It has been a hundred years since the Earth was in peril. For over a hundred years nothing seemed to disturb the majestic blue planet. Life was going as normal for the Z-fighters, but as time passed, so did they. All of the Z-fighters who fought deligently in both the present and the future had passed away because no one lives forever. Their time on Earth was long lived and prosperous over the years. Only Pan, Kei, Takara, and Boxer were alive and were eagerly awaiting the start of another Martial Arts Tournament.

"Ladies and Gentlemen!" The announcer of the 64th World's Martial Arts Tournament said grandly into his microphone as the roof of the stadium slid back to reveal a gloriously sunny day. "Today at the world's martial arts tournament you will witness the final bout in the junior division! So let's go!" The announcer cried dramatically as he threw his microphone up into the air and catching it behind his back. "First Goku JR!" He said introducing a small boy who looked exactly like Goku did when he last left with Shenron. He was wearing red boots, tattered yellow pants with a white belt and a blue top. Completing the boy's outfit was a pair of red armbands around his wrists and a headband around the top of his head.

"I know what you're all thinking," The announcer said to the cheering crowd. "He's a dead wringer for the Goku in the statue perched above us!" He pointed to a huge stone statue of the original Goku as an adult that had been built on a special platform when the stadium had been updated. "Your assumptions would be correct! Goku Jr is the great, great grandchild of the legendary Goku! Who fought in this very arena many, many years ago! And in the audience," he went on grandly pointing to a statue of Hercule that had been built on the far side of the stadium. "We are proud to welcome Pan! Who is herself the grandchild of the World's Hero Hercule Satan!"

"Mrs Pan?" A man in the audience said in puzzlement to an old couple sitting next to him. One was an old lady wearing sunglasses with long greyish black hair and the other was an old man with a cane. The lady was dressed in brown boots, blue pants, a long sleeved shirt that was covered with an orange vest with no sleeves, and a yellow sunhat. The old man with that cane had hazel coloured eyes and brownish hair that was almost white that spiked up at the front. He was wearing black shoes and matching pants, along with a red long sleeved shirt and a smart looking green coat and hat to match "What is he talking about? Is what he said really true?"

"It's true all right," The old lady said in confirmation as she and her husband smiled together at some private joke they were both sharing. "Are you surprised?"

"Yeah of course I'm surprised," the man cried out. "YOU'RE related to Hercule Satan the World's Hero AND you're related to Goku too?"

"I have more crazy relatives than I'll know what to do with," the one hundred year old Pan said taking her sunglasses off and giving the astonished man a cheerful wink. "And they're ALL heroes!"

"But I'll always be her one TRUE hero," The one hundred year old Kei said happily putting his arm around his wife's shoulder. "After all I saved her from a dragon all by myself!"

"Huh?" The man said in confusion.

"Don't get my husband started with his dragon story," Pan said with a warning laugh. "You'll never hear the end of it."

"Focus," Goku Jr said to himself with his eyes closed as he patiently waited for his opponent to turn up. "Focus…Focus…Focus…"

"You there!" an impatient voice rang out breaking into Goku Jr's thoughts. "What are you waring…rags?"

Opening his eyes Goku Jr saw that his opponent was none other than his good friend Vegeta JR the great, great grandchild of the original saiyan prince himself. He looked, sounded and acted JUST like the original Vegeta did, he was even dressed in that same fighting outfit his ancestor hand once done.

"They're not rags Vegeta!" Goku Jr said cheekily to his friend. "They happen to be the fighting clothes of my great ancestor! They're just a bit aged that's all," he admitted sheepishly.

"Whoa!" Pan said to her husband in astonishment. "That kid looks just like Vegeta!"

"So he does," Kei said with a happy smile. "Looks like this is turning into quite a reunion!"

"Excuse me," said a polite voice next to the old couple. Looking up Pan and Kei were amazed to see a woman who looked a lot like Bulma join them, she was followed by a lady who looked about to be middled age with lavender coloured hair and big bright black eyes and a young man who looked a like Trunks except he had spiky dark black and blue eyes. "You're Goku Jr's mother and father right? Well he's about to fight my son. Forgive me for saying this," she went on thoughtfully. "But aren't the two of you a little 'old' to be here?"

"What's wrong with being old?" Pan snapped angrily stung by Bulma's descendant cheeky remark. "And we're not his parents you dimwit, we're his GRAND parents!"

"Pan take it easy," Kei said soothingly trying to calm his wife down. "Remember your blood pressure."

"I'm sorry about that," The woman quickly apologized. "But it makes sense though. I can't wait to watch this battle it'll be a good fight but I'm certain my Vegeta will win it."

