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The Accident chapter 51

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The blond opened his eyes to his old bedroom in his dad's house. The heart monitor was beeping as the IV dripped. The door opened and in walked his dad and Dr. Reed. "Hey son!"

"Hi Ed."

"How are you feeling?" His dad asked as he pulled up a chair next to his bed.

"Uhh…my head feels fuzzy." He started to sit up. "Oww…my stomach."

"Be careful moving around." His dad insisted as he looked at him.

Ed winced. "D-Did you…have success…getting rid of that thing?"

Hohenheim sighed with tiredness. "Yes…we did."

"It was hard Ed." Dr. Reed said being honest.

"Will give you all the details later, right now, I want you to rest."

"Where's Winry?" She's up in the guest room sleeping. She came earlier and sat with you for five hours."

"Wait a minute…I was out that long? What time is it?"

"It's eight at night."

"Eight at night! Dad, didn't we start this at nine…this morning?"

"Son it was a two hour surgery. It should have taken really one hour but will explain what happen later. It's true you've been out for several hours but everything is fine."

"Dad…can I have some pain killers please…this is really starting to hurt."

Dr. Reed came over to the IV and pulled out a seven inch syringe and stuck the IV.

Ed looked at the syringe and breathes a sigh. "I'm glad that thing isn't going into me." He rested his head on the pillow.

"I have a camera with an alarm that triggers if anything goes wrong in this room." He kissed his son on the head. "Just rest son, don't worry about anything."

The two doctors left out the room.

"I'm so glad that thing is out of me. Now I can live in peace with my wife and daughter and not have anything of Donovan's left inside of me." Ed spoke to himself.


Hohenheim went into his office followed by Dr. Reed. They both sat down. "It's been a long day." Said Dr. Reed.

"No joke here."

"Hohenheim…out of all the surgeries I have faced this has been the weirdest and most complicated."

"I usually don't use sorcery but that shield was hard to break. Donovan used intense alchemy. He was determined for Ed to get pregnant again." He sighed with hurt in his voice as he took his glasses off. "My poor son…he turned his reproductive system into a baby machine with that chip!" He sighed again. "This is why he hasn't gotten Winry pregnant! Thank goodness we were able to put everything back together."

"He should be fine with the high dose of morphine we gave him." Dr. Reed said.

"Well doctor since your sleeping here tonight I have a room upstairs two doors away from Ed's that you can have. My room is across from yours, I want to be next to my son incase he wakes up."

The middle age man got up. "Goodnight Hohenheim." He said leaving the room.

Hohenheim was glad this was over he didn't want to see his son suffer anymore.


Ed opened his eyes the next day to sunlight. "Hey sleepy head how are you feeling?" Winry smiled.

Sounding groggy, "W-What day is…it?"

"It's the next day."

"The next day, already? I must have slept all night."

"You did, it's eight in the morning."


"I believe it's time for painkillers." Winry said getting up to get his dad. She opened the door and Hohenheim was coming in with Dr. Reed. "I was just about to come and get you." Winry said as the two doctors walked in.

"We figure Ed, would probably be awake." His dad said. They came by his bed. "Hey son, are you in a lot of pain?" "Y-Yeah…it hurts." He said he looking at his dad miserably.

He injected the IV. "You should start to feel better."

"Dad…when the shield was…down what happen to the…alchemy chip?"

"I took it out and checked for any other materials. We made sure there was nothing else inside you. I hate to say this but Donovan set your body up to have multiple babies. From what we saw you could have had about several more children."

"Several?! I thought one was it."

"From what we saw Ed, that alchemy chip was designed to leave your body, but not, until you had some more kids."

"So...this idiot lied about one when it was really more. I don't want to ever in my life see that crazy bastard again!"

"Honey, don't get yourself worked up."

"I'm not trying to, it's just...hearing that is insane Winry!"

"Son, I'm glad it's over and you can move on with your life and maybe you two can have a baby."

"Thank goodness...now, I don't have to worry about getting pregnant."

"Now that this chapter is closed we can take a vacation and not worry about anything." She said touching his gold hair.

"Before you two love birds take a vacation it's going to take a least a good two weeks to get back on your feet and another few weeks to get back into any heavy lifting."

"I'm not going suffer for this, am I?"

"I don't think so son. I figured that coming through the gate caused that. As long as the gate isn't involved I figured you bypassed the pain."

Ed breathed a sigh of relief. "That's great, I was worried about that."

The two doctors got up to leave. "Did you two want some breakfast?" Asked his dad.

"A little." Said Ed.

"You have to eat more then a little Ed if you want to feel better. It's not going to harm you to eat a nice breakfast." His dad said.

"Okay," Ed smiled.

As the two doctors left the room Ed kissed Winry's cheek since she was close to him. "Thank you."

"For what." She smiled at him.

"For being here with me."

"Now where would I rather be then next to my man."

"I love you Winry." He said as they locked lips.


A month had passed now and Ed was back on his feet and working under disciplinary actions that he caused. Ed had to serve three months of cleaning duties then he went back as an agent. It took a year and a half for the counseling sessions. Ed was in a lot of emotional pain after what Donovan and Gerald put him through. Now he was able to get on with his life without anymore nightmares or anger. Ed got use to Aven coming around his daughter and made sure they both kept their hands to themselves.

Sena and Havoc started seeing each other and sometimes Havoc would play with Elle when he was with Sena.

Roy still didn't like seeing his brother and wanted him to stay locked up until he was in his right mind. But, Riza encouraged him to forgive and not stay mad forever. Roy decided to write him emails every once in a while to show his love even though he wasn't ready to see him in person.

Al graduated from college and became a professor at East Central University teaching alchemy. He asked his long time girlfriend Kira to marry him and ten months later they got married.


It was now two years later with all the changes in everyone's life from Al getting married and now Elle starting middle school. Donovan was pacing in his room talking to himself. "I can't stand being in this fucking place! This is insane! They say I'm mentally unstable and would be a danger to this fucking society! Well…I got news for them I am sane! I haven't lost it!" He sat down on his bed. He clinched his fists. "This is all Roy's fault for keeping me locked up in here! I'll fix you little brother!" He laid down on his bed and reached under his mattress and took out the picture of Ed he had been hiding. He examined the picture as if it were the most precious thing. He held it close to his chest and spoke softly. "One of these days…I'll see you again."


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