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Harry looked up at the full moon shining brilliantly in the sky and lighting up the newly reconstructed grounds of Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. He sighed as he observed all that he had accomplished in the months after the Dark Lord's downfall. He had remodeled the whole ministry system from bottom to top, appointing new people and keeping the old where he felt they were needed. And most importantly, he had rebuilt his beloved Hogwarts without disrupting a year of classes.

Now with all his goals met and without anyone needing his help, Harry felt a little. . .useless. He was aimlessly wandering around in life. He wished he could do more or help someone else in need that really needed it. Maybe even someone who was like him. . .

Konoha Village

A little boy was walking home as fast as his legs could carry him. With head down he clutched his arms with their precious bundle close to his body. Valiantly trying to ignore the malevolent glances sent his way, the little boy increased his speed as much as he could hoping to make it to his home without harm.

Finally he made it to his small one room apartment and firmly shut the door behind him. Triumphantly he dropped his plastic bag of food in the kitchen, if it had not been for his need of food he never would have left the sanctuary of his room.

The boy was small for his age with wild blond hair haloing his angelic face, only marked be three whisker marks on each cheek. The most remarkable part of him was his glowing blue eyes the color of a cloudless sky. Another very remarkable thing about this particular boy is he's the container of the nine tailed Kyuubi demon, and he was hated by most of the village population. His name is Naruto.

You might wonder how anyone could hate such a small angelic boy, but it is rather simple. The kyuubi had attacked the village and killed hundreds before it was sealed into its living prison. Many people heart broken over the loss of their loved ones saw the boy as the demon and took out all their hate on him.

No matter that he never did anything wrong and has no memory of the event, Naruto was still treated cruelly by almost everyone with the exception of only a few. This has caused him to fear going outside of his apartment for any reason.

Naruto left his purchases on the floor and continued on his way to his room. He wanted to just fall instantly asleep on his comfy bed, he was tired out from the emotionally exhausting task of buying groceries and leaving his apartment. Quickly changing into his sleeping clothes and putting on his cap, he slipped into bed and silently hoped for a nightmare free night before closing his eyes and falling asleep.

Almost immediately he was plunged into a terrifying nightmare. Unable to escape its clutches Naruto had to wait it out in terror. In it Naruto was trying to get the attention of the Hokage but he didn't seem to be able to see or hear him. The louder Naruto called the further he went until slowly Naruto himself began to disappear. Soon his entire body was transparent and was flickering in and out of existence. Naruto was about to let out a terrified scream when he suddenly felt a warmth surrounding him like a pair of comforting arms, and he slipped into a deeper dreamless sleep, unconsciously curling into the soothing warmth.

Harry tightened his hold on the soft bundle in his arms and continued to sleep undisturbed. And slowly his haggard face softened as a smile grew.

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