"Pink Honor:The Tale of Sakura & Nartuto's Legacy"

By Kluger Sage

I do not own Naruto they are the properties of Shouen Jump and the great Mr.Masashi Kishimoto I am just a fanfic writer enjoy my fanfic.

Chap. 1 Feelings

-I have been monitoring Naruto for about eight months now. ANBU nearly found me out but I managed to elude them again. It seems they have given up on me for the moment. This has been the longest mission for me. Naruto has gotten stronger and better at his jutsu's He seems confident but still needs work if he is to become a great shinobi of his village. I was supposed to monitor him and report to about him to my master Arumaku. Forgive me sensei. . Naruto is far more formidable now I wonder if my village can still take him on. His loved ones he would do anything for them especially his Sakura-CHAN! I don't see what he sees in that pink haired super woman I mean come on pink hair? Any ways she is the key to his strength with her out of the picture he can be weakened. It seems Akatuski has laid low for sometime nothing much from them. Yet Naruto must know that there are many out there that will come for him. Those that have bingo books will come for his head. For honor or greed either way I will protect him and watch his back. I don't know why I feel something for this boy his father decimated our village. I lost family because of his father but is it right to seek vengeance on his kin? I will find my answers soon till then I will try to have some fun at the expense of that pink mess he calls his girlfriend. –


Hitomi closed her journal as she looked out of her window in her night kimono. There was a full moon tonight. It brought comfort to her she looked down at a sleeping Kumori her only companion. She took off her kimono she likes sleeping nude it made her body less hot. She liked the feeling of her soft nude skin touching the sheets she let out a yawn. Sleep was coming for her tomorrow would be an interesting day she would once again meet Naruto this time hopefully as an allied not as an enemy.

"hehe I wonder how he will take it" she said softly. Her eyes closed as her mind drifted into the unconscious.

Naruto arrived at his apartment he was tired his body ached every where being in ANBU was no joke. It has been months of preparations, training and fighting. Naruto was told repeatedly that he is the Hokage's blade he must hone his skills to be sharp and accurate. Naruto took off his training gear he wore the sleeveless shirt with tight black pants. He took off his boots and crashed in the couch.

He looked at his left arm and there was the mark of ANBU the tattoo that was imprinted in his arm. This seal meant he was the Hokage's tool but Naruto saw it different he saw it as a protector of the Hokage and Konoha.

Naruto walked towards the kitchen looking for instant ramen. The blonde shinobi failed to notice a pink haired kunoichi sleeping on his bed. Sakura was sprawled across his bed. He couldn't help notice her beauty to him she was the most beautiful girl in his world she believed in him and loved him. She accepted his gift what more could he want from her?

"Hehe doesn't see seem desirable eh Naruto? Such a worthy mate isn't she. She will carry on your legacy as well as mine forever to be bonded with the house of Uzumaki." Boasted the Kyūbi

"What the hell fox can't you leave me alone for a minute?" Yelled Naruto.

Sakura began to slowly awaken by Naruto's voice he failed to notice Sakura blinking the sleep out of her eyes. Sakura awoke to the sound of her boyfriend talking to himself. She looked at him funny but realized he was probably arguing with the fox. A smile appeared on her face seeing how silly Naruto could be. She got up stretched and yawned Naruto focused his attention on Sakura.

"Hey Naruto I was waiting for you." Said Sakura

She leaned forward and planed a kiss on his lips as she was breaking the kiss Naruto continued kissing her. He fell on top of her continuing the kiss Sakura opened her eyes in surprise. She knew they haven't had time for each other for a while. She couldn't help but be lost in the passionate kiss. Naruto ran his hands at the sides of Sakura's body he moved towards her neck and started to kiss her slowly. She moaned slightly at the sensation of her neck being kissed that way. Naruto started to get bolder as he tried to undo Sakura's bra the pink kunoichi eyes widen. Naruto's hand started to massage Sakura's breasts. In an instant Naruto flew off the bed as Sakura shoved him off her with her left hand.

"Naruto what's gotten into you! You know we've talked about this were both not ready and I've told you before about feeling my breasts." Scolded Sakura

Naruto got up from the floor scratching his head the blonde shinobi looking disappointed. He was disappointed in Sakura's reaction hoping it would've gone further.

"Naruto I know we haven't seen each other in a while but that still doesn't excuse you to invade my space. Please understand I love you but were not ready for that step yet" Sakura said firmly

Naruto folded his arms and looked at his concerned girlfriend.

"I'm sorry Sakura-chan if I upset you it's that being in ANBU has me on the edge lately I don't see you that much. I just can't help it if I go crazy when I'm with you I just love Sakura-chan" grinned Naruto.

Sakura shyly smiled as the blush continued to turn a deeper shade of red she started to fix her bra.

