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Savage Seas II: Passion's Revenge

By: Kayleespade

Chapter 1: Reunions

"Happy Birthday, mon ange." Remy whispered to the beautiful girl he held in his arms.

Rebecca giggled and looked up at her father, before turning back to watch the activity all around her. It was a beautiful summer day, and she liked the feel of the sun on her face and the smell of the ocean. Instinctively, she knew this was her real home. The ocean.

The gulls squawked overhead while the sailors were busily working on the riggings, singing sea shanties. An old man with a full beard and glass eye walked by and tipped his hat to his captain. As Remy greeted the sailor, Rebecca reached her small hand out and pulled on the man's braided hair.

Old Ben smiled. "Mornin', lil' Bekka. Yah bein' good for poppa?"

The little girl nodded her head and wrapped her arms around Remy's neck.

Rogue stood at the helm of their ship, looking out over the sea waiting for the familiar form of Scar Island to appear on the horizon when the soft giggles of her daughter drifted up and caught her attention. When she looked down onto the deck, she saw the young girl snuggling into her father's neck.

Remy turned and graced Rogue with a smile that made her heart stop. He was such a handsome man. But for the first time in over three years, she was struck by a strange feeling of déjà vu. The scene seemed so familiar, but she was broken out of her thoughts when Christian's voice rang out over the deck.


Both Rogue and Remy looked up at the boy, who was perched up in the crow's nest and waving his arms. "Captain, look!"

He was trying to get Remy's attention. It had been hard for the boy at first, after Rebecca's birth, to share the captain with the girl, but he was beginning to understand now. Remy loved them both and always would. He knew that, but boys will be boys. Christian went out of his way to impress Remy and had grown into a fine boy, and would soon make a wonderful sailor.

"Watch what I can do!" Christian smiled when he caught Remy's attention. The boy grabbed a rope from the rigging and jumped from the crow's nest. Sliding down the rope, he landed on the deck and gave the crew an exaggerated bow.

The crew broke out in applause, but Bekka just stuck out her tongue. To her, Christian was her brother. An annoying big brother!

The boy rolled his eyes, and looked up at Remy to see his reaction to the stunt.

Remy walked over to Chris and ruffled the boy's hair and winked. "Y' did good, mon brave. Now can y' help Old Ben wit' de starboard guns?"

Christian beamed and ran along after the old sailor.

Looking down at the three people that meant the world to her, Rogue thanked the fates that had brought them together. After all the hardships and betrayals she had fought through in the past, somehow she had found Remy, the only man able to break through her barriers and strong enough to stand by her even when she pushed him away. What had she done to deserve him?

Rogue smiled as she remembered the day Rebecca joined them, three years ago this day. Her little angel. Remy had been a tangle of nerves all morning and refused to leave her side even after all of his Tante's threats. Rogue was glad he stayed. He was her anchor, and still bared the scar she put into his arm. But she'd never forget the look on his face when Tante Mattie placed baby Rebecca in his arms for the first time. He held her as if she would break, and if there was ever a doubt in her mind whether love at first sight existed, it was banished in that moment.

Remy still held the girl whenever he could.

"Land ho, Captain!"

She lifted the spyglass and saw the outline of Scar Island in the distance. A few more hours and they would be able to dock, and meet up with Kitty and Piotr. Logan would love to see the kids again, too. He'd taken a liking to Bekka and Chris over the past few years, and it was time to get back to land for a while.

Scar Island…

Bekka loved the sights and sounds of the island town. Everyone moving about and shouting from one booth to the next as the daily trade was conducted. From her perch atop her daddy's shoulders, she could see stray dogs running through the streets, fighting over scraps of food they found.

"Momma, Poppa, Look!"

Rogue smiled up at her daughter, but Bekka had already drifted her gaze down the street away from the dogs and to a familiar set of heavy doors.

She knew where they were going. They were going to see her Uncle Logan and Stormy.

Christian opened the doors to the local tavern and slipped inside, followed by Rogue. Remy ducked down to enter, making room for his baby girl, and stepped into the crowded room. He looked over to the bar, but Logan wasn't there. Rogue tapped his arm and drew his attention to the commotion in the far corner.

Logan was looming over a poor man who had the misfortune of flirting with the wrong barmaid. Throwing Ororo over his shoulder, much to the African's dismay, he headed back to his station.

Rogue lifted her arm and waved to the older man.

"Stripes!" he shouted out over the din of the crowd and his wife's threats to his manhood.

"Uncle Logan! Stormy!" Bekka yelled and started to squirm, trying to get down.

Remy lifted up and helped her to the floor. As soon as her feet touched, she darted across the room and grabbed onto Logan's leg nearly tripping the large man mid-stride.

Finally acquiescing to Ororo's demands, he put her down and lifted the little girl into his arms and bounced her in the air. "Hey, darlin'. How's it goin'?"

She giggled and hugged him while the seasoned sailors looked on, shocked to see the mighty wolverine tamed.

