-1Killing Love Chapter one, Alone

"Oh really? Wow. That would be wonderful." Tohru was talking on the phone with lots of excitement in her voice. "She talking to Yankee or what's her face about shopping?" Kyo asked not really caring. "For your information the head of the Japan University for the Gifted called to talk to her." Yuki told the orange haired teen. Tohru hung up the phone and let out a squeal. Yes a squeal. She ran into the kitchen to tell Yuki and Kyo the great news. "Hey, guess what you guys? I-" But before she could finish her sentence, she was cut off by Shigure who immediately said "Am going to be gone for 3 weeks! Oh ,how I will miss you three dearly." "Ahem, well, we don't care and you interrupted Miss Honda here." Yuki said standing up. "It's alright I was just going to say that I was accepted into the Japan Universality for the Gifted! And I will be going away for a college prep course for a year." excitement in her voice. Everyone started to listen very carefully. Even Shigure's usual care free smile was wiped off his face at the thought of his beloved housekeeper leaving them for a year. But he quickly snapped out of it and started talking again. "That's great! Finally someone besides me recognized your talent!" The dog said winking. And suddenly getting hit on the head with a heavy book while Kyo called him a pervert.

Then the thought hit Kyo. " When are you leaving?" He knew that if she left soon he would be left with Yuki for a long time. Really 3 weeks but it would seem a lot longer. "I am so touched that you cared that much Kyo-kun. I am leaving in 2 days." Shigure told them fully know the cat wasn't talking to him. " I was asking Tohru, I want you to hurry up and leave!" Yuki gave Kyo a weird look, the kind he gives Shigure when he is acting like a pervert but at the time can't do anything. In a way it sounded as though Kyo wanted to spend "alone" time with Tohru. (a/n I know that sounded perverted but they are teenage boys they have to be a little perverted.)

"Well I'll be leaving in 2 days also. Gure-san and I can go to the airport together. Oh and the university will be paying for the plane ticket. The college is in Kyoto." Tohru sounds so happy. There is not way I can be happy being stuck with that stupid cat for 3 weeks. Yeah….I don't see that happening. "How can I survive 3 weeks alone with that damn rat?" Kyo asked to nobody, just throwing it out in the open so maybe just maybe Tohru will reconsider leaving. "Are you guys okay with this? I kind of figured you would be since you went all that time before without me." Tohru said snapping Yuki out of his thoughts.

Kyo would probably suffer a lot. To him Tohru was the mother he never actually had. Well he had a mom but not for long and Tohru accepted him more than his own mother. But knowing she was going to come back was a plus. But then again you never know when your time is up. To Yuki, Tohru was his best friend. It was going to pretty hard on him to. (a/n I should know what it's like not to see your best friend for like ever.)

Poor Shigure would have to suffer the loss of his favorite meals. But that's not it. Tohru was his girlfriend. They had a secret relationship. They thought that Yuki and Kyo loved Tohru and didn't want it to accidentally slip that they had a relationship because of their jealousy. So Shigure might suffer the most. Although lately he had noticed a kind of different look in Yuki and Kyo's eyes when they looked at each other. And he had decided to himself he would visit Tohru.

(2 days go by and they spend as much time as possible together)

Outside the rat and the cat wave goodbye to Shigure and their beloved Tohru as they got into a taxi cab. As soon as the cab was out of site Kyo shouted to yuki. "Look you damn rat, I don't know how we will pull this off but I have a plan. I will cook and you can clean. And stay out of each other's" "way, well that's a given why would I want to spend anymore time with you?"

Yuki POV

I'm going to miss her, but this is for her own good. She is going to do great. I bet myself once they are out of site that Kyo will start yelling once again then he will go to the roof and pout. Here we go……yep he's yelling. What did I tell ya? He cooks I clean. Good. "way, well that's a given why would I want to spend anymore time with you?" that's not true. I am really going to need someone to talk to. I guess I can always invite Haru over. I don't know maybe a few times but then he will come over all the time then so will Momiji then Kisa then Hiro and ugh I don't want all those kids here. Aahh….Kyo is on the roof just like I said. How come I never noticed how good he looks when the sun hits his face just like that? All peaceful and holy shit. What the fuck? Stupid evil demon hormones. (a/n I got that from my friend. Thanks cors! Even though I didn't ask her but whatever. Hey if u like full metal alchemist then you should read her fic! Understanding love.) I think not eating breakfast was a bad idea. Wow it is hot out here I really need to water my garden.


Well since the "prince" can't cook I guess I will have to cook sometimes. Take-out all the time will become boring. So he can clean. "Look you damn rat, I don't know how we will pull this off but I have a plan. I will cook and you can clean. And stay out of each other's" gggrrr he finish my sentence. I hate that! Well at least he agrees and I don't have to kick his ass into agreeing with me. sigh I never beat him and probably never will. How did I get on the roof? Typical for me to go to the roof and not even know I did it. Aaaaaaahhhhhh the sun always feels so good. Yuki's probably going to water his garden today. He looks cute walking like that and having the sun shine on him…..(scared face)………oh. my. God. I did not just say that. I am going to pretend I never said that……….ever………..

i guess authors note! woo! its not my first fic but its the first one i have uploaded. so anyway um... reveiw so i have some inspiration and because your are oblinged to now that you have read this. and this chapter wasn't that good but it is just a introduction. should i also have this torhuxshigure?