"You're sweet Naruto I love you too. I have those same urges and feelings as you do but we have to keep them under control."

Sakura walked up to Naruto and wrapped her arms around his waist as she kissed him lightly on his lips.

"Now get changed I will get your dinner ready ok" ordered Sakura

Naruto grinned as he hugged his girlfriend and kissed her forehead he headed towards the bathroom to change. Dinner ended like usually Sakura fixed Naruto a plate of his favorite beef ramen stew. He noticed she added more vegetables in order for him to get healthier. Sakura had once again told her parents she would stay at Ino's place she enjoyed sleeping with her boyfriend.

They had retreated towards the living room as the room was light with candles Naruto and Sakura were both rapped in a blanket. Naruto held Sakura in his arms as her head rested on his torso. The both young lovers were looking out side the window into the full moonlight.

"Sakura I'm sorry about before. I just gave in to my urges it's that when I'm with you I go crazy. I have leave tomorrow I wanted to take you out if you're not to busy." Naruto said calmly

The pink haired kunoichi snuggled a little closer to her boyfriend. She started to play with his feet with hers.

"Off course silly I know that you have leave tomorrow I found out from Shizune. Don't worry I don't have training tomorrow I asked Tsunade-sama if I could have the day off. So were you taking me tomorrow Naruto" Sakura said in a sweet voice.

Naruto grinned wondering where he was going to take his girlfriend. He moved his hand closer to her face as he stroked her right check softly. Sakura closed her eyes she loved these romantic moments they shared. She loved being in Naruto's arms she felt safe and loved. She could hear his steady heart beat she loved that part listing to the heart of her lover.

"I was thinking maybe we could go for a picnic and a swim by the waterfall deep in the woods just you and me" grinned Naruto

Sakura let out a soft giggle she knew Naruto had something up his sleeve but she loved to go swimming.

"You just want to see me in my bikini you perv. Don't get any ideas ok it's a nice picnic and a swim you understand Naruto" Sakura said playfully.

The blonde Shinobi was surprised as Sakura mounted him. Naruto place his hands on her waist as he looked deep in to her emerald eyes. No matter how many times he started into her eyes it always had the same affect on him. His mind would be lost in the sea of emerald Sakura's eyes mesmerized him. They starred at one another like that for a good while before Naruto spoke again.

"Sakura-chan you don't have to worry so much about me I'll be fine I know you were dead set against me becoming ANBU. I want to be always by your side Sakura. I just don't want to see you get hurt because of me being with this fox." Said a soft spoken Naruto.

"Oh Naruto you know I can't help it you and I have been through so much. I just don't want to imagine what would happen you got your self killed. I love you too much I don't like think that way." Sakura said in a sad tone.

Naruto lifted his right hand and stroked her cheek his fingers traced over her lips. Sakura smiled knowing full well that Naruto understood her concerns for him. Sakura gently leaned down to kiss Naruto before getting off of him to go to sleep.

Out side on the roof tops stood a lone figure dressed in black only revealing her eyes. Hitomi had been watching Naruto for sometime now every night she would sneak out to see him from afar.

"it seems he deeply cares for her I have to make my move to test him. Unfortunately for you Naruto I can read lips." Hitomi said to herself.

She turned to Kumori and handed her a note and placed it around her neck.

"Kumori take this back to the village give it to master Arumaku please ok"

The raccoon nodded as it licked her master's check before setting off in to the darkness. Hitomi looked on into Naruto's apartment window seeing now the candles having being blown out. She decided to retreat back to her hideout in order to prepare for tomorrow.

"Water fall eh? This may be interesting" Hitomi said in a seductive voice.

It was a comely day the sun was out and no clouds out to ruin the afternoon Naruto had planned. The two couple walked side by side. Sakura had her arms around Naruto's right arm. The kunoichi had on a bright pink bikini on with green sandals and black bag. Naruto had on his pendant that Tsunade gave to him. He had on only long shorts that reached past his knee caps. They were black with an orange flame on the right his left hand carried the basket.

The couple settled near the water fall it was enormous a rainbow could be seen at the very top. It was a thirty feet high water fall as the water hit the ground near the rocks it created a mist. Its sapphire color shinned brightly because of the suns rays the water was forty feet wide, it connected to the river a mile from the waterfall.

Sakura started to set up she pulled out the towels from her bag as Naruto prepared to jump into the lake. Naruto ran towards the water and front flipped upwards and landed with a cannon ball. The water shot up and some splashed on to Sakura.

The pink haired Kunoichi laughed at her boyfriend's enthusiasm about swimming. Sakura came close to the water and jumped in legs first. She burst out of the water Naruto noticed how her chest softly bounced as well. She was glowing with the sun beaming down at her he blushed at thought that ran through his head.