Remy and Rogue joined Ororo at the bar and waited for Logan as he brought their wayward daughter back to them. Christian had joined some of the younger boys in a game of darts, and one of the older women, who worked at the tavern, took Rebecca from Logan and carried her upstairs to play with her young daughter so her parents could talk.

"Haven't left this swamprat yet, Stripes?"

"No," she smirked. "He's kinda grown on meh."

Ororo stepped up and smiled at the couple. "Welcome back, dear." Then she turned to her husband and gave him a solid whack on his arm.

"Ow!" Logan grimaced and rubbed the sting. "What was that for?"

"For being you."

Logan just rolled his eyes and looked back to Remy. "Does she treat y' like that, bub?" he asked and inclined his head towards Rogue.

Remy looked over at his wife and a devilish grin began to appear. "Oui, mon chere gets rough wit' dis Cajun all de time."

Logan raised a brow at that. "Did Stripes give y' that new scar over yer eye?"

Rogue just shook her head.

Remy winked at her, then turned and smirked at Logan. "Oui, mais Remy thoroughly enjoyed earnin' dis scar, mon ami!" He wiggled his brows suggestively.

Logan growled. "Jus' say the word, Stripes. I'd be happy to take care of 'im for y'."

She laughed and encircled her arms around Remy's neck. "Sorry, Logan. Ah think Ah'll keep him a while longer. He…" Rogue leaned in and gave Remy a passionate kiss. "…amuses meh."

Logan huffed and turned to grab two flagons off the shelf. "Well, yer friends are here. We saved y' a table in the back." Spinning back around, he placed the drinks down. "Ale alright?"

They took the flagons and thanked Logan. Piotr and Kitty were sitting at lone table in the back. Married life certainly fitted the two well. Although they had yet to have any children of their own, they enjoyed spoiling Bekka and Chris every chance they could. They had bought a ship, Piotr's Pryde, named after Kitty, and an estate just outside of Port Royal. It was a magnificent manor, and contained a gallery for Piotr's paintings and a studio. The couple spent half the year at sea and the other half relaxing on the shore and entertaining their friends.

"Good afternoon, comrades. Please, have a seat." Piotr rose and greeted his friends.

Kitty jumped to her feet and hugged Rogue in a tight embrace and kissed Remy on the cheek. "It's been too long! You have to bring the kids back to Port Royal soon." She stood back and looked at Rogue's stomach.

Rogue slapped Kitty lightly on her shoulder and laughed. "Ah'm not pregnant again, Kit."

The four sat and caught up on some of the things that had happened since their last meeting. "Are you serious?" Rogue asked, having nearly choked on her ale.

"Yeah. Can you believe it! If I 'd been Wanda, I would've killed him."

Remy just shook his head. He had known the Australian the longest, so this came as no sock. He was only surprised it hadn't happened before. "De whole bar, hehn?"

Piotr nodded. "According to Wanda, John had been attempting to get warm.

Ze London winter was a bit much for our Australian comrade."

"So he decided to light up a bar?" Rogue asked in disbelief.

"Well, he lit a lantern, but it fell over when he began dancing on the table and it lit up the ale, which then ignited some flags hanging on the walls, and those caught the liquor barrels on fire." Kitty explained. "So they had to leave town before Wanda could get her hands on that painting she was after."

"At least it wasn't de Lust." Remy said, shaking his head and smiling. After the wedding, Remy had given John and Wanda the Devil's Lust. The two had been sailing together ever since. Although they weren't married, everyone knew it wouldn't be long. John just needed to get the nerve to finally ask.

"Speaking of ships… how's the Sea Raven?" Kitty asked, setting her flagon down.

"She sails like a dream, Kit. Ah was worried about her size, but it doesn't seem to slow her down."

Piotr looked over to Remy. "And has Rogue allowed you on ze helm yet?"

"Oui," Remy frowned. "Mais, she hasn't let Remy touch de wheel."

Rogue glared at her husband. "Now why would Ah let you sail her, hmm? If Ah'm not in bed, then Ah can handle the helm. And if Ah am…" Rogue reached over and ran a hand up Remy's thigh, "…you're there with meh."

"Well," Piotr cleared his throat. "Zat brings us to ze reason for zis little engagement. Katja and I have been asked to procure an item from an area along the Amazon. Since you both have experience in that area of the world, we were hoping you might consider another partnership."

Rogue and Remy looked at each other for a moment. "Remy's not sure, mon ami. What 'bout Bekka?"

"I would be happy to watch them aboard the Piotr's Pryde. We could really use your help, guys." Kitty looked up at them with the most pathetic heartfelt gaze. "Please?"

"What exactly are you after?" Rogue asked, not wishing for a repeat of their last adventure.

Kitty looked sheepish, and turned to Piotr.

"We are not exactly sure, comrades. It is described as a goblet, but ze man would not go into more detail. We do know where to find zis artifact, and it should be an easy acquisition. I am only hesitant to attempt zis alone, not knowing ze area."

