Chapter- ? I lost count.


I stared at the ceiling, gasping and panting. Yuki slowly pulls down my boxers with his teeth. CAN'T HE GO ANY FASTER!?!?! COME ON! My heart is beating faster than the speed of light. My hands are like talons, grabbing the sheets as though I would fall without them. Yuki's mouth brushes against me and I buck my hips to get more of the feeling. It doesn't really work seeing as how he moved away just to tease me. Bastard! I feel like crying. I'm so pathetic. Finally he gets my boxers completely off of me and on the floor. No we are both 100 butt naked. Ha, I've always wanted to say butt naked and it be hilarious. Ow. Yuki grabs a handful of my hair and my mouth meets his. We kiss VERY hard. I mean like our teeth almost touch. He pants, " Kyo, Please…just please wake up."

BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. An annoying, continuous beeping noise…well beeps. I try to open my eyes but it's too hard. I'm so very confused. One minute I'm about to make love to yuki and the next I hear a beeping sound, yuki's desperate voice, and my own desperate voice. I feel something warm and wet on my chest…is yuki crying? What the hell is happening!?!?!

Eyes flutter open

Where…am I? Oh my god, this is just like in a movie, I wake up in a hospital after being asleep and in critical condition and then I ask where I am and all this shit.

I see Tohru on my chest, sobbing. "Wake up kyo." Yuki wasn't here… it was Tohru. Then…where is yuki? I open my mouth to talk but it's as if my voice isn't working at all. I can hardly move. Somehow I manage to mumble, "Tohru?" Her head flies up. "KYO! HE'S AWAKE! HE'S AWAKE!" Then she does something I would never ever expect to happen in a million years, she kisses me just as I had kissed yuki. If I could, I would've pushed her away but I can't. Doctors are now pouring in doing all kinds of weird things to me. (Nothing perverted!)

It's been 2 days now. The doctors are finally answering my questions. Well I was in a coma for 6 months. That's about all they can answer. Tohru has told me that yuki and her had there memory erased right after I went into…a coma. She was told something like me and her had a relationship during those months and that when Akito found out, he had our memory's erased. I don't believe that at all. Yuki was told that since he knew of it, his memories were erased to.

So I must question myself, am I just crazy dreaming of yuki and falling in love with him in dream world? Or are there a lot of secrets that I have to find out. Either way, Shigure hates me and avoids tohru all the time and yuki looks at me with those love filed eyes, he also looks at me with confusion. It's horrible. What happened during those 2 months!?!?!?!

AUTHOR'S NOTE! DON'T KILL ME! It's such an awesome twist I was forced to type it down. My fingers wouldn't type anything else! Um…yes this is the last chapter and if u want a sequel, tell me otherwise you will have to ask your self "WHAT HAPPENED THOSE 2 MONTHS!?!?!" and I know it was a VERY short chapter but oh well… too bad for you, I'm also happy to say I got 50 more people review than last time.