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In the morning...

"Uggghhh... what is that noise...?" Yazoo pushed himself up on his elbows. "DAA-AA-J!!!" He yelled for his brother. No response. Yazoo groaned and fell to the bed again. "Guess I may as well get up. Grr..." He rolled off the bed and stood up. Stretching, he looked at the clock. " Only 7:00... WHAT???" He dove for the bathroom door.

BANG BANG BANG. Yazoo pounded on the door. " UNLOCK THE DOOR!!! WHO IS IN THERE!!!" He kicked the door. Hard. "SON OF A BITCH!!!" He grabbed his foot. "That hurt!!!" He fell tot he floor. Yazoo had never been very good at hopping on one foot. Sadly, he had rather bad motor skills.

"Hey Yazzy. Why are you on the floor? And in your boxers? Did I miss something fun?" Reno snickered and offered Yazoo a hand. Yazoo glared at him.

"Shut up Reno. I DON'T NEED YOUR HELP!!!" Yazoo got up off the floor. "Who's in there, anyway? I'm locked out!" Yazoo looked at Reno. Reno laughed at him. "What?" Yazoo asked as Reno fell over laughing. "Seriously, what?"

Reno laughed harder. After a few minutes of Reno on the brink of wetting himself, (A.N. Sorry Reno fans.) he got up. "I thought you were the SMARTER one Yazzy." Reno turned the doorknob and opened the door a crack. "Pfft... locked out. Hee hee hee..." Reno walked away leaving Yazoo with his jaw hanging open, looking dumb.

Yazoo walked into the bathroom. The mirror was steamed up and the shower was on. "Who's in the shower?" He asked, still flustered by Reno being smarter than he was for once. (A.N. REALLY sorry Reno fans.) Yazoo wiped a spot clear on the mirror and started brushing his long hair.

After a few minutes, the water was still running. Yazoo said again, "Who's in the shower? Hellllloooo?" He walked over to the curtain and pulled it aside halfway. He stopped, absolutely awestruck. There, in the shower, stood, none other than... ...KADAJ!!!! (A.N. AHH!!!! Suku screams as fangirls attempt to glomp the screen, nearly taking her head off)

"Close the curtain, Yaz!!! It's cold!" Kadaj looked at his brother, water dripping down his bare skin. (AHH!!!! author is attacked by fangirls) "Seriously!" Kadaj looked at Yazoo. Yazoo sat on the floor, (where he had fallen at the sheer surprise of Kadaj in the shower) staring in disbelief, blushing absolute scarlet.

"S-s-sorry Daaj..." He shut the curtain and hung his head. "That was scary..." He whispered under his breath. Standing up, he froze as he heard the shower curtain open again. Luckily, the water had stopped.

"Can you grab me a towel, Yazoo?" Kadaj said, looking out from behind the curtain. Yazoo froze, scared to look behind him. He turned around and looked at Kadaj. "Are you gonna get it or do I need to get it myself?" Kadaj said impatiently.

"No!!! Please DON'T get out of the shower. I'll get the towel!!!" Yazoo stepped towards the towel closet, and slipped on the floor. "AHHHHHHHHHGGGHH!!!!"


" Agh... ouch..." Yazoo stood up feeling light headed. "I'll get the towel." He opened the closet thinking, as long as Daaj stays in the shower... I won' die. " AHH!!!!!" Yazoo screamed as all the towels flew out of the closet. He screamed louder when a small pink chocobo leaped out after them. "GET IT OFF!!! GET IT OFF!!! AHH!!!" yazoo screeched as the Chocobo tried to eat his hair. "No!!! NOT THIS AGAIN!!! WHY ME? WHY NOT SEPHIROTH!?!?!?" Yazoo screamed as the Chocobo sat on his head and chewed on his long silver locks.

KNOCK KNOCK. Cloud walked into the bathroom in his foo foo dress. You know, the one he was wearing yesterday while he fought Vincent for his Chocobo toy? The one he reserved ESPECIALLY for tea parties? Yeah!!! That's the one! (A.N. sorry, Mitsura, couldn't resist. Cloud is so easy to joke about! Don't worry, I love him too!) Anywho, Cloud looked at Yazoo on the floor screaming in a pile of towels and the pink Chocobo on his head. "There you are Sakura!!!" He picked up the Chocobo gingerly. "Here's a towel, Kadaj." Cloud threw a pink towel into the shower. Kadaj was sleeping at that time, because he was bored and Yazoo had other things to do than get him a towel.


Vincent walked into the bathroom and stopped dead in his tracks when he saw the sight within. Yazoo was lying on the floor sleeping in a pile of towels in his boxers. Kadaj was sleeping on the floor of the shower covered in a towel. There was strands of long silver hair scattered across the floor and six Chocobos in the towel closet making nests. Vincent nudged Yazoo in the cheek (his FACE!! Come on. TELL me you weren't thinking that.) and Yazoo "Mmrff"-ed. So he was alive.

Vncent observed the scene once more and walked out.

Downstairs, Cloud repeated the story to everyone. "Yeah! Kadaj was sitting in the shower, and Yazoo was on the floor! All the towels fell out, all like, Dosa Dosa! and I found Sakura!" He smiled and laughed. "Go look for yourself!"

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