Thoughts Inner thoughts as if with a demon or other personality

SPOV Sasuke's point of view

NPOV Naruto's point of view

Any normal point of view thoughts will come with name: and thought…

Ex: Sasuke: Oh my god look at his butt it is so round…

Disclaimer: as fate would have it I do not own Naruto. Nor do I own 'I like big butts'… just so you know I don't take kindly to being sued.

Warning: AU, OOC, Sasunaru, yaoi, later on will be better definition in each chapter of contents. First chapter is plot setup I suggest you read this.


By: Mishka-chan


I do not know what I felt in those moments. Surrounded by family both close and distant. I was a gift given as a peace offering. I was supposedly a symbol of peace. I had been raised to accept the fact that I was going to one day go to him. They had long ago decided it, our household and the other. I would go to the son of the master of the house. It hurt that my family wanted me gone so badly. A toy that was all I was; a toy for some pompous noble. He would probably be unattractive and hateful. My family had given me a lot I didn't want to disappoint them. I was considered different even here among my people. It wasn't in my manner of speech, or my origins either. Most thought I was the child of an adulterer. I looked nothing like my parents and they supposedly had killed one another in a jealous rage. My father protecting me, his son, from his mate's violence had died first. I had no parents, no friends, and my own family hated me. The noble of the other household had chosen, exclaiming at my exotic looks, at the very looks that had killed my parents. I had whisker-like scars on my cheeks, I had no memory of getting them and I had gathered that my parents had not had them. My family were decedents of the Kyuubi no Kitsune, a great fox demon that along with the other demons had cleared this area of other unsavory beasts in an attempt for Utopia. There had soon after been a great war that had split up our tribe of feline like animals and the canine like creatures. Of the felines the Kyuubi- Uzamaki- were considered greatest. I was the last of that bloodline and they were desperate for heirs and to get rid of me, a great stain on their past. Of the Canines the Uchiha wolves were considered greatest and my mate would be the last of that great bloodline. I knew not of his tale, but neither did he know of mine and so I was content. I was to be his mate and toy. Though I was a boy I could be impregnated once sometimes twice due to a 'gift' passed down from Kyuubi. It had been a hermaphrodite. Having the sexual abilities of both sexes this ability passed down to the fox tribes of my household. In any case, I hoped that my mate would be pleased. I had worked hard so that I might be accepted into my new home. I could feel myself chewing on my lip, which was a nervous habit. Iruka touched my hand. It was probably meant to be comforting. Iruka was my nursemaid thingy as well as my scholar. He had been like my replacement parent. He would be accompanying me on this trip. First I was to meet my mate. He stood on the other side of the door. I adjusted my obi and looked to Iruka for encouragement he nodded that I looked fine. I saw him turn and my fake courage crumbled. This journey I would make alone.