(Hey all! This is my second YYH fic, so be nice kay? It's from Touya's POV, if you didn't already catch that from the summary. So without further adieu, READ ON!)

He was going to kill Shishi.

Suzuki had told that bird brained idiot not to mess around with Suzuki's new and 'improved' Idunn Box, but nooooooooo, that narcissistic feather head had just had to push the envelope.

Now he was lost some where in the Ningenkai with no earthly idea where everyone had disappeared to...especially Shishi - that demonic turkey was as good as basted, baked and served on a platter with gravy.

And not only had that pinheaded beak brain reverted him to his fifty-year state, he had purposefully abandoned him on the side of a ningen road when two sumptuous ganguro had crossed his path like a pair of proverbial black cats.

Now he would be glad if he could give a kitten frostbite; he wasn't too sure of his current power situation. All he knew was right now, he was currently toddling along in shinobi garments that were ten sizes too big for him in a sea comprised totally of ningens and their pets.

It seemed that ningens led far more taxing lives than Touya originally thought as all of the ones who passed him were so completely absorbed in their own gormless little lives that they were far too preoccupied to even see him, let alone help him.

It was all he could do to keep from tripping over his oversived clothes and falling, leaving himself open to be trampled by thousands of sweaty, smelly, ningen feet, crammed into faux leather casings that caused them to marinate in their own stench.

Finally the inevitable happened and he stepped on the hem of his robes, sending him toppling to the ground that Yusuke told him once was called concrete.

He felt the evil beast that called itself 'concrete' tear the flesh of his young knees apart, letting his blood course freely from the wounds.

Touya's childish, fifty-year instincts kicked in as he began to cry, the tears freezing on his face and shattering as they hit the unyielding ground.

"Hey, hey there! Don't cry. Buck up, lil' dude."

Trying his hardest to regain control of the disorderly juvenile brain, he looked up tearfully at a teenaged ningen girl about Yusuke's age, looking upon him with black ringed eyes with sympathy.

"C'mon on now." She said, lips curving slightly into an infinitesimal, emotive smile, "Stand up. I know you can do it. Stand up on your own."

Pushing his childish fifty-year old mind back down in favor of his inborn shinobi pride, that refused to be bruised by asking this strange girl to help him to his feet, he wiped his eyes roughly and got to his feet, hiccuping despite himself.

"Good job." The ningen said in approval, taking his miniaturized white hand in her own, flinching only slightly at how cold it was, "Do you know where your parents are? Are you lost?"

He bit his lip. Touya knew exactly where his parents were – in the Makai, currently six feet under, but the fact remained that he was lost so he answered the girl as such; best follow one who could supply him with food, lodgings and dressings for his knees.

"I see." She said calmly, suddenly switching him up and onto her shoulders, "C'mon. I'll take you with me to the police box."

Police? Ohhh, that could be bad! Very bad. If the ningen authorities got wind that he was here…well, he didn't want to think of what kind of trouble he would be in with the Reikai.

Even IF he had a week pass to be in the Ningenkai, which he did, if humans caught on to what he was, it could mean execution or worse, having his soul banished to limbo for all eternity!

"Don't worry though. I'll wait with you." He heard through the hailstorm of his thoughts, "If your 'rents don't show after two hours, though, I'll take you home with me. I'll just say you're my cousin and that we can't find them, kay?"

A lie? This ningen girl was willing to lie for him? It must be that thing...what was it that Genkai called it again? Sommmethinnng with an 'M'...maternal instinct? Yes, that was it. This must be that maternal instinct she spoke of, the one that makes most human females so protective of the small and weak (there were some exceptions according to what he had been told, but it applied to most)

"Ore wa Yoru. Yaminade Yoru." the ningen said complacently, giving his now tiny hands a squeeze as she was now used to the frigid temperature it seemed, "Whaddabout you? What's your name kid?"

Think, think! Can't give her your real name! Think!

"Boku wa...Yusuke. Yukimura Yusuke." he replied, already berating himself inwardly for coming up with such a horrible alias.

"Really? Any relation to Yukimura Keiko?" Yoru asked, surprise making its way into her voice.

Keiko? This 'Yoru' girl knew Yusuke's mate? Hope! Finally there was hope!

"Yes! I'm her cousin!" he said quickly, already realizing the flaw in this statement.

"Huh...well, Keiko must have some righteous relatives." the ningen called Yoru replied, a smirk tingeing her words, "Honestly, dying the hair of a kid your age? That's dangerous ya know."

"C-can you take me to her? Please?" he begged, giving the ningen's hand a squeeze, psychically willing her to end this conversation.

"Don't see why not." she replied, apparently recieving his telepathic message to stop asking questions, "I'll hail a taxi."

Ningenkai - Human World

ganguro - a word that is derogitory and means, in lame man's terms, "Slut(s)"

ningen - human

Makai - Demon World

Reikai - Spirit World

Ore wa Yoru. Yaminade Yoru - Hey, I'm Yoru. Yaminade Yoru. Watashi is the more polite form, especially where women and girls are concerned, but Yoru's a bit of a tomboy, so she uses the far less decorous Ore when addressing herself

Boku wa...Yusuke - I'm...Yusuke; Boku wa being the formal male form.

Yoru - night

Yaminade - hand that strokes the darkness

(A/N: Touya hooks up with Keiko and Yusuke and relays them the story but Yoru overhears EVERYTHING! Now Keiko, Yusuke and Touya have to convince her she was hearing things as well as find a reversal effect for Suzuki's new and 'improved' Idunn Box! R&R!)