"Whats that dump smirk you have on? You better not be thinking anything perverted again Naruto!" Scolded Sakura

Naruto cleared the thoughts from his head as Sakura was giving him a dirty look he just grinned back at her. Sakura smiled at swam towards her boyfriend she wrapped her arms around his neck. They looked at one another for a while be fore the closed the gap between them. Naruto could feel her warm breath on his lips as he slowly began to kiss her. They both were locked in an intimate embrace as they both shared their love of each other. Kissed last for awhile once Naruto broke of the kiss he just held Sakura just kept looking at the beauty in front of her.

"Hehe" laughed Naruto

"What's so funny Naruto! Come on why you keep looking at me like that you're making me blush." Stated Sakura.

The pink haired kunoichi began to blush heavily Naruto had that affect on her.

"Nothing it's that I love looking at you Sakura-chan. I'm just glad to have you in my arms" Boasted Naruto

Sakura blushed at hearing the sweet words from Naruto she was about to lean in a kiss him again till she noticed Naruto's eyes. They widen but they were not directed at her but behind her. Sakura turned around to see what held Naruto's eyes she frowned at the sight of Ino.

She wore a two piece bikini like Sakura but instead the top was a tube top and she wore black. She saw Ino wave back at them as she shot a wink at them. Sakura turned back to her boyfriend. Who by this time was blushing crimson and had dump look on his face it wasn't helping calming Sakura's rage as she noticed he was drooling as well.

"You perverted, lecherous bastard! You're just like him you know both perverts Tsunade warned me about this!" Yelled Sakura

Sakura flung her arms away from Naruto's neck and crossed her arms and turned her head away from him.

Naruto broke from his daze to wonder why Sakura was made and noticed that Ino was now looking at the pair with a devilish smile. It took Naruto a while to put two in two together.

"Oh come on Sakura you know I love you. My eyes are only men…"

"Oh Can it will you Naruto! I know how you were looking at Ino you're eyes were about to pop out of your sockets!" retorted Sakura.

Naruto could see Sakura was starting to get mad he knew she was jealous when he looked at or was around other women.

"Come on Sakura! We were fine a minute ago are you having lady problems again!" Yelled Naruto

Naruto at that moment would wish he never uttered those last words because the reaction that Sakura gave him meant one thing pain ;extreme excruciating pain.

"WHAT DID YOU SAY!" Screamed Sakura.

Naruto backed away trying to figure out what to say to his enraged girlfriend alas he didn't get the chance. Sakura balled up her fists as a tear rolled down her check as she swung a right upper cut in to Naruto's gut. The blonde shinobi let out a small whimper as the fist connected with his stomach. His eyes bulged out Sakura connected with her left hand to Naruto's cheek. The blonde shinobi was sent a couple into the air as his body finally hit the water.

Sakura got out of the water hastily she picked up her towel and bag. She turned back at a semi conscious Naruto floating in the water.

"You jerk don't come after me don't talk to me you JERK!" yelled Sakura

Ino had watched the whole thing as she quickly backed away to let Sakura past her. She turned her direction towards Naruto she was saddened to see him treated that way by Sakura.

"Naruto you poor bastard!" Ino said.

Ino jumped into the water and swim towards Naruto to check up on him. Ino failed to notice an orange haired girl coming towards them. Hitimo had on a one piece suit that was clad in black and grey. Her chest bounced at each step she took towards the two in the water. Naruto still shaking the stars out of his head he noticed Ino holding him and showing concern.

"Oh Naruto I'm so sorry if I caused you any problems with "Sakura" I know she can be very jealous." Ino said softly.

"Don't worry Ino it's that I shouldn't reacted like that when I saw you hehe" Naruto said trying to laugh

Ino blushed as she remembers the look Naruto had on when he noticed her.

"Oh don't worry I didn't mind you looking at me hehe" said Ino

"Gee I hope I am not interrupting anything important Naruto. I need to talk with you if you don't mind" ordered Hitomi

Ino turned around to wonder who it was she just saw a buxom young kunoichi wearing a one piece swim suit and having long orange hair.

"Who are you?" questioned Ino

Naruto's eyes widen for a moment before getting in a fighting stance.

"Her name is Hitomi and she is a kunoichi from Iwagakure!" Yelled Naruto

Ino as well got into a fighting stance as she looked back at the smiling kunoichi.

"I am flattered you still remembered me Naruto I don't come here as an enemy but as an ally. I have some important matters to discuss with you I am unarmed please hear me out." Stated Hitomi.

Hitomi slid in to the water to join a suspicious Ino and Naruto looking at her every move. Naruto blushed as he noticed how well endowed Hitomi was compared to Sakura and Ino.

