Fate's Encounter
Written By:

Co-Written by: Thomas Drovin

Author's Notes: Hello everyone out there, we've been fiddling with this story for a long time now. So we decided to finally post our story on the site. It's our first attempt at writing a Dragonball Z fanfic so please enjoy it. We do accept decent criticizing but no flames please. The story takes place right before the Androids/Cell saga. We hope everyone enjoys our story.

Summary: What if Goku and Chi-Chi also had a daughter? And their daughter became friends with an orphan? What about Pan? Did she really exist in the future from where Trunks came? Would the outcome of the Dragonball Z series that we all know and love ever be the same again?

Pairings: Future Trunks x OC and 18 x OC x Pan

Disclaimer: If either one of us owned all seven dragonballs we'd own the series, but unfortunately the dragonballs don't exist so we don't own the series.


Months have passed since the events on the planet Namek. Everyone who returned home started to adjust to the peaceful life on Earth. The only question that raced through everyone's mind was, "When Goku would be coming home?" His family hoped that he would return home soon. The small tiny house in the woods just wasn't the same without him, especially to his daughter Galina. Galina is always known as "Daddy's little girl" to everyone that knows her.

She had always followed in her father's footsteps, whether it was training to become stronger or eating food she always looked up to her father.

Chi-Chi on the other hand would think of her little girl to being the perfect house wife, with the perfect education. Of course that was impossible since she was half saiyan just like her little brother Gohan. Chi-Chi wasn't as strict with Galina's studies as she was with Gohan. So Galina got the chance to go school in the city. While at school she became friends with Sai, Sai was an orphan, but he was very skilled in the martial arts. He had been living with Goku's family ever since he had met Galina.

"Mom, I'm done chopping the celery, tomatoes, carrots, and onions. Can I go outside and train with Gohan and Sai?" Galina asked as she put a giant bowl of salad on the table. Galina looked a lot like Chi-Chi when she was young. But unlike her mother she never kept her hair in a bun. And of course she always wore her father's training colors, except when she went to school.

Chi-Chi looked at her daughter. "Ever since Goku and I took in that friend of yours all you've ever wanted to do is train. There are other things to do in the house other than rough housing, like practicing walking down the aisle for your big wedding day."

"Mom, I'm sixteen years old I'm too young to get married. I don't even have a boyfriend," Galina replied.

"Oh nonsense sweet heart, I've seen how Sai looks at you. Besides I married my first boyfriend you know," Chi-Chi said happily.

"I know, I know, mom you've told me this story about a hundred times and as for me and Sai we're just friends He's like my big brother. Now can I go outside and train please? I finished up all my homework."

Chi-Chi's expression softened. "Oh alright you can go, but don't stay out too late dinner's almost ready."

Galina happily hugged her mother and ran outside. She went to the back of the house where she could hear Gohan and Sai training.

"That's it Sai! You're flying!" Gohan yelled.

Galina looked to the skies and she saw her friend happily flying around. Sai had red hair and blue eyes. He was wearing black shoes and pants, a green shirt, and a dark blue trench coat with the Orange Star High School initials on the pockets and a hat to match.

"Congrats Sai you can officially fly now!" Galina said to her friend.

Sai smiled. "I owe it all to you. You're the only one who had the guts to even talk to me at school."

"It was the least I could do. You always seemed so depressed at school and there's no way I would want one of my friends to be depressed and miserable." Galina said happily.

"I'll bet having a room is much better than sleeping outside the school." Gohan added.

"You bet it is!" Sai replied causing Galina and Gohan to smile.

"Dinner's ready!" Chi-Chi called out to them.

"Alright food! Last one to the table washes the dishes!" Galina yelled.

She, Gohan, and Sai ran to into the house. Chi-Chi smiled seeing her three kids running to the table at the same time. Gohan and Galina devoured all their food within minutes.

"Am I ever going to get used to that?" Sai asked.

"Nope!" Gohan and Galina answered as they ate more food. After about 100 empty plates, dinner was done.

"Boy am I stuffed, that was the best dinner ever!" Gohan said as he held his stomach.

Chi-Chi smiled. "You still have to finish up all your homework tomorrow morning Gohan," she replied to her son.

"Aww ok…" Gohan replied and pouted.

Galina and Sai laughed at this.

