This has taken me so long to finish compared to the other shorts I've written. Six days instead of the usual one. This didn't end the way I though t it would but I hope everyone enjoys it. Let me know what you think. XD

Savin' Me

"Am I worth it?"


"Am I worth it?"

"What," the blonde asked in confusion, eyes widening in uncertainty. "Worth what?"

"All of this," the dark haired boy asked, eyes darkening as he waited impatiently for his answer.

What would have normally been a smile on Naruto was really just a baring of his teeth at this point. "Well, that really all depends. Is Itachi worth it?"

Sasuke's eyes took on a glint that was normally not directed at a teammate and his own lips quirked. "Revenge always is."

Naruto frowned, "Are you really this stupid, you asshole? Revenge is pointless. It will only ruin your life." He sighed and shook his head. He knew his words were falling on deaf ears, but still felt like he had to try.

"Revenge isn't for the weak, so what would you know about it," Sasuke challenged, the smirk on his face widening. He knew that Naruto knew nothing about revenge and it felt good to goad him.

He smiled at Sasuke's words. He might not know much about being an avenger but he knew plenty about being alone. And that was the only other thing Sasuke ever focused on. "You're never alone, Sasuke. You've never been alone, even when that's all you wanted. We've been here. You just don't want us."

Sasuke smirked. "What's there to want from you? What could you possibly have that I'd want?" His dark eyes were drawn toward the sinking sun. In years past he might have been inclined to watch the rest of its descent but Itachi had changed a lot of the things he might have done. His attention was drawn back to the present as Naruto took a hesitant step toward him.

Naruto frowned as Sasuke stepped away. Another step forward and another step back, sometimes he wished that Shikamaru would teach him his shadow control jutsu. He stood still, eyes on the other boy waiting for some sort of movement. There was none.

"You never have to ask. We would give you anything," Naruto's voice softened as he reached the end of his sentence. He looked away, embarrassed by the way the words had sounded. A light flush colored his cheeks when he looked back at Sasuke.

"Uh, I mean, that came out weird," Naruto amended.

Sasuke's face barely changed as he sneered. "Did it? Or was that exactly what you meant," he questioned as his eyes returned once again to the setting sun. He refused to notice the blank look on the other boy's face, didn't want to see the reaction to his words. He looked over at Naruto carefully, waiting.

"I, uh, I don't know what you mean," Naruto whispered, a bare movement of lips that Sasuke wouldn't have caught without his use of the Sharingan.

"I think you do," Sasuke replied, a slow superior grin spreading across his face. "You know exactly what I mean. Say it…, dead last." Say it if it's worth savin' me. "Say it, Naruto." And I'll leave this life behind me.

"I can't," Naruto breathed, knowing Sasuke would understand him. He looked away as Sasuke glare sharpened.

He nodded. Sasuke had known, before he ever said the words, he had known that Naruto couldn't do what he needed. Naruto couldn't be what he needed him to be right now, that would all have to wait. He stepped closer to Naruto, closer than he'd ever allow himself to be to anyone anymore. "Then I'm gone," a slow, sad smile, his hand in Naruto's hair, and Sasuke walked away.

Say it for me
Say it to me
And I'll leave this life behind me
Say it if it's worth saving me


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