"Well you know Naruto at first I was sent to assassinate you with the other rock nin's. I was following orders I don't hold a grudge to you personality but your father on the other hand is a different story. I had to follow my orders I like you Naruto even if you don't believe me I find you attractive and funny. " Hitomi said

Ino glared at Hitomi while Naruto gave a small grin at Hitomi's statement.

"I was sent here after our fail mission I was suppose to watch you from a far and strike at you. Yet I just wanted to study you more Naruto. Till that day when you became the Kyūbi no Yōko everything changed. The power you showed the determination was incredible."

"That day I remembered that not even I was a match for you in that form. Neither was anyone in Iwagakure I saw no point in continuing my mission. Why must the son pay for the sins of the father I asked my self? "

"Naruto my grandfather told me something about Jinchūriki's along time ago they lived cursed lives. Neither human nor demon just lingering in the world between but you're different you have a light around you that attracts any one. "

Naruto looked a bit sadden about the first part at what Hitomi said but smiled at the last part. Ino on the other seemed as she wanted to say something to Hitomi about Naruto not being human but liked the last part.

"I came to warn you even if you're an ANBU now remember this there are multiple enemies out for your head. Not because of your father some maybe but mostly the Bingo book! I hear there is a huge bounty on your head Naruto many want the money other villages fear you as a threat. You have to watch your back not only Akatuski is after you but rival villages as well" Hitomi said in a sad stern voice.

"Well that's a load off your shoulders I take Hitomi. What's in it for you? For telling Naruto this?" Ino questioned Hitomi

Naruto looked at Ino then turned his gaze on Hitomi who was staring at the blonde shinobi the whole time.

"I just want his forgiveness at my attempt on his life. You need allies in this war Naruto a war that will be brought to you. Unforseen enemies will come as well as old ones. Naruto you need all the hell you can get." Stated Hitomi

Naruto looked at Hitomi with some hostility then began to slowly walk towards her the kunoichi stood her ground as Naruto stopped a couple inches in front of her.

"Why should I trust you? And why are you helping me Hitomi?" questioned Naruto.

"Because of what I see in you Naruto haven't spent so many months observing you. I see you are a kind and strong person I believe you are meant for great things. You being a jinchūriki has not made you into a violent bitter man. Plus I have my own reasons I girl has to keep some secrets handsome." Said Hitomi

With that the buxom kunoichi leaned forward and kissed Naruto on the lips quickly before performing a jutsu.

"Meisaigakure no Jutsu" Yelles Hitomi

In an instant Hitomi disappears from a surprised Naruto and a pissed off Ino. Naruto still dazed at the kissed he received from Hitomi trying to figure out what she wanted.

"So I take it you're going to leave the last part out for Sakura eh Naruto. Who knows what she'll do to you if she fines out that Hitomi kissed you!" Ino said devilishly.

Naruto's dreamy expression was snapped sweat began to run down his forehead as the fear of what Sakura would do to him if she found out.

"Inn…Ino you're not going to rat me out are you?" Said a nervous Naruto

Ino closed her eyes before opening them again she looked at Naruto and smiled evilly.

"Well no unless you agree to do one thing for me Naruto." Ino said softly

Naruto had a defeated look on his face wondering what the blonde kunoichi had in mind.

"What do you have in mind Ino"

Miles away in different land where water is its powerful element lays a village shrouded in blood and mist. The village was one with the trees around it hidden by a thick mist high above the trees. A mile a way the ocean is ahead the ocean can be heard as this village is surrounded by water.

One figure emerges from the mist. His height is that Kakashi he is en his late teens. His left ear is completely pierced he wears his water protector on his forehead. His hair is very short and has lavender eyes. Half of is hair is black while the other half white he has a big scar running down his right eye. He wears the traditional clothing of the mist village. The mist nin wore camouflaged grey and blue fatigues with cream vest and black long sleeve shirt underneath. He wears fingerless cream gloves. Attached to his side are two mid size kunai blades on his vest are dozens of kunai's and shiruken. On his back he holds a red bladed katana with one side being with jagged edges. While his axe matching his katana's smoothed front and jagged edges.

He reaches for his breast pocket and pulls out a small booklet. There he stops when he reaches Konoha nin's and notices the one with the circle marked around it.

"Uzumaki, Naruto the famous jinchūriki. His team defeated the traitor Zabuza and was able to take down the great Kisame."

"Well Naruto Uzumaki well see how you hold your own against on of Kirigakure's notorious assassins. I will taste you're blood before I eat your heart and take in your soul for I am Shuurajou Yoji of Mizu no kuni!" Yelled Yoji

The mist swallowed Yoji he was heading towards the sea were his boat awaited him to carry him towards the mainland. Inside his mind raced the thoughts of slaying one of the greatest and most powerful of Konoha's nin's. His bingo book rated Naruto as the highest threat to Kirigakure.

"I shall make it rain crimson once again before devouring you my prey." Yoji remarked

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