Just then a small video wrist watch gave a bleep from the lady sitting next to Balmoral, looking down she saw the image of a Capsule Corp business man appear on the screen. "Vice President Takara!" the man said angrily. "The meeting is about to start we need either you or Madam President back here immediately!"

Hearing the name Takara both Pan and Kei looked at the lady with amazed awe, the vice president of Capsule Corp was none other than the daughter of Galina and Future Trunks Takara Briefs herself, she sure had aged well in the last one hundred years.

"Oh boy Sis!" The young man sitting next to Takara chuckled nervously. "I warned you and the President of Capsule Corp about sneaking away with me to watch the tournament today."

"Be quiet Boxer, you're a pain sometimes; I can't believe you're my little brother." Takara said to her brother before turning her attention back to her video wrist watch. "That's quiet impossible," Takara said sternly to the business man. "Vegeta Jr. just entered the ring so neither one of us can leave until the match is over, you'll just have to make do without us!"

Hearing the young man Boxer calling Takara 'brother' caused Pan and Kei to look even more amazed; he was Boxer Briefs the little brother of Takara Briefs.

"Well," Pan said quietly to Kei. "It looks like Bulma's work with the Capsule Corporation is STILL paying off after all these years."

"No kidding, looks like Aunt Galina and Uncle Trunks were busy in the future too," Kei chuckled. "It's so funny how things have turned out it makes life quite interesting."

"You're not wrong," Pan smiled and then stood up. "Goku!" she shouted down encouragingly to Goku Jr. "Show that kid what you're made of! Come on give him one for Grandma Pan and Grandpa Kei!"

As Pan finished shouting Goku and Vegeta Jr got into fighting positions waiting to be given the signal to start their battle.

"Let the match begin!" the announcer cried dramatically and the gong was sounded.

Immediately Goku and Vegeta Jr sprang into action moving at super human speeds all over the stadium throwing punches and kicks at each other furiously, they even continued the battle up in the air for a short time too.

"That amazing!" the man sitting next to Pan cried in disbelief. "Look at those two kids go!"

"We wouldn't expect anything less from these two," Kei said happily.

"Yeah," Pan said equally happy. "They ARE the descendant's of Goku and Vegeta it's just like the old days."

By now Goku and Vegeta Jr had landed back inside the stadium and were catching their breath.

"You put up quite a good fight there weirdo!" Vegeta Jr said mockingly to his opponent. "I didn't think I would have a chance to do this thing!" So saying he gave a cry and powered up into a super saiyan.

"Well if that's how you want to play it," Goku Jr said determinedly. He gave a cry of his own and powered up into super saiyan too!

"Hey that's pretty cool there," Vegeta Jr said impressed by his opponent's transformation. "I didn't know we both could become blond!"

"Ha! Ha!" Goku Jr laughed. "This is going to be a good match huh?"

"You ready?" Vegeta Jr challenged

"Yeah!" Goku Jr replied with enthusiasm.

The crowd along with Pan, Kei, the president of Capsule Corp, Takara and Boxer roared with enthusiasm as the two super saiyans renewed their fight with increased vigour.

"Nice hit!" Pan cheered to Goku Jr as she saw her grandson get the upper hand. "Give him one more!" Suddenly Pan stopped dead; in the seating on the far side of the stadium she could see her grandpa Goku as an adult again watching the fight! "Grandpa?" she cried out in amazement.

"WHAT?" Kei and Takara cried out together at Pan's statement.

"Where is he?" Takara asked Pan urgently.

"Over there!" Pan cried pointing to where she had seen her grandpa sitting.

"Let us through please!" Kei said urgently to the people sitting around them as the three of them moved off to investigate. But by the time the three of them reached the place where Goku had been he had appeared to have vanished.

"That's odd," Pan said to her family in puzzlement. "I could have sworn I saw him."

"Oh Pan you silly girl," Kei said gently putting his arm around his wife's shoulder. "You must be seeing things again."

"Oh I doubt it Kei," Takara said with a happy smile on her face. "If Pan said she saw our grandpa here, you can bet your life he was."

Outside the stadium Goku was happily walking through the crowds. With the Earth finally at peace for one hundred years after he left it, Goku the saviour of the planet took his leave to await the day for when he was needed once again. But from what he had seen of his family at the tournament, the friendly pure hearted saiyan had a feeling that the Earth would never again see the type of darkness that had almost destroyed it. If it did he was always ready to step out of the shadows ready to fight in the name of all things good and true. With one last look back at the stadium Goku took off into the air calling back down to Earth, "Till we meet again guys!"


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