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'Now, the day has come. We are forsaken…this time.' Yuffie sat silent and still, obediently listening to her mother as she spoke in her sing song voice. She knew, with the wisdom she had gained in her now five years of life, that this was not the usual bedtime song, this was something serious. Her heart began to pound fiercely beneath its prison of bone, she closed her eyes tight, trying to block out the sudden rush of fear that overtook her.

'We lived our lives in our paradise, as gods we shaped the world around. No borderlines we'd stay behind, though balance is something fragile.' Yuffie shifted as the pounding in her chest grew in intensity. She wanted nothing more than for her mother to stop talking.

'While we thought we were gaining, we'd turn back the tide, it still slips away. Our time has run out, our future has died, there's no more escape.'

'I'm scared, kasan.' Yuffie's voice sounded small. Weak even. She cleared her throat, her mother turned and smiled softly at the child. Yuffie's lip began to tremble.

'Hush, little one. You have nothing in the world to fear. Your fate takes you far beyond this night.' Yuffie sprung from her seat on her bed and threw her small body at her mother.

'Kisaragi-san,' A whisper quiet voice called from behind the shoji door. Yuffie stiffened in her mothers arms.

'Hai.' Her voice took on a darker tone. Yuffie knew what this meant.

'Lord Godo has summoned for you.' The owner of the voice disappeared as quickly and silently as it had come.

'Kasan…please-'Yuffie struggled through a sob. Her mother gently kissed the top of her head.

'You are my waking dream, Yuffie Kisaragi. The flame of hope burns brightest in your eyes.' Her eyes shone with a certain resignation Yuffie saw often when it came to the duties surrounding her mother.

Her mother, Lady Tsukiko Kisaragi, was the guiding force behind the men who made war. Her brilliance in strategy was matched only by her unparalleled beauty. She worked in conjunction with Staniv and Godo to come up with strategies and peace treaties. This time however, there was no treaty or any plans for even defending themselves. The Shinra army, lead by General Sephiroth, was being kind enough to simply allow them to keep their lives. The desperation Yuffie felt was reflected in her mothers eyes.

'I love you, kasan.' Yuffie said softly as her mother tucked her in. 'He wont let you get hurt…he-' She broke off with a yawn. 'You're too special.' Tsukiko stood gracefully, straightening her long kimono, the whites and multiple blue hues somewhat muted by the single lit candle beside Yuffie.

'Now the day has come, we are forsaken. There's no time anymore, life will pass us by. We are forsaken, we're the last of our kind.' With that she was gone, leaving only the soft scent of ginger and the ocean behind.

"Welcome to the Golden Saucer!" a pleasant looking woman called as people of all shapes and sizes filed into the building. "Enjoy your stay!" She seemed unstoppably happy and cheerful. Cloud glanced behind him only to see Cid and Yuffie glaring daggers at each other. They'd been fighting since Costa Del Sol. Something about Yuffie's lunch and a now dirty pair of expensive boots. Cloud sighed, it's not like she could help it. She'd gotten to be more tolerant of air travel, but she still gets air sick. He really did feel bad for her, not that he'd ever let her know. She'd just insist on following him around instead of Red or Vincent. But still, Cid shouldn't make her run around for him while she's up there.

"Hey," Cloud tried to get a word in as the two started yet another shouting match.

"You're a pretty lousy driver!" She yelled.

"You're a damn terrible ninja!" Cid spat.

"I can't help getting motion sickness, ok?! Gods, it's not like I went out of my damn way to puke on those stupid boots! Besides, you have freaking eight pairs of the same damn thing!" She was bristling with anger.

"I knew we shouldn't have brought you along. You immature little brat! You're completely useless and-"

"HEY!" Cloud yelled, suddenly feeling very defensive for the girl. "Shut it, Cid! She gets it!" He wasn't quick to anger, but anyone would be on their last nerve after two long, torturous hours of this.

"No she doesn't! She's-" again he was interrupted.

"Gone…" came Vincent's gruff voice.

"Some terrible ninja…" Cloud grumbled at Cid. "Good job, now she's wandering around, she'll probably steal something, get caught and, get us all in trouble. Great work Cid. Way to be the mature adult here." Cloud huffed as he turned to go find Yuffie. Cid simply glared and stalked off to a nearby bar.

"Wow, haven't seen him lose his temper like that since we were kids." Tifa laughed as she walked up to stand between Red, Vincent ,and Barret. "You guys didn't see her move?" Tifa rubbed her chin thoughtfully.

"I wasn't even paying attention." Barret sheepishly rubbed the back of his neck. Red simply shook his head. "Cloud'll find her. She's not gonna run off too far." Barret said after a moment of silence.

"I suppose. She's probably just off trying to blow off steam." Tifa sighed. "That was the longest flight ever. Those two never stop!" she said throwing her arms up in defeat.

"I'm going to look for her." Vincent said quietly and turned to leave before either had time to respond.

"Guess I should too. What about you? You gonna go look or go waist your gil?" She giggled a little at her own joke.

"Ha ha. I'm goin' to waist some gil. The brat'll come back. We can't get rid of her that easy." He smiled back at the little brunette.

"But would you really want to?" With that she turned to go look for Yuffie, leaving Barret and Red to ponder her last statement.

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