. Misaki-sensei's Nightmare .

. Snowmirage .


Summary: A silly side-story to Daffodil on our beloved Misaki-sensei, missing daffodils and the reasons behind your sneezes…


Sneeze once, someone is cursing you

Sneeze twice, someone is thinking of you

Sneeze thrice, someone has just passed the flu virus to you XD

It was a perfectly fine day in the greenhouse at the far corner of Alice Academy.

The sun was shining, the birds chirping, Narumi was dancing – okay scrap that…I mean, when was a time when that guy wasn't dancing? – and even the usually stoic Misaki sensei was humming a jaunty tune under his breath as he attended to his beloved plants.

That is, until he reached where the daffodils were planted.

The tune stuck in his throat, the shears fell from his suddenly limp fingers, his pupils dilated, his mouth simply gapped open and in that instant, the world completely stop rotating on its axis, the sun stopped shining, the birds stopped singing and (shock) even Narumi stopped dancing.

Because there was not one, not two, not three but FOUR bloody gaping holes where his daffodils should have been.

Misaki-sensei's jaw open and close for a few minutes, not a sound escaping from there as he gapped at the horrendous sight that should be censored for children under the age of twelve.

Then, it came.



In a corner of planet Earth, Natsume sneezed.


A/n: Ok, in case any of you are wondering why the hell is she here again, I would like to say first that has been sitting in my com gathering algae for weeks XD

Okok, I have a question for you guys just for amusement sake's ;')

A redhouse is made up of red bricks,

A bluehouse is made up of blue bricks,

A yellowhouse is made up of yellow bricks,

So what is a greenhouse made up of?

A no brainer .. don't think too much into it XD