"Tough luck Gohan." Sai said feeling sorry for him.

"And now you three its time for bed," Chi-Chi said to her kids.

"But mom we're not tired." Galina protested.

"Don't argue with me young lady, move it! ALL of you!" Chi-Chi yelled.

"Yes ma'am…" they said. The three of them got out of their chairs and ran upstairs as fast as they could.

"Goodnight you guys," Galina called out to her brother and best friend.

"Good night," Gohan and Sai said as they went into their own rooms.

Galina walked into her bed room and shut the door. She walked over to her window and stared at the shining stars in the night sky. "Daddy…come home soon…I miss you…" she thought to herself. She lay down on her bed and went to sleep.

Elsewhere in an alternate universe, planet Earth was under siege. It had been ever since three artificial androids had surfaced. Day after day it had been nothing but murder, chaos, devastation, and destruction. These three artificial life forms turned the entire planet into their playground. A young girl at the age of 14 ran through an empty deserted and destroyed city. She had shoulder length black hair which she kept in an orange bandanna. She wore a red tank top and blue pants. Her face resembled Gohan.

The girl stopped to catch her breath. "I hate running like this….especially from Sai….I can't believe he's one of them now….I hope Trunks is having better luck than I am….Momma Papa why did you have to die…," the girl thought to herself.

The girl suddenly started to hear whistling coming from all directions. Not knowing where the whistling was coming from she remained where she was petrified. She took a step back and bumped into someone wearing black shoes and pants, a green shirt, and a dark blue trench coat with the Red Ribbon symbol on the pockets and a hat to match.

"Naughty, naughty Pan, thinking you could run away from me." The person said.

Pan turned around looking into what was left of her closest friend's blue eyes.

"Sai please, you have to remember who I am!" Pan said to him desperately. "We're best friends! Don't you member we trained together with Trunks my father and Aunt Galina?"

"Sai? That name doesn't register in my memory bank. I am and always be Android 21," 21 replied to her.

Pan moved back, part of wanted to fight to him, but the other part of her couldn't bare to fight her closest friend.

"Now prepare to die, I'll give you a choice. You can die slow and painfully just like your father did or you can die quick and easy like your mother," 21 said as he advanced towards her.

Pan looked at her former close friend terrified. "Grandpa….why did you have to die from a from a heart virus….why can't you be here to help us fight….." Pan thought to herself.

21 suddenly stopped in his tracks as he felt a blade of a sword penetrate his metal skin. Pan happily smiled as she saw a boy with lavender hair and blue eyes arrive. The boy also wore gray pants with a black shirt with denim jean jacket; there was a Capsule Corp logo on the side of the jacket.

"Trunks! How did you get away from 17 & 18?" Pan asked him.

Trunks looked at Pan. "I didn't, they were right behind me. We have to get out of here and get back to my mother. The time machine is ready we can use it to help Goku and hopefully prevent all this from happening in their world."

"But what about Sai?!" Pan asked as she looked at the android in front of her.

"Pan, we can't do anything. Whatever Dr. Gero did to him we can't change it."

Trunks answered sadly

Pan looked at 21 as he staggered about.

"21!" A female voice called out to him.

"We have to go, now!" Trunks told Pan.

Pan took one last look at her friend. "Sai…there has to be a way to help you." She thought to herself as she and Trunks flew off just as two other androids arrived.

The female android helped her fallen ally to his feet. She had shoulder length blonde hair and blue eyes. She was also wearing a white shirt with a blue vest covering it; on the vest the Red Ribbon symbol could clearly be seen. She was also wearing blue jeans and boots.

"Those little brats! Their going to pay for what they did to 21!" 18 said angrily.

"Relax 18, your going to blow a circuit. Besides those two aren't even a threat to us at all, we can kill them anytime we want." The male android replied to his twin sister. He himself had black shoulder length hair and blue eyes. He had an orange scarf around his neck; he also had a white long sleeved shirt, which was covered by a black short sleeved shirt with the Red Ribbon symbol on it as well. He was also wearing blue jeans and sneakers.

18 just glared angrily as she watched Trunks and Pan fly off. "I guess your right 17; we have to get 21 out of here anyway so he can recover."

With that said the two malicious androids that have been causing terror and destruction left of the deserted city, along with their injured comrade.