I still think back to that faithful day when the love of my life left me.

It has been 35 years and not a day goes by that I haven't thought about the day I found the letter:

Dearest Bella,

I have come to a conclusion that I can no longer stay with you. I am too great a danger to you and even Charlie, who I know you care deeply about. That is why I have left, we can no longer be together, I can no longer put you through the pain that I cause daily. My family and I are leaving and never coming back, and whatever you do, do not try to find us. Promise me not to get into any trouble, or worst of all kill yourself. You mean too much to us, especially me, to find out you killed yourself.

I will love you forever and always.

Yours, Edward

That was the day Edward Cullen broke my heart.

That was the day that will forever haunt my memory.

I bet you are wondering why I am a vampire now. Well about five months after Edward left I became good friends with Jacob Black. After a few weeks of hanging out with him I found out he was a werewolf. Soon after that Victoria came after me. One day when I was sitting in mine and Edward's meadow she found me. Without a thought she sunk her teeth into me, but before draining me Jacob and his pack came and chased her away, but not before she injected me with venom. So for three days I writhed in pain, and once Jacob found out I was a vampire he left me to be alone.

I figured since Charlie thought I was already missing I wouldn't go home. I set up my truck to make it look like a terrible car accident, then I left Forks.

Soon after that a family of vampires found me in a forest just outside of Forks. I was sick with thirst, I only drank when it was absolutely necessary. The family, the Taylors, took me under their wing. I have been with them ever since.

My "mother" Katherine, is the person I tell the most to, she helped me through a lot of pain. She knows the most about my human life and about my life with the Cullens. Without her I would probably still be a zombie.

My best friend, Riley, is just as close to me as Katherine. The only difference is Katherine is more of a mother and Riley is a best friend or sister. She has a power, she has heat vision. She usually has trouble with it when she get very angry.

Then there is Jason, Riley's husband. He is like my over protective big brother. He reminds me a lot of Emmett, but bigger. If that even seems possible, but he is, he is like a big teddy bear. And he would do anything for Riley or me, or any other person in our family.

Last there is Carson, he is most important to me. First he is Katherine's husband, so he is a father figure to me. And I am like the daughter he will never have. Carson was older when he was changed, he was 44, but of course he is still handsome. I am closer to him then I ever was to Charlie, which makes me sad, but I like getting to be a daddy's girl.

Carson knows all about my life like Katherine does. And because of how he found me, I think he already doesn't like Edward. He saw how for years I would just get by so I could live each day (so to speak). He has a power too, he can teleport himself to different places around the world.

I don't exactly have a power, it is more of an ability. I am able to feel emotions, like if I am sad I can cry. If I am embarrassed I blush (much to my dislike). I am also able to feel pain, like if I get punched in the face it hurts, even if a human does it to me. And worst of all, I am still clumsy, always tripping down stairs, or over my own feet.

About two years ago, my family and I moved to Birch Bay, Washington. I loved being back in Washington. Even if it meant going to a new high school, and getting lustful looks from guys who I could never love.

"Bella! Hurry up it is time for school!" Riley yelled from downstairs, even though I could have heard her if she had whispered.

I grabbed my bags and ran down stairs giving Carson and Katie a hug and kiss on the cheek on the way out of the house. I jumped into the driver's side of my red mini coupe and followed Riley and Jason to school. I tended to skip a lot which is why we took separate cars.

When I got to school I had a feeling something was going to happen. I could feel it, I didn't know how significant or insignificant it might be, but something was goin to happen that might change my life. Little did I know it was the last thing I wanted to happen…