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Chapter 1: Sunday evening.

Four friends finished watching 'Sex in the city' in their lounge. An empty bowl of popcorn adorned the centre of the oval shaped coffee table, along with four cans of soft drinks and two boxes of newly arrived pizzas. The lights had been turned off, the only illumination coming from the flat screen plasma TV.

A blue-black haired girl in her late teens, named Kagome, sat modestly in front of the gray twill woven couch. She was not the supermodel-looking type nor was she like the girl next door. She was neither, deeming herself as just average Kagome - and yet somehow the 'average' girl consistently found herself the object of obsession by so many admirers. The feature that made her face so breathing taking were her deep expressive eyes, they were cool crystalline blue but exuded such warmth and sincerity that people stared dumbstruck and speechless before her. Similarly however, she had her fair share of troubles plaguing her, for the same attributes that drew men's attention to her, also incurred the jealousy of other women. The result being a self imposed 'social-detachment' from everyone else. Her quiet world changed when she entered university, where she was approached by Inuyasha, then later by Sango and Miroku having all found themselves roommates in the western dorm of Shikon University.

Her slight frame shakes uncontrollably with laughter even as tears ran down her cheeks.

Next to her in a reclining position was Sango. She was dark haired too, of medium build and slightly ruddy complexion due to her daily morning runs around the campus. She stood the same height as Kagome and was athletic and strong. She studied various forms of martial arts and was exceptional at it, winning award after award. Thus with her being more robust in build and an expert in the art of hand to hand combat, she constantly found herself acting as the 'bodyguard' of the demure beauty whom she had long since considered her sister .

Sango yawned lazily, lying down on her side supported under the arms by two plump pillows stacked on top of the other. She inclined her head towards her friend Kagome, watching in mild amusement as the other girl's eyes continued to sparkle in laughter after watching their favourite show.

An arms span away hunched the so called 'perv' of the group, having his arms spread across the front of the adjacent chestnut-brown sofa, whilst his legs lay sprawled on the carpeted floor. He had a most striking pair of purple eyes and a charming smile that took any girl's breath away - that is, of course, until his wandering hand travelled down to the poor girl's posterior. An inherent family trait, that had been passed onto him from his forefathers. He had black shoulder length hair, tied at the back in a simple low pony tail. He had a great sense of humour and a laid back attitude. He was a studious young scholar, with a great love for literature, especially the philosophical works of great masters like Confucius and Lao Tzu.

Miroku took a small sip of his drink. His lecherous hands had been twitching every once and while even as his eyes darted wistfully between the two female figures just out of his arms' reach. He sighed heavily, knowing that without a doubt, any movement toward their direction would be seen clearly. He shakes his head clearing his thoughts of such things, opting instead to sit and watch the amusing show.

The last of the roommates was a hanyou called Inuyasha. He was the second son of Sugimi Inu no Taishou, retired Taiyoukai of the Western Lands and his second human wife, Izayoi. He had an unruly mass of white hair that reached his hips, standing a head and a half taller than Kagome. He had two puppy ears that swivelled in the cutest manner and a build that set many-a-female hormones on fire. His eyes shone in amber brilliance, much like those of his father and his seldom-mentioned, half brother. He was gruff, stubborn and crude, quite the anomaly in his upper class family. His upbringing from birth had been genteel and yet the upstart youth remained brazen. He carried himself with pride, albeit his hanyou heritage. And more often than not, he had to defend the Taishou name with brute force. For although hanyous were accepted in society and his royal bloodline had loyal allies and supporters, there remained vengeful enemies spewing centuries of enmity against the name and house of Taishou.

Inuyasha had been the first to befriend the introverted Kagome, introducing her to both Miroku and Sango in the start of the first semester at the university. He had asked her out on date and she had accepted. Kagome had a terrible time reiterating to him that they could never be more than friends. He was hurt deeply but decided that he wanted to be around her and protect her, especially since both youkai and humans attended the university. Since then they have had a volatile friendship, one minute amicable and the next one step away from a full scale war.

Inuyasha looked at Kagome grinning warmly, her laughter was infectious and it wasn't long before he too felt bubbling deep in his chest, wanting to burst out.

The list of credits droned on, as the show's music theme was drowned by the friend's melodious laughter.

"That was an incredible episode!" exclaimed Kagome.

"Yeah, I haven't laughed that hard in ages." agreed Inuyasha, lifting the cover off the pizza box. His nose twitched as the delicious aroma saturated the air. Swiftly, he cut a slice, using one claw to flick a piece out. "Some of their bedroom antics were giving me ideas."

"You and Kikyo wanna rekindle the old spark, eh?" winked Miroku, taking a large bite of his pizza, the melted cheese strands stubbornly refusing to be cut. He chewed it leisurely inch by cheesy inch, revelling in the creamy, soft texture swirling in his palate.

"What 'cha mean?" Mumbled Inuyasha, specks of meat seen visibly on his gaping mouth.

"Ew, gross Inuyasha! Don't talk when your mouth is full!" screamed Sango, flinging a thick serviette in his direction.

