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Dean had just fallen asleep when he awoke to the sound of Sam thrashing around in the hospital bed. Dean jumped off the cot and ran over to his brother, surprised at the despair in his voice. He was mumbling something about Dean. "Sam, wake up!" He began to shake his brother, trying his hardest to wake him up.

Sweat poured from Sam as he thrashed around, trying to escape from the nightmare he was trapped in.

Shaking Sam wasn't working, all it seemed to be doing was making matters worse, but Dean knew that he had to wake Sam up somehow, but how?

Dean spotted a pitcher of cold water that the nurse had left in case Sam got thirsty. A bit harsh, but it would be effective. He grabbed the pitcher and dumped it contents all over Sam.

Sam's eyes flew open, he sat up in bed, breathing heavily. Dean's blood turned to ice when he looked into Sam's eyes, Sam's eyes were yellow.

Dean backed up slowly, how could this have happened? Once Sam's eyes focused, his eyes faded back to dark green, Sam looked at his brother, the adrenaline leaving his body, allowing the cold from the water to set in. He began to shiver. "Thanks for the shower Dean, think you can get me some different clothes now that I'm drenched."

Dean was speechless for a moment, then recovered, Sam seemed normal now, well, as normal as he can get. Was this what it was like when their dad had been possessed? Was the demon inside Sammy at this moment, is that why Sam's eyes turned yellow?

So many questions and he had no way of knowing. But he swore that there was no way in hell that he would allow that bastard to have his brother, Sam was all Dean had left.

Sam looked at Dean, fear running through his system. Had his nightmare been a dream premonition, was Dean really in danger being around him, would he really go as far as to hurt his own brother?

Sam shook his head. No, no matter what is going on with me, I will never hurt Dean.

Dean walked over and pulled out a shirt and shorts for Sam to sleep in, he tossed them at Sam. "Sorry about the water dude, it was the only way I could wake you up."

Sam shed the drenched shirt and put on the dry one, he flung the wet shirt at Dean, hitting him in the face. "Sure, you didn't find the least bit of fun drenching with water?"

Dean threw the shirt to the floor, a grin on his face. "Alright, maybe a little bit." Dean pushed the uneasiness down, Sam needed comfort and laughter in his life, he had enough of a headache with his developing powers and everything else that was happening with him. He pushed it down, but he couldn't make it disappear. The thought remained in the back of his head. What was happening to his brother?

The next morning came without incident, Sam checked out of the hospital and Dean checked out the rest of the nurses. As they walked out of the hospital, Dean was grinning. "Next time I get hurt, have me come here, those nurses are freakin hot."

"You say that about most blondes you come across Dean." Sam smiled, the air was chilly, but the sun shone down on the brothers, perhaps promising good days ahead. Sam felt that his days were full of trouble and he was most likely right, after this hunt, nothing would ever be the same for Sam or Dean.

"So Sammy, where do you want to go now?" Dean got into the driver's side of the car, Sam got in the passenger's side. "I don't care, just no hunting."

"Bar coming right up." Maybe getting some numbers and having some beer would get Sam's mind off the past few days and the demon.

Sam smiled. "How did I know it would be a bar?"

"Cause I'm an awesome brother." He started up the Impala and smiled as the engine roared, yet again he applauded his brilliance at fixing the car.

He drove to the nearest bar and parked the car, he made sure Sam didn't need help getting out of the car, his arms still bothered him a good bit. There was loud music playing and rowdy laughter filling the bar as Dean walked in. It was his kind of scene, scantily dressed waitresses walked around, refilling men's beers and earning tips.

A brunette waitress winked at Dean as he sat on a bar stool, he got a big grin on his face. This would be fun. Sam sat next to Dean, a distant look in his eyes. Sam hadn't told Dean what he had dreamt and Dean didn't persist, he asked once and that was all. Dean looked at Sam and sighed. He never was at home at a bar, he was much more content in a library or typing on his computer.

The waitress set two beers in front of the boys. "Anything else I can get for you boys?"

Dean smiled. "You mean besides your number."

The waitress laughed. "Sorry kid, I don't give my number to guys who haven't earned it."

She walked away, leaving a puzzled look on Dean's face, it got a laugh out of Sam. "Did you just get...rejected?"

"Dude, shut up." That only made Sam laugh more, Dean flipped Sam off before getting up and walking over to where a young blonde was watching two guys play darts. Sam watched the exchange, he could tell the blonde liked Dean. Most girls did, Dean had that kind of badass persona girls fell for.

Sam got an evil look on his face, payback time.

He got up from the table and walked over to where Dean was buttering the blonde up. He put his arm around Dean's shoulders. "Hey there hun, I'm going back to the motel, see ya there."

The look on Dean's face was priceless, he looked as though he was going to kill Sam. The blonde looked at Sam, then Dean. "Eww, you sicko." She turned and walked away.

Dean pushed Sam's arm off his neck. "Dude, what the hell?"

"Payback Dean, now you see why I hate it when you do it to me."

"There is a difference between an old lady and a freakin hot blonde." Sam's smile was a good sign, although it had cost him some fun with that girl. "Lets grab our beer, get back to the motel and get some rest before we head out on the road."

Sam nodded and walked over, grabbing his beer. His head started aching horribly, it felt like it was going to explode, spots appeared in front of his eyes. Dean grabbed his beer and walked past Sam. "Come on Sammy."

Sam rubbed his head, hoping that he wasn't going to have a vision. He felt a chill and turned to see a yellow eyed figure standing over in the corner of the bar, his face was hidden, though Sam had a good idea what it looked like. He turned and ran out of the bar, catching up to Dean.

Dean didn't notice the panicked look in Sam's face. Only that he wanted to get out of that place, someone must have hit on him that he didn't like. Sam was sitting in the car when Dean walked over. "Thank God this whole thing is over."

Sam didn't answer, he only thought. It's not over Dean, far from it.