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The Sound of Silence
Chapter One
Close to hell

Normal P.O.V.

Chazz Princeton was staring at the rain out of his bedroom window. He was frowning slightly, one hand absently rubbing the bruise on his cheek. It had been a 'welcome home' gift from his older brother Slade. He'd received it a week earlier but it still showed no signs of fading. At least it didn't sting anymore. It had been this way pretty much since Chazz became a teenager. If his brothers wanted something doing, he had to do it. If he didn't, he got hit. If he answered back, he got hit. If anything went wrong with his brother's day, he got hit, whether or not he had any control over what had happened. He wondered vaguely if his brothers had ever liked him at all.

He didn't care. Jaden liked him. They had been seeing each other for a while now and had phoned each other every single day of the holiday. Chazz missed him, now more than ever. Slade and Jagger had been worse than ever this summer. Just yesterday, Jagger had made his nose bleed. He had been walking downstairs for breakfast, his brother following him. Chazz was on the receiving end of the usual insults that got thrown his way when Jagger had grabbed him by the shoulder and held him against the wall.

"Would you ever fight me or Slade back?" Jagger had asked.

Chazz had shaken his head. Of course he would never fight back. He valued his life too much. No sooner had he done this than a fist had landed straight in the middle of his face. He gasped in pain and shock, clutching his face with his had, feeling the red liquid spill over his fingers. Even his brother had looked a little startled, but Chazz turned around and went to the bathroom to wash his face before he had to hear anything else his brother might have to say. Even if it was an apology, Chazz didn't want to hear it. He knew it would be a lie.

Sometimes when he had been hit particularly badly one of his older siblings would open his door and come over to his bed to check he was ok while they thought he was sleeping. Chazz would make his breathing become uneven and shuddery, not responding when his name was whispered. He waited until what could be panic crept into his brother's voice and then he blinked his eyes open, innocently.

"Breathe properly!" is the only thing they would say to him before leaving the room, shutting the door behind them.

Chazz shook his head before resting it against the window glass. He knew he shouldn't start thinking about that sort of thing. It was bad enough he had to go through it in the first place without having to repeat it over and over in his mind.

"Chazz! Get down here!" the boy being called did not respond at first, he merely sighed deeply, fogging up the glass with his breath.

"Chazz! Get down here or you'll regret it afterwards." Another sigh and Chazz got up, calling to Slade that he was coming.

Upon reaching the foot of the stairs, a phone was thrust into his hand and Slade left.

"Hello?" Chazz half whispered into the phone. "Who is it?" as if he needed to ask. He knew full well that Jaden was the only person who cared enough to call him. Not wanting his brothers to listen in, Chazz took the phone upstairs.

"Hey, Jay." He mumbled as he flopped down on his bed.

"Hey Chazz." the familiar voice floated out of the phone. "Is your brother in a mood? He sounded angry when he picked up." When is he not in a mood?

"Bad day at work." Was Chazz's response. Not even Jaden was going to know about that.

"Ah. I suppose I'd be in a mood too if I had such a boring job." Chazz smiled to himself and snorted laughter. He really did like Jaden Yuki.

Too soon for Chazz, he had to say goodbye to his boyfriend and go back down the stairs to replace the phone. On the way there, Jagger was coming out of the living room and stuck his foot out which sent Chazz sprawling to the floor with a faint grunt.

"Whoops." Sniggered Jagger. "Better be more careful little brother. Wouldn't want you to get hurt now would we?" keeping his head down, Chazz got up and carried on, used to this by now.

A hand fastened on the back of his shirt.

"Who was it on the phone?" Chazz felt his older brother shake him.

"My friend." Chazz said, simply.

"Which friend?"

"I don't need to tell you everything!" A hard shove smashed his face against the wall.

"We've told you before, don't answer back." Chazz was then left there; rubbing his face which he was sure would be even more bruised now. Laughter sounded from behind him, followed by the slam of a door.

I must be the only kid who's looking forward to going back to school after the summer. Chazz thought, looking down at the dropped phone which now lay smashed on the floor.

End Chapter

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