I got bored and while waiting for reviews on my other story, I decided to make this one. It is staged right after Bloodlust and has no connection to Psychic Storm whatsoever. I hope u enjoy this chapter I would really love some reviews. I will update once I think I have enough reviews.

Whitestown, Wisconsin.

"Come on guys, maybe we shouldn't." A young blonde curly-haired teenage girl stopped walking. She carried a big flashlight and trailed after the two boys in front of her. Her older brother and boyfriend kept walking towards the old decrepit house.

"What's wrong Jenna, are you scared?" Her older brother looked back at her, a mocking grin on his face. He was a tall guy with short black hair and bright blue eyes. He wore a green letterman jacket and jeans. The boy beside him had short brown hair and brown eyes, he looked less enthusiastic about entering the ugly house then his friend.

"Yeah Jake, that's exactly what I am, now can we leave?" Jenna hugged her light pink sweater closer to her. This place gave her the creeps. The house was supposedly abandoned in the middle of the woods. It looked like no one had lived here for years. The roof had more holes in it then Swiss cheese, the windows were either dirty or broken, paint was peeling, chipped, and faded, and the door hung off it's hinges. The trees cast scary shadows all around, their flashlights were the only lights, the moon hidden behind clouds. Being scared was definitly understandable.

"Hey Mark, your girlfriend's getting scared." Jake laughed and began walking over to the house. He ignored the protest from his sister and his friend. He jumped up on the porch and turned to look at them as they walked up to the house slowly. "You know the urban legend right, about this house?"

When neither Jenna nor Mark said anything, Jake grinned. "I heard it from a guy at school, there used to be this insane dude that did weird experiments to anyone he caught on his property. If he caught you, you would never been seen or heard from again."

Jenna rolled her eyes. "Oh please, only a loser like you would believe something as stupid as that."

"Oh yeah, then come inside with me, if you don't believe it then you shouldn't be afraid of it." Jake knew he had her trapped.

She looked at Mark almost pleadingly. "You aren't going in, are you Mark?"

Mark looked at Jenna, then at Jake. "Maybe we shouldn't dude, you know."

Jake laughed. "You both are total chickens. Fine I will go in and show you there is nothing to be afraid of, but then you both have to come in too."

Without waiting for a response he turned and walked in.

Jake walked in the house, coughing from the dust. His flashlight showed all the cobwebs and bats ranging in the rafters of the place. "Ew, I don't think this place ever looked good." He said to no one in particular.

This place would make such a great place to bring his girlfriend for Halloween. Maybe he could set something up here, something that made the urban legend look real. He had already sacred the hell out of his sister and Mark. But his sister was wuss, Mark had surprised him. He thought Mark would be harder to scare.

Oh well. He thought. The floorboards creaked under his tennis shoes. It wasn't like any house he had ever been in before. There was two rooms inside, he went into the rustic looking bedroom first, it had a small cot covered in filth and what looked like an oak dresser. A broken window was over the bed, making the room chilly so Jake left that room to see what else he could find. The next room he entered was a disgusting looking kitchen. The sink was completely rusted and filled with dirt and cobwebs, there was a table with two broken wood chairs, he kicked up dust as he walked around.

He found a paint chipped door and opened it. Steep stairs led downstairs. Jake grinned, now this could be interesting.
He walked down the stairs carefully so not to trip since there were two broken stairs. When he reached the basement, he shone his flashlight all around, hoping to find something even remotely interesting.

His light hit a large steel table, which Jake went over to investigate. To his horror he found all kinds of different tools, all sharp, all rusty, and some even had dried blood on them. There was a large stain on the steel table, along with stains all along the floor. His gut reaction was to get the hell out of there.

He turned and came face to face with an ugly looking thing. Pale skin, rotted teeth, and a crazy looking hazel eyes glared down at the boy menacingly. Before Jake could even make a sound, he was violently pushed onto the steel table and strapped down. The man picked up one of his tools and looked down at Jake. "Feel free to scream as loud as you like, it makes it more enjoyable for me." His voice was raspy.

Jake eyed the weilded tool, terrified out of his mind. The tool had three spikes on it, each looking wickedly sharp, then the intense pain came when the man dug the tool into Jake's chest slowly.

Jenna and Mark waited outside, growing more anxious as the moments ticked by. It seemed to be getting colder the longer they were out there. Jenna began to panic when her flashlight began flickering. "Mark, my flashlight is dying." Her voice was a hushed whisper.

"Could you please refrain from saying dying Jen?"

Suddenly a bloodcurdling scream came from the house. Jenna and Mark screamed and ran off, Jenna dropped her flashlight as they ran. Jenna looked back for a moment, to see the outline of a figure standing in the doorway.

All her instincts screamed at her to run faster and never stop, she felt her heart racing. Never mind that she was leaving her brother alone in that house with God knows what else was in there. She almost stopped and went back, but she didn't have that kind of courage.

Tears fell down her cheeks as she ran. She heard a scream in front of her, coming from mark had been running. She tripped over something, landing hard on her knee. She groaned and slowly got up, moving her hand to see what she had tripped on. Her hand touched plastic and she picked up the flashlight that Mark had been carrying.

Strange thing was, it felt sticky. She clicked the flashlight on and screamed at the top of her lungs.

There laying in front of her, covered in blood lay Mark. His eyes wide in terror.