone. I'm not the most important person in your life anymore because suddenly she's back and how on earth I am supposed to compete with her?"

"You're my boyfriend, Logan. She's my mother. You don't have to compete with her."

"Yes I do!" Logan said. "I'm not going to be the first person you call anymore. I'm not going to be the person that you want to spend your weekends with. I'm not going to be the person you want to live with anymore…"

"I never said that I wanted to move in with her!" Rory said. "I came in here and you assumed everything! I just wanted to talk to you about it. I still don't know what I want to do."

"I think you do…"

Rory shook her head. "If you have such a problem with my mother being back in my life then why the hell did you want us to make up in the first place!?"

"Because I love you and I hate seeing you miserable!"

Time stood still. Rory eyes widened with shock at the confession. It was strange. She had heard him say it over the phone but for some reason hearing it from him, here, in this moment, while they were sitting in a bathtub, fully clothed, and fighting with each other… it made it just seem so real.

He loved her. The thing that Rory had thought would never happen in their relationship had actually happened. For the longest time she had convinced herself that she didn't need to hear it, that the way he looked at her was enough but she was wrong. Nothing compared to the feeling that those words coming from Logan Huntzberger stirred within her.


"You were crying and hate seeing you cry! It tears me apart. And I just knew while I was in that room holding you that I would have done anything to see you smile again!"

"You love me."

"I never thought that bringing your mother back into your life would tear us apart. And it shouldn't have to. So if you want to move in with her, go. I'll….I'll deal…"

"You love me!"

"What? I… I've told you that before you know…"

Rory shook her head. "Not like this. Not in person when you're so mad at me you could scream."


"You really love me. You didn't just say it cause you were happy and you wanted me to move in. You love me even when I'm crying in your bathtub."


She crawled across the bathtub over to his side while wiping the tears from her eyes. He was panicked. He had the look of a man who had just accidentally let his deepest, darkest secret slip away. He almost looked like he could cry.

Rory smiled from ear to ear and placed a hand on both of his cheeks. "I love you too, you know…"

Logan turned his head to the side and Rory rolled her eyes at him. She used her grip on his face to turn his head back to her and placed a gentle but passionate kiss on his lips. She broke away and wrapped her arms around his neck, settling herself on his lap and burying her face in his neck. Logan breathed in the strawberry scent of her hair and hugged her close.

"I just want you to do whatever will make you happy," he said. "I'm sorry I was such a jerk."

Rory lifted her head and looked into his eyes. "I will."

Logan sighed. "So…I guess…"

"I guess we should go look for some more bookshelves. Cause we're really gonna need 'em."


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