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Chapter Ten

I woke up the next morning, stiff from sleeping on the floor all night. I hid in my room all that day. On Monday I was back in school like everyone else. I knew I had to go to classes, or people would start asking questions I couldn't answer. I didn't answer any questions actually, not even when the teachers picked me to answer one. I'd just shrug and act like I didn't know. Or didn't care.

I know I could have just ignored my brothers and gone home with Jaden like we'd planned, but now they'd started emailing me almost every night. If I don't go home then there's a chance they might find out where I am anyway, and then Jaden would get hurt too. At the very least he'd see how bad things were with them. Worse than he thinks.

The day before we were due to go home for the holidays I was so stressed I bit my nails so much I ripped one of them in half and it started bleeding. Oh well, it didn't hurt very much. I know I've sure as hell felt worse. Jaden also landed himself in another one of Crowler's many, many detentions. I was meant to wait in my dorm room for him to get back at 4 but it wasn't until 15 minutes past that I heard footsteps leading down the corridor outside. And they were accompanied by two different voices; both trying to whisper but apparently having an argument.

"Just leave it." Said Jaden's voice. I got up and made towards the door but then the second, equally familiar voice, spoke again.

"I will not." Zane hissed back. I stopped on my side of the door, listening.

"I mean it Zane, leave me alone." Jaden sounded angry and upset at the same time. I rested my hand on the handle, ready to go out there if Jaden needed me.

"I'm trying to help you. I'm worried." There were a few moments of silence. "Please." Whatever Zane wanted he must have been desperate. He's not known for pleading.

"...Alright. But I can't be long; I'm already late for Chazz. "

"Tell him the detention lasted longer than you thought." Zane replied simply. There was the sound of another door opening and then swinging shut a moment or two later. I turned the handle and looked out into the corridor. Zane and Jaden weren't there but the door to Zane's bedroom was ever so slightly open. Obviously in too much of a hurry to close it.

I knew I shouldn't. I knew if it was anything serious Jaden would tell me. Would he? Said a nasty voice in my head. I thought about all the other private conversations Jaden and Zane had been having. Jaden hadn't mentioned anything to me then. Curiosity got the better of me and tiptoed over to peer through the gap.

I could just see the edge of Zane's bed and him and my boyfriend sitting on it. As I watched, Jaden removed his jacket and shirt. My blood started to boil but when Zane touched Jaden, it was on his shoulder, and he was bending his head to look at something I couldn't see.

"That looks nasty..." he muttered.

"It's just a scratch."

"No. It's deep."

"Does it matter? You're acting like my whole arm's hanging off." Jaden laughed uneasily but Zane glared at him and he stopped.

"You shouldn't be hurt at all." Zane sighed, going back to examining Jaden's left shoulder. "Turn round so I can see your back." Jaden did so without protest this time I thought I might finally see what all the fuss was about but Zane's body was blocking my view. After a while he straightened up.

"So, how does it look?" Asked Jaden.

"...You'll live. I'm going to wash it for you though." Zane got off the bed and I caught a glimpse of Jaden's back. From what I could see, there was a long, deep cut running down from his shoulder. I nearly yelled in shock. But then Jaden got up and followed Zane out of sight. I went back to my room to wait for him.

I expected it to be the first thing out of Jaden's mouth when he got in if he'd hurt himself. But it wasn't. He just had his usual carefree grin fixed in place as he flung his arms round me for a hug. I did notice that his left arm was limper than normal, and when I hugged back he winced but he didn't say anything. Heh, like me. I wanted him to tell me. I'm his boyfriend for god's sake. OK so I'm hiding something from him but I haven't told anyone else that. Zane knows what's wrong with Jaden. I should know too. If I say anything to him then he'll know I was spying on him.

When we lay in bed that night and I could hear Jaden eating deeply in his sleep I stared at the back of his pyjama shirt. It was like I was hoping I'd suddenly develop the ability to see through clothes. How could I be sure of what I'd seen before? It had only been so briefly. Was the cut really as deep as I was remembering in my mind? I had to know. I started to gently tug the back of his shirt upwards but he felt the movement and rolled over, still asleep, into my arms. I sighed and kissed the top of his head. I didn't want to be angry at him. Tomorrow I had to go home to my brothers.

End Chapter

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