CHAPTER ONE We've GOT to learn how to knit or something... this is rediculous.

"Da na na na na na na na... can't touch this." Yazoo sang along subconsciously with his mix CD. Yazoo, with his hair tied up into a ponytail and clad in a green apron and rubber gloves swept the floors. Kadaj, Loz, and Yazoo had been punished for nearly destroying every experiment in the lab. Actually, it was Kadaj's fault for stealing Cloud's favorite Chocobo and running for his mortal soul from the wrath of the angry blonde.

Loz and Yazoo had followed Kadaj and Cloud through the lab, Yazoo lauging his ass off and Loz trying to catch the chocobo had ended in a small BANG as a cork shot off a test tube and hit Hojo in the head, knocking him unconscious. He wasn't very happy when he woke up.

Thus, the boys were resolved to sweeping, dusting, and mopping floors and other surfaces in the building. Yazoo and Loz had both been given regulation green aprons, and that was fine for them, at least theirs wasn't bright bubblegum-pink like Kadaj's.

On the lines of Kadaj, he was now on his hand and knees in a bright pink apron scrubbing floors in the women's bathroom. He stopped and threw the brush into the bucket of water. "Tsh. This is so stupid. Yazoo was the one who tried to shoot the Chocobo after it tried to eat his hair. WHY DO I HAVE TO WEAR AERIS'S APRON?" He thought ferociously. Two women walked into the bathroom talking and jabbering, but upon noticing Kadaj stopped and stared.

Kadaj heard one woman whisper, "Who is that? Is it a boy or girl? Oooh, they're so beautiful..." The second one snickered and nudged the other woman in the ribs softly with her elbow, "Oh Claire, you're such a gawker!" Kadaj tensed up. The women finished their... business... in the bathroom, washed their hands, (A.N. Sorry. I had to add that. It drives me crazy...) and left the bathroom, twittering on and on. Kadaj loosened up after they left.

Yazoo, Loz, and Kadaj all finished their chores. They walked up to their room together. Kadaj slammed the door and tore off the apron. "THAT! WAS! SO! NOT! COOL!" He threw himself onto the bed. Yazoo and Loz both calmly untied each others aprons and sat down on either side of Kadaj.

"Well. Kadaj... it WAS all your fault." Yazoo said, shrugging. Loz looked at Yazoo.

"He's right... " He agreed, looking away from Kadaj smiling.

"Oh well. Don't kill anyone Kadaj. It's time for bed, so you two hurry up. I'm tired." Yazoo slipped out of his leather suit and laid down in his usual place on the bed, closest to the door, and put on his headphones.

"Okay. I'l be right back." Loz said, walking to the door, "I want a snack before bed. Dusting sure is hard work!" Loz walked out the door an ddown the stairs twords the kitchen.

"Bah... up yours Yazoo." Kadaj looked at his brother, calmly reading his book and listening to some mix CD he had thrown together on Cid's laptop. Kadaj couldn't help but smile, no matter how angry he could get, Yazoo's calmness acted as a tranquilizer for him. He unzipped his suit and took it off.(A.N AHH! ducks as fangirls attack her for beautiful mental image) Walking over to the closet, he stepped on some chocobo chew toy Cloud left lying around. "OW! SON OF A...! THAT FIN HURT!"

"Will you shut up?" Yazoo said, turning the page of his book, "I'm trying to read."

Loz walked in with an apple smiling. He reached into his pocket, (A.N. Which would seem highly improbably with a LEATHER SUIT on.) adn took out two more. "I brought one for you guys too!" He beamed and finished his apple. He went to the closet and changed into his pajamas, (A.N. Kadaj and Yazoo sleep in their boxers. AHH! screams as fangirls attack for two beautiful mental images WHY DOES THIS ALWAYS HAPPEN TO ME!) and layed down in the middle of the bed between Yazoo and Kadaj. (A.N. Geez... 5th a.n. so far... Kadaj, Loz and Yazoo share a bed because that seems more apt for jokes. And they're brothers. Oaky!)

Kadaj rolled over, and looked out the window. "OMG what is going on out there?"


"NOOO! VINCENT DON'T!" Cloud bawled at the top of his lungs.

"COME ON CLOUD! YOU'VE HAD THIS STUPID CHOCOBO DOLL SINCE PRESCHOOL!" Vincent leaped out of the way as cloud grabbed for the deformed stuffed animal.

"IT'S NOT A DOLL! DON'T TALK TO WINSTON LIKE THAT!" Cloud grabbed ferociously atthe limp doll.

"YOU NAMED IT WINSTON?" Vincent sighed. "Geez Cloud... you could have a least named it something less stupid..."

"WINSTON ISN'T STUPID! GIVE IT BACK YOU DUMB MEANIE HEAD!" Cloud flailed his arms as Vincent held him away from the doll in his left hand.

"JESUS CHRIST CLOUD! YOU LOVE THIS DOLL MORE THAN LIFE ITSELF!" Vincent held Cloud away with his right hand and creamed at the top of his lungs, "IF YOU LOVE IT SO MUCH WHY DON'T YOU LEAVE AERIS AND MARRY IT?"

Cloud stopped and blinked. Aeris, who had suddenly been brought into the conversation, looked at the two men fighting and walked over to the scene.

"Are you two fighting over a DOLL?" Aeris looked at Cloud, "You still have that thing? I thought you said you would chop it up if I dated you! You lied to me! WAAAAH!" Aeris ran away crying.

"Way to go Vinnie! You sure did it this time! You should go talk to her, Spikey. She seemed pretty upset that you love that dumb Chocobo toy more than her... " Reno scoffed and tried to supress his giggle.

:WHAT DID YOU SAY?" Cloud yelled and attacked Reno. " AERIS IS MY LOVE!"

"WEll than let me destroy this thing! IN THE NAME OF AERIS!" Vincent yelled over Cloud proclaiming hi love for Aeris and attempting to beat the soul out of Reno.

(This scene to be continued in chapter 2)

"Okay. I have GOT to start wearing a mask... the ammonia in that washing stuff is makin' me see things..." Kadaj closed the blinds on the window and layed on his back on the bed. Yazoo looked over at him.

"Making you see what kind of things, Daaj?" Yazoo said, using Kadaj's childhood nickname.

"I swear I just saw Cloud in a foo foo dress with a teapot fighting over a Chocobo doll with Vincent!"

Okay! This chapter is FINITO! Don't fret, children. (LOL) It gets a lot funnier. I know. This chapter was a little weak on humor. I cracked up and had to take a break when I started picturing Cloud in a foo foo dress, though.