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Savage Seas II: Passion's Revenge

By: Kayleespade

Chapter 14: Homecomings

Bella felt the speed of the ship decrease and took a look out the small port window of the cell. Between the line of thick green foliage and the sparkling sweep of azure water lay a stretch of blindingly white sand. The sun was directly overhead causing the sea to shimmer like silver and the trees to droop in the heat. She recognized the lagoon. She had been here before…long ago. It was the Ilé de LeBeau, Remy's home.

Bella closed her eyes and focused on Remy. She could feel their connection as strongly as she aware of her own body. It grew stronger, day by day. Soon, not even Candra would be able to break their link without sacrificing the handsome captain. Bella's plan had worked, but she had not expected the drawback. Now that Rogue had 'rescued' her husband, Bella was forced to see the two together and watch as Remy fell in love with her nemesis all over again. Why is Rogue so special? How can she win the love and devotion of Remy…willingly no less!

Above her, she heard the commotion on deck. The crew was preparing for arrival. Rogue's voice echoed on the breeze, issuing orders. It made Bella's stomach churn.

An hour later, John and Piotr entered the cell.

"Get up, Bella. We have a special place for you and your brother. Somewhere you can't get yourself into trouble," John said with his hand resting on his gilded pistol.

"Not far from y'r captain, if y' know what's best f'r him." Bella smiled.

"You should hope Rogue's mood holds. She tolerates you for now, but zat can change quickly," Piotr warned. "You deserve whatever punishment befalls you."

The two men led Bella through the levels of the ship with Old Willie and Kurt following behind with Julien. Rogue had set aside a special place for her 'guests'. In the old Calusa Indian village, there was a small cavern used to store ritual instruments. The chief granted her permission to outfit the cavern to fit her needs and it would serve well to keep the pair out of mischief.

The applause that followed Remy's appearance was deafening. Lapin and Tante Mattie were front and center to greet him as soon as his feet touched the sand of the beach.

Wagging her finger but smiling at the same time, Tante Mattie chastised her boy, "What d' y' think y' be doing, chile! Makin' y' Tante think y' be dead! I should tan y'r hide."

Remy smiled and released Rogue's hand to give the old woman a hug.

"Remy's glad t' be home," he said and stepped back to look at the faces around him. Most he recognized from growing up on the island with Jean Luc, others were strange. Rogue pulled Tante Mattie and Lapin aside and began to explain Remy's condition. He saw the concern play across their faces and sympathy for Rogue.

Remy moved to stand next to Rogue and she took his hand once again. Giving it a slight squeeze, she smiled, "Happy to be home, sugah?"

"Ouimais de crowd is too much, chere. Can we go t' de house?"

"Sure, sugah. Ah'll walk with you." Rogue smiled and led the way through the growing crowd.

As they left the beach behind them, Remy took a relieved breath. He hated feeling trapped. Rogue watched the tension leave Remy's face and gently stroked his arm as they walked. How she loved him! She would do anything in her power to make her husband feel safe and loved. She hated to see him vulnerable. He had lost some of his fire over the past few months. Not that she could blame him. She could only imagine the ways he suffered in Bella's hands. If only she could erase those scars. By God, she will spend the rest of her life trying to make those memories fade and to bring the life back to her husband.

"So much has changed, non," Remy asked as they entered their home.

It was true. Remy had made several changes to his house on the island when Rogue moved in. He had wanted to make the home theirs rather than his. "Ah suppose so, darlin'. Do you want to rest?"

Remy nodded and they ascended the stairs to the second floor. When Remy opened the door, he saw evidence of both he and Rogue. The item that caught his eye, however, was a painting tucked in the corner. It was beautiful. He examined the portrait, tracing each figure with his finger until he came to Bekka.

"How can Remy not remember such an ange, chere?"