"Please, you know, we know, heck all the people here in the building know how often you two play cirque the soleil throughout the night, since you and Kikyo got together six months ago... Is that some unknown Inu mating ritual or something? All the yips and growls we hear I mean?" asked Miroku.

"Don't forget the snarling and scratching." added Sango, smacking her lips.

"And Kikyo's high octave 'Yes'." mimicked Kagome.

"That's none of your f'cking business!" Inuyasha blushed visibly even in the dimly lit settings.

"Well, I don't mean to pry into your business, but I haven't heard any 'action' in your room since a whole month ago." said Miroku.

"Whoa! A whole month without 'it' huh? Must be tough." Sango said, sarcasm dripping from her voice.

"What? You mean to tell me you've been eaves dropping on his room?" asked Kagome incredulously, turning to face the grinning Miroku.

"How do you know we haven't been doing it in her apartment?" drawled Inuyasha.

Miroku was about to answer when a rather irate Kagome jumped in. "Will you two stop it!" grumbled Kagome. "Why are we even talking about this?"

"Psh! We understand why you wouldn't want to talk about it since you're still hung up on Mystery Man-one night stand!" laughed Inuyasha. "On a f'cking' charity bus tour for the local orphanage too!"

"Jerk! The man…er, youkai was kind enough to donate a HUGE amount to the orphanage!" defended Kagome.

"He wasn't just donating his money into the orphanage, looks to me as if he was also interested in depositing some of his more 'personal jewels' into you from the beginning. Wealthy hot shots like your Mr. Mysteriowhachamacallit, never attend charity stuff like that. They usually send some dumb lackey with a very bad comb over." snorted Inuyasha slurping his coke noisily.

"It's not like we did it on purpose... it just kinda happened." huffed Kagome, twiddling her thumbs nervously, her eyes down cast.

"Kagome, you slipping and landing on his erect and aroused dick is not some accident." Inuyasha pointed out rolling his eyes, his arms making suggestive gestures to further emphasize his point.

"Careful, 'Yash. She's got that grenade look in her eyes." cautioned Miroku.

"Maybe they based 'Sex in the city' on your wild encounters." mocked Inuyasha further.

Sango and Miroku looked at each other. The hanyou was treading on very dangerous ground.

"Maybe you should sue them for plagiarism eh?" laughed Inuyasha, slapping Kagome's shoulder loudly, tears streaming down his cheeks. "Good thing I have great control over my 'member'. We wouldn't want you to slip and accidentally fall on 'me'."

Kagome's eyes narrowed, glinting like finely tempered steel. She squared her shoulders puffing out her chest in an intimidating manner. She leaned forward casually resting her elbows on the coffee table staring without blinking at the pizza munching hanyou.

"Oh yeah, well here's an idea, why don't you put your money where your mouth is and go on a bet with me?"

"What kind of bet?" asked Inuyasha, wiping some barbecue sauce from the corners of his mouth with the serviette.

"No sex, for one week. $200 from each of us, that way the winner gets $400." replied Kagome, a wily smile working into her lips. "Oh and that includes... you know... any playful handling of 'sensitive regions' for the purpose of self relief."

Inuyasha's left eye twitched in rapid succession.

"Well? That should be no problem for your 'remote control' bit wouldn't you say?"

"Sure he'll do it!" joined Miroku, jabbing Inuyasha in the ribs. "I'm in too!"

"You?" cried Kagome disbelievingly.

"What the heck! For $800 I'm in it as well!" smiled Sango.

"Hey! Amazon women who are used to abstinence and carry severed rabbit's paws for luck aren't included!" barked Inuyasha, pointing an accusing claw at Sango's form.

"Are you saying that I'm ugly dog boy?"

"So what if I am? Ugly hags that concoct stupid potions couldn't be trusted."

"Ugly hag, am I?" Sango reaches inside a small pouch taking out a necklace made of fangs and beads.

"What you gonna use your voodoo crap on me?"

"Shut up Inuyasha." said Kagome angrily. "If she wants to, she can!"

"But she has an unfair advantage!" whined Inuyasha, his ears drooping slightly. "Men are scared shitless of her. They're afraid that with just one look, their dicks will just pop off!"

"Instant incarceration, huh?" gulped Miroku, nervously shifting his worried gaze to the young woman beside him.

Kagome dismissed the hanyou's objection with a wave of her hand, then she swivelled to face her best friend. "It wouldn't be the same without you Sango. Sure you can!"

"This is some damn chick conspiracy I just know it!" grumbled Inuyasha, crossing his arms in front of his chest.

"And you are a chauvinistic, pigheaded..."

"Children, please!" Miroku placed himself in between his best friend and the two females, disarming the girls with an arresting smile. Sango and Kagome instinctively take a step back, knowing full well how amorous his hands can get. Both glare hard at the lecher's obvious attempt to grope, while Sango holds out a fist in front of his face threateningly. Miroku sighed heavily, knowing that his objective had been discovered.

"Whatever! Let's just do this." scowled Inuyasha.

