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Summary: Ed goes on a mission and winds up getting into a fight with a chimera. Things were not suppose to happen like this. Secrets and lies are exposed. Mpreg.

The Accident chapter one

On the outside of Hampton city their rested a small forest. Within the forest was a cave where scientist privately did their work, and experiments. In the cave behind two big metal doors was an old science lab that usually is off limits to any outsiders but, for some reason Ed, manages to chase his prisoner in there.

From inside the big room there were tables with needles and jars of different things. There were two big shelves up against the walls with different bottles of liquids. There was even a table with restrains on it where experiments were performed on people or animals.

Ed's lower back hit the table that was full of beakers and chemistry bottles and samples of different things. His golden locks were almost clinging to his face from sweat and blood. You could say the lab was just about torn apart from fighting. Ed moved away from the table slumped over a little bit because he hit his back. He straightens up and looks at the chimera that stood not to far from him. "Why won't you cooperate!"

"You leave me the hell alone!" She shouted with both fist balled up against each side.

Ed was staring at the chimera with a small strain of blood running down his forehead. Ed used his alchemy quickly by putting both hands together and touching the ground and the earth uprooted with the chimera, flying up in the air and she landed on her feet as on the other side of the room. Ed quickly ran and back handed her real fast with the back of his forearm as he pushed her up against the wall, on the front of her neck.

Ed was fighting with a female chimera that looked mostly human. A few inches taller than Ed. She had white tanned skin and two cat ears that sat on each side of her head. She had blonde white hair and wore a blue shirt with black pants. Her words were being choked as Ed had his auto mail arm pressed up against her neck.

"W-Why are you trying to hurt me?" She struggled.

"I'm not trying to hurt you. I'm just here to take you back to the lab where you escaped." She pushed Ed off of her. He stumbled back almost falling.

"I don't want to go back there! I'm just some prisoner and guinea pig." "Guinea pig?" He looked at her." "Yes, what did you think? I have a mansion with servants and I'm swimming in money! I'm their dam experiment you ignore fool!"

"Hey I'm not so ignorant!"

She snickered. "You're just a young baster who has no idea of what goes on down here in these science labs. Can't you look at me and tell what they did!"

"Look, enough of the talk! I don't want to send you back there but it's my job as a military officer to carry out my orders." He stated.

"You're nothing but a baster. You know nothing about what goes on down here."

"Enough of this," Ed charged at the chimera with his automail like a dagger but when he got close she kicked him really hard into another table that had a tray of needles sitting on it. Ed's arm ended up getting stuck with two big needles. "Aghh! Dam it! What the hell! Ed grabbed his left arm and pulled out the needles with trickles of blood following. Actually, Ed was all flesh except his right arm. He rubbed his arm in pain.

While he was distracted the female chimera ran up to him and grabbed and twisted his other arm. "It's too bad they sent a young teenager to do the job of an adult. But your cute I guess you'll do." Ed broke from her and turned around to strike and with her sharp cat nails she stuck him in his lower abdomen. Ed screamed at the top of his lungs.

Coming up the hallways of the cave was Riza and several military soldiers who heard screaming. "Down here, this way!" Riza said as she ran with her pistol ready to fire. Ed hit the chimera in the face really hard knocking her over the table and hitting the wall. Ed fell to his knees with blood on both his hands holding his stomach. He was in too much pain to move. I wish I never took this mission.

Riza and the other military officers come running through the door scattering. Hawkeye pointed her gun at the chimera which was knocked out. Then she saw Ed on his knees with blood dripping through his hands. "Ed!" She came to his side immediately.

He looked pretty bad with blood on his face and hands. "Ed, what happened here?" He was shaking a little as he turned his head slowly. I had her in handcuffs and she managed to break free then we got into a fight and she pushed me into this table with needles and she caught me off guard and stabbed me with her claws. I-I feel s-strange." Riza looked down at the blood on both his hands. "Are you alright?"

"I-I don't think soo…"

His words faded as he fainted and Riza caught him in her arms and notice blood on his stomach seeping from the wound through his shirt. "Ed?"

Mustang walked in quickly looking around. "What the hell happened here?" He walked toward Riza who had Ed in her arms passed out. Hawkeye what happen?" He saw Ed with blood on his clothes. He kneeled down and tried to shake Ed. "Ed? Wake up! Hey." He looked worried as he tapped his face.

"Sir, he passed out I believe we better get him to a hospital he seems to be in bad shape."

Mustang stood up. "You're right. Armstrong?"

"Yes sir." He approached.

"Please take Ed to the military hospital right away, he doesn't look good." Armstrong immediately took Ed from Hawkeye and left quickly.

A military officer came over. "Fuehrer Mustang we have the chimera in handcuffs." "Good, I need for you to escort her back to the lab with three of the other men."

"Yes sir." He saluted.

"Hawkeye, this place is a mess, there's blood and glass everywhere."

"That chimera looks a mess too." Said Riza.

"Yeah but Ed looks even worse they must of fought really hard." He said walking around the table.

Riza looked around and sighed. Fuehrer sir, Ed told me that he tried to escort the chimera back but she broke free of the handcuffs. They ran in here and a fight broke out between them. He said that he got stuck by some needles lying on the table and that's when the chimera caught him off guard and from the looks of it, she stabbed him.

Mustang raised an eyebrow. "It sounds like Ed got careless. I should have had him with a few soldiers to follow him instead of being on standby. Dam it! This doesn't look good." He sighed. "Hawkeye."

"Yes sir."

"See if you can gather some evidence here. I have some people I need to see."

She saluted.

I had to break this into the second chapter, because it was too long. But I hope you like it.