Rogue had to fight to hold back the tears that were building in her eyes. "It's not your fault, Remy. Bella did this and she will tell us how to reverse it. Ah promise." Rogue moved to Remy and placed her hands on his hips. "Ah never thought Ah'd have you back with me, darlin'. Do you know how much Ah love you?"

Remy smiled and bent down, placing a gentle kiss on her lips. "Remy can feel it, chere."

"Get some rest, sugah." Rogue said as she reluctantly walked to the door. Turning back to her husband, she asked, "Will you join me for dinner tonight?"

"Oui, it would be Remy's pleasure."

A small sigh escaped Rogue's lips as she closed the door to their bedroom. Through all of the pain and the nightmares, she finally had Remy back in her arms. Although he may not remember their past, it felt good to have her husband home where he belonged.

Hours later, Rogue slipped downstairs. She had just enjoyed a warm bath and her body was more relaxed than it had been in months. As she moved closer to the kitchen doors, she heard her young daughter's laughter.

Rogue opened the door slowly and saw a scene that tore at her heart. Remy was with Bekka and they were laughing.

"You have to pound the bread like this," Bekka chopped at it with her tiny hands as she knelt on a tall stool so that she could reach the table. "Pretend it's somebody you don't like," she whispered loudly as if imparting a great secret to him. "I like to pretend it's Chris!"

Remy's expression glowed with warmth. "Remy didn't think dere was anyone y' didn't like, mon petite."

"Well, I love Chris, but he annoys me all the time. Always saying, 'Bekka don't do that!' or 'Bekka leave that alone!' Who don't you like, poppa?"

Rogue didn't miss the torment in his eyes as he averted his gaze. Rogue gritted her teeth and made a quiet promise to visit Bella before the night was done.

"We need more milk, poppa."

Remy dutifully handed it to her.

Tante glanced over, smiled and shook her head at them as Bekka added much more salt than was needed.

Bekka wiped her runny nose before she put her hands back in the dough. Rogue cringed, making a mental note not to eat any of the bread they were cooking, but Remy wouldn't be so squeamish.

"Now we have to shape it into loaves. Let's do little ones because those are my favorite."

Remy complied.

Chris's dog started barking.

"Shh!" Bekka said as she tore a part of the dough and handed it to Remy so that he could make a loaf. "We're working."

The dog jumped up and pushed Bekka who lost her balance. Remy caught her against him at the same time the dog jumped at his leg, unbalancing him. One instant, they were upright, the next they were on the floor with Remy on his back and Bekka on his chest. The dog barked and danced around them, bumping into the table.

The bowl of flour they'd been using tumbled over the edge and landed on top of them. Rogue covered her mouth as she looked at them, saturated with dough, flour and milk. All that was visible were startled wide eyes.

Bekka squealed in laughter and to Rogue's delight, Remy laughed, too.

The sound of it, combined with an honest smile from him, elated Rogue. He was absolutely beautiful when he smiled…even when he was covered in flour and dough.

His eyes were bright as he wiped the flour from his face and helped Bekka clear some off her cheeks.

Tante let out a sound of disgust as she shooed the dog out of the kitchen. "Y' two look like de shades out t' scare me t' an early death. What a mess!"

"Remy'll clean it, Tante, he promises," Remy said as he set Bekka on her feet. "Y're not hurt are y', petite?"

Bekka shook her head. "No, poppa. Look at our bread!" Her tone was dire.

"Oui..mais we can make more, non?"

"They won't be as good."

Rogue bit back a laugh. Yes, it was true, the swipe from Bekka's runny nose had been the perfect spice necessary to all good bread. Without that, Rogue was sure that the next batch would be nowhere near as good. However, Rogue kept that comment to herself while Remy comforted the poor child.

Remy took Bekka outside so that the two of them could shake the flour out of their clothes and hair while Tante set about cleaning up the kitchen. Within a few minutes, Remy was back to help. Rogue stepped into the kitchen, finally making her presence known.

Remy gave her another heart stopping smile. "Evenin', chere."