Rogue shook her head. "Ah just don't know, Kit. We need to talk about this." She looked over to Remy and he agreed. "Can you stop by Logan's tomorrow? Remy and Ah are going to dinner, maybe we can give you an answer then."

Kitty let out a sigh. "Sure, Rogue. Don't worry… we'll understand whatever you decide. You have to think about your family first."

"Thanks, Kit."

They remained at the tavern for a while longer, talking and drinking. Remy finally stood and told Rogue he would take the kids back to the ship and wait for her there. She gave him a quick kiss, letting the spicy sweet scent of her husband invade her senses. She wouldn't be long behind.

When Rogue did return to the Sea Raven, she saw her handsome husband sprawled on the quarterdeck with Christian in his arms, like a lion and his cub. They were both looking up at the night sky.

When she moved closer, she could hear Remy's melodic voice as he told the small boy a story.

"Keep y'r eyes open, and y' might jus' catch sight of one."

Chris kept his eyes on the stars. "What's so special about 'em, captain?"

Remy smiled. "Y' see, mon brave, people say dat if y' see a shootin' star den y' get a wish…anything y' desire."

Chris turned over to look up at Remy. "Why is that?"

"Well…Dere was a belle femme who lived in de heavens. Her name was Asteria, and a man fell in love wit' dis petite, but she didn't love 'im back. Dis man…he tried t' force Asteria, so she ran and jumped down from her place in de stars, and became de first shootin' star. Since de petite understands what it's like t' want somet'ing so bad, she grants de wishes of dose who can catch her."


Christian yawned after a few more moments and Remy smiled. "Why don't y' go on t' bed now. Y' need to have y're energy f'r tomorrow."

"Alright." Christian stood and made his way to the lower decks, but Remy remained sprawled on the planks.

"Y' can come out of de shadows, chere."

Rogue smirked in the darkness. How did he know she was there? He always knew.

Standing, Remy walked over to her and touched her cheek. "Bekka's asleep in our room."

Rogue leaned into his touch and unable to resist the temptation, she stood on her tiptoes and kissed him.

Rogue was completely unprepared for his reaction to her kiss. In one swift, tender motion, he pulled her to him, lifted her off her feet, spun about, and then laid her down on the wooden stairs to the helm. It wasn't the most comfortable position, but it was strangely erotic.

Still, it was no match for his hot, demanding kiss that left her weak and breathless. No matter how long they were together, she would never get used to his touch. His long, masculine body lay between her legs as he kept all of his weight on one knee.

The rich, delicious scent of him tore through her, exciting her even more.

There was nothing civilized or proper about the way he kissed her. Nothing civilized about the way he held her. It was raw and earthly. Like a true pirate. And she couldn't love him more.

Rogue wrapped her legs around his lean waist as she returned his kiss full force.

But a voice from the port bow stopped their fun.

"Oh…sorry cap'n…and…um… cap'n." The sailor whispered as he realized his transgression, and quickly departed below decks.

Remy smiled and laughed. "Y' have t' stop kissin' Remy like dat, chere."

Rogue held on to him and traced the outline of his lips with her tongue as he spoke. All she wanted to do was to get him alone in their cabin and continue what he started. "Why is that, sugah?"

Remy's breath tickled her neck when he spoke. "'Cause if y' don't, Remy's gonna have t' make love t' y' right here and he doesn't want t' share y' wit' de crew." He leaned down and licked her earlobe. "'Sides, we don't need another petite, non?"

"All right, darlin'," she said quietly. "But you'll have to get off meh first."

That was the hardest thing Remy had ever done. All his heart wanted was to stay right where he was. Taking a deep breath, he forced himself to get up and help her to her feet.

Rogue stood and looked her husband over with a hot gaze. "Ah told you to get off, but Ah didn't say to stop." Wrapping her arms around him, she pulled him inside their cabin and pinned him to the wall so that she could kiss him wildly. She pulled at his clothes, practically ripping his shirt off before she realized she hadn't even closed the door.

She slammed it shut, locked it, then returned to Remy.

"Bekka," he said huskily as she reached for his belt.

Rogue cursed. Remy was right. If Bekka heard them, she'd wake up. Damn. She looked at her husband and whacked his arm.

"What was dat for?"

Rogue pouted. "You know what that's for! You started this and now we can't finish it!"

Remy laughed. "Sorry, chere. Tomorrow de crew'll be back and den Bekka can go back t' her own room. Jus' have t' be patient." He walked over to the open door that led to the inner cabin. Bekka was still fast asleep. They hadn't disturbed her.

Rogue threw herself on their bed and glared at her husband. "If you think you're sleepin' here tonight…forget it! Sleep on the floor."

"It's not Remy's fault y' got carried away, chere." He sat on the edge of the bed and brushed his hand through her hair. "C'mon, let's get some sleep."

Across the harbor, a woman watched the couple through her spyglass. She knew they would come. They never turned down a request from a friend, and now she would finally have her chance. Rogue would pay for all the things she had done. Belladonna did not like to lose, and she would have her revenge on the southern belle. When I'm done wit' y'… y'll wish y' were never born.

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