It began in my junior year of high school.

No, wait, that statement is incorrect. I did not realize it at the time, but in all actuality, the madness that enveloped my life without warning had been brewing for centuries. It would be more accurate to say:

It began almost 2000 years ago.

I pen this narrative a much wiser woman than I once was. As I contemplate my fate, the fate I chose, I ask myself: Would I do it again? The answer, for all the 'wise woman' I believe myself to be, will always be a resounding and foolish 'yes.' The decisions I made, the path I chose, even though they have brought me to this prison, remain dear to me.

After all this time, my memory remains clear. As you read this, friend, know that these thoughts are mine. As I write, I will surrender to the me of the past. I shall speak in the voice of the self I was when I experienced those thoughts, felt those sensations, I shall surrender to the me I was when I made those foolish decisions. I will fluctuate between the mind of a young woman, the mind of a child, and that of what I have become. As you read, know this: I do not write this for any of you, but for myself.

And for him.