"Havin' some fun with our daughter, darlin'?"

Remy laughed. "Oui…Bekka 's a joy, mon amour."

"Ah thought you were needin' some rest?"

"Remy was tryin' t' get some rest, mais Bekka had other ideas. She pulled Remy downstairs, requestin' some time wit her poppa."

Rogue took his hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. "Thank you, sugah. You have been so great with her. Ah wish…."

Remy stopped her before she could continue. "Remy doesn't need t' remember de past t' love dat belle petite." He leaned over and gave her a meaningful kiss. "Remy loves y' all, chere. He feels it here, in his heart."


Lapin turned to see a familiar face moving through the crowded garden. It was Cat.

"Cat? Is dat y', chere?"

Cat's pace quickened and a shimmer of hope played on her face. As she reached Lapin's side she reached to give her old flame a hug.

Lapin returned the hug with a hungry force. "Were have y' been, petite? I thought y' dead."

Cat smiled but refused to loosen her grip on her Cajun. "Hank and I had to leave quickly. I didn't have time to tell you where we went. I tried to write, but there weren't many ships that stopped by on our little island home." She hugged him even more. "I have missed you so much, Lapin."

Lapin picked her up into his arms and spun her around.

Cat, being impatient and bold, shocked him. "If you're going to kiss me, can you please do it all ready?"

The words were no sooner out her mouth when his lips covered hers, claiming them with an overdue need, chastising her for her impatience, and letting her know that he had not forgotten her. The corner of his mouth turned upward in a handsome smirk. "Y'r wish is my command, chere."

Cat melted. Oh how she had missed her Lapin! Now, what would Hank think? She didn't care. There would be time enough for him to get used to the idea. He had his hands full at the moment, anyways.

Bella twitched in her new abode. The cave was dark, dank, and quiet. She hated caves and she hated cages! A small smirk played upon her lips, though, as a familiar scent was carried in with the wind.

"Are y' out dere, River rat?"

Rogue stepped up to the entrance of the makeshift prison. "How do you like your new home, Bella. Ah thought it was fittin' for a snake like you."

Bella was about to respond when Remy joined Rogue. "Snake 's too good a term f'r her, chere."

"Remy, love…" Bella started but then glared as she noticed Remy's hand seek out Rogue's. "Do not come here t' gloat! Y' have not won dis round, Rogue. We are far from done."

"Bella…tell Remy how t' stop dis."

Bella shook her head. "No…" a smirk twisted her expression. "Dere is no cure, mon amour. Y' belong t' meh. Y' will never be left t' Rogue alone, chere. We are bound t' each other forever! Can't y' feel it?"

Rogue noticed Remy's flinch. "Remy?"

Remy didn't answer at first. After a few moments, he admitted, "Bella 's right, chere. Remy feels de connection." He squeezed her hand almost as if it were a lifeline.

Bella's smile widened.

Rogue's anger multiplied.

"It's a part of us, mon amour. De pull becomes stronger day by day. It's too late, Rogue. Y' have lost him. Try t' break it an' we'll both lose him."

"Ah am done playin' this game with you, Bella! Give meh the name of the person who helped you do this!"


Bella and Rogue both gasped as the name resonated from the back of the cave.

"Julien! How could y, frère?" Bella raged.

Julien stood and narrowed his eyes at his sister. "Aw, shut up, Bella! Y' crazy femme! I am sick of dese obsessions. Y' need help!" Julien turned to Rogue. "Promise me dat y' will keep dat man from her! If I have t' hear about him one more time, I'll go mad. At least if Candra can't help, maybe I'll be blessed an' de swamp rat will die in de process!"

Julien stalked back to his dark corner while Rogue, Remy and Bella stared after him with their mouths agape.

Bella turned back to Rogue, some of her confidence diminished. "De witch will not be able t' help y'."

"We'll see," Rogue turned and placed a reassuring kiss on Remy's lips. "At least we know where to start."

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