"So we're all in then? Good! No backing out until the bets finished!" declared Kagome.

"Do we have to spit on our hands and clasp each other's hand?"

"That's gross Miroku!"

"Tch! And you called us kids? You're a uni student now perv! Not some grotty school brat!" bellowed Inuyasha. "We all gave our word and we'll hold each other, to it starting now, agreed?"

They all nodded their consent.

Knock, knock.

Kagome walked casually to the door, and peers through the peep hole. She smiles widely, opening the door in a grand flourish. A familiar and spicy aroma hits the hanyou's sensitive nose. Inuyasha twitches anime style, his mouth trembling and watering.

"Has he had his rabies shot?" whispered Sango to the similarly puzzled Miroku.

"I…guess." Miroku answered scratching his head.

Kagome backs away from the door. Smugly smirking as she reveals the figure of Kikyo dressed in a skin tight black leather mini skirt and thigh length boots complete with a deep plunging see through mid-drift. She winked and licked her upper lip at Inuyasha then promptly disappeared into his room purring playfully along the way.

"Looks like the circus is back in town." giggled Sango softly.

"Uso." groaned Inuyasha banging his head repeatedly on the coffee table. (Uso: trans. Lie, in this case 'no way.')

"Easy money." sang Kagome as she retrieves her drink from the coffee table, smirking triumphantly down at Inuyasha.

"Remember the bet 'Yash." She murmured softly. "No sex or tweaking your puppy down there." She mouthed out seductively as she sat down on the sofa.

Inuyasha nodded obediently with vacant eyes, before falling back onto the carpet with a muffled thud.

Knock. Knock.

"I'll get that." chirped Sango, still slightly giggling from the sight of the hanyou wallowing in shock on the carpet.


"Is Inuyasha in?"

The hanyou's ears picked up, turning toward the smooth, suave voice. His curiosity peaked; he got up and walked towards the door, his eyes narrowing into irritated slits as he sees the one standing on the door.

"Sesshoumaru." He ground out, in a low bark. "What the hell are you doing here you cold bastard?"

Sesshoumaru quirked a brow. "Would it suffice to say that this Sesshoumaru has gone for far too long from your acrid flea bitten stench?" He replied coolly, observing his younger sibling with indifferent eyes.

Inuyasha growled threateningly.

"Don't you have that green dwarf of yours to torture?"

Sesshoumaru ignored Inuyasha's remark, instead handing the still growling hanyou a sealed envelope stamped with the family crest. "Otou-san sent me here to check on you, much to my great revulsion." (Otou-san: formal address for father)

"Keh! Like he ever cared before!"

"Hold your tongue pup before I rip it out of your throat. He has doted and lavished you all your pathetic life, dishonourable and undeserving as you are." Sesshoumaru snarled, baring his fangs.

"Hey 'Yash, who's there?"

Kagome stood up reaching the door in a matter of seconds. She stood gaping at the handsome visitor.


"Kagome." acknowledged Sesshoumaru.

"You two know each other?" asked the hanyou suspiciously. Instinctively, he moves closer to Kagome.

"He uh, hehehe, um. Ahem. Thanks for your generous donation to the orphanage."

"It was my pleasure." He growled huskily, stooping toward her, he clasps his clawed hand on Kagome's wrist, tenderly turning it over and placing a trail of hot searing kisses on the skin just above her pulse. Grazing his fangs tenderly on vulnerable and sensitive skin, his superior hearing picked up the rapid drumming of her heart.

Scathing fire of desire coursed through her veins, pooling in a dam on her lower regions. She bit her lower lip, stifling the moan that nearly escaped her sealed lips. She closed her eyes, trying to avert her thoughts and commanding her body to stand firm against the sensual tide that threatened to overwhelm her.

"This Sesshoumaru sees that you have not forgotten me." He smirked, noting the spike in her scent heralding her state of arousal. Inuyasha growled low, sniffing at the air around Kagome, his brain clicked noisily replaying the last conversation repeatedly in his mind.

"Wait a minute...Donation? Wait you mean? No way! Kagome, you didn't!" gasped Inuyasha, stumbling back as though struck by some unforeseen force. "He's Mr. Mysterious?"

"Oh shut up!"

"But my brother? ACK! I'm mentally scarred for life!" Inuyasha gagged, holding his head up with both hands. "What did he do, get you drunk or something?"

Kagome turned beet red, a furious blush erupting from her cheeks. Sesshoumaru frowned at his half brother and in a graceful sweep took the blushing Kagome into his muscled chest, tilting her chin upward to meet his gaze.

"Perhaps this stay may not be as bothersome as this Sesshoumaru first thought."

"Whoa - wait! Stay? As in 'stay here!"

"Hai." He replied curtly, his honeyed gaze trailing along her slender neck. He leans in breathing in her scent and a faint trace of his still mingling with hers. He grins then whispers huskily in her ear. "It seems once again, I shall be drunk with your essence Kagome before this week reaches its end."

Kagome's eyes widen into saucers, that one statement hitting her like a tonne of bricks.