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Waking up slowly, Kaoru yawned, opening his golden eyes partially before closing them again and snuggling into the warmth next to him. Sitting up sharply, he looked at Kyoya who was fast asleep, his face as peaceful as an angel.

Now how to wake him?

Grinning, he leaned forward and kissed the sleepers lips softly, only to squeak as he grabbed and pulled down into a deeper kiss.

"That's how you wake someone up in the morning." The Shadow King yawned before rolling over. "Try again later…"

Of course, Kyoya wasn't a morning person.

It was a good thing Kaoru was.

Haruhi sighed in exasperation as Hikaru continued to moan, she didn't understand exactly what was wrong, just that Kaoru had done something so bad that Hikaru was worried that he wouldn't be able to forgive him.

What could the younger brother have done? She had tried to talk to Kaoru a few times during the day, but Hikaru either pulled her away, or scared Kaoru off so that she was simply left to think of her own scenarios.

Most involved murder, and she didn't think Kaoru was capable of that, and suspected that Hikaru would probably forgive him for that anyway.

Entering the host club, she was surprised to see Kyoya and Kaoru talking quietly, the Shadow King resting a reassuring hand on the smaller boys shoulder. It seemed that Kyoya knew what was wrong, and she was still left in the dark.

The Shadow King stood up. "Everyone, Kaoru and I have an announcement to make before the host club starts."

Hikaru looked like he was pleading with his brother silently.

The young Hitachiin sighed before standing up. "I've already informed Hikaru of this matter, but I think some of you won't be too surprised. Kyoya and I are now an official couple; I hope you can all accept this." He bowed slightly before sitting again.

Exclaiming loudly, Hunny turned to Mori. "I thought they'd announce it next week!" Handing over some money to the, although you couldn't tell, victorious Mori.

The silent giant smiled. "Bets."

Nodding, Kaoru looked at Tamaki who seemed to be having a moral dilemma.

"Mother can't love the son!"

Kyoya smirked. "But father can love the daughter?"

"It's immoral! It's worse than that pair doing their brotherly love routine – at least that was an act!" Tamaki thought for a moment. "It's a bad example to be setting!"

"We'll keep the matter strictly private." The Shadow King replied coldly. "Haruhi? Do you have any objections?"

Haruhi frowned before turning to Hikaru. "Is this why you were so upset?"


"I see." She looked at the two boys. "As long as it's not being shoved in my face, I can't really object, so there's not much point in asking. Although I think it's rather convenient between you both."

Hunny scowled. "That's mean."

She shrugged. "It's true." Her gaze then turned to first, Kyoya, then Kaoru. "Wont your father abject, Kyoya? And Kaoru, I think you should have a word with your brother."

The young Hitachiin nodded and, after a glance, the pair left the room silently.

Tamaki shook his head. "Kyoya, I demand you stop this at once!"

"No." Picking up his notebook, he opened it. "We should begin our performances soon; the main profit margin is in our first hour of opening…"

Sitting on the roof, Kaoru sighed as his brother stood by the railings. "I'm sorry."

"Where did you go last night?"

"I tried Tamaki, but his grandmother was there and before I had the chance to try Mori, Tamaki had informed Kyoya and the arrangements where made."

"Did you…?"

Kaoru smiled. "Nothing more than kissing, despite all our routines, I'm rather clumsy at trying to go any further."

Sitting down, Hikaru sighed. "I shouldn't have locked you out."

"You don't need to explain, Hikaru, I know you better than you know yourself."

"And yet you seem like a stranger to me." The older brother sighed. "When did things start to fall apart?"

Smiling, Kaoru looked at the sky. "The day Haruhi first told us apart. Before that, she was just another toy, and then she won the game, and became something else."

"And then Kyoya won the game."

"That he did."

Hikaru cocked his head. "You know I don't approve."

"I know."

"I mean, why Kyoya? Mori would have been much better – he doesn't talk much but you can trust him."

Kaoru smiled. "I trust Kyoya."

After a quiet moment, the older brother sighed and ran his hands through his hair. "Then I guess I'll have to trust your judgement." He offered his hand. "Why don't we agree to disagree?"

"That sounds like a good place to start." Ignoring the hand, Kaoru hugged his brother. "One day, I hope you understand."

"I'm waiting for that day eagerly." Patting his brother, Hikaru rose to his feet. "Now, we have some customers to entertain, oh, and next time we have a theme, let's play on our identical looks, ok?"

"Sure." Linking arms, Kaoru laughed. "But don't expect Kyoya to be fooled."

"I'll catch him out."

Sipping his tea, Kyoya looked to his right where his father was seated, also sipping tea. The pair had been sipping their tea in Kyoyas living area for the past half an hour, and twice during this time his father had cleared his throat, as if to speak.

After a third try, he did. "Your sister was telling me that you have a love interest."

"That's correct." Kyoya replied calmly as he lowered his cup onto the table.

"What family?"

Kyoya smirked slightly, hiding the gesture behind his cup as he sipped his tea again. "Hitachiin."

Nodding, the father paused after a moment. "They don't have a daughter."

"Yes, they don't."

"Is this love equal?"

Placing the cup down, Kyoya smiled gently, a gesture he rarely wore in front of his father. "We both love one another, but I wish to progress this love faster than he does."

"I wouldn't have expected less from an Ohtori." The father replied. "Which one?"

"Kaoru, the younger."

"I remember his family saying he had a gentle personality, a good match for your demanding nature." Sipping his tea, he smiled. "And what about children?"

Kyoya froze. "I'm not aware that Kaoru can give birth."

"I already have two sons who will soon give me grandchildren, I hope for you to do the same." He mused quietly. "I suppose you could adopt, or have your sister surrogate for you, same genetics then…"

Thursday started with Kyoya waiting at the gate for Kaoru and, upon seeing him, caught and dragged him away where, after a few moments, he returned him to Hikaru before leaving.

Hikaru raised his eyebrows. "And that was…?"

"Good morning kiss."

"Must have gone quite far to take so long."

"It was a long good morning."

Snuggling next to Kyoya during the host club, Kaoru felt content. The moment would have been perfect if he didn't have to talk to the various customers who had arrived at the host club to see him and Kyoya.

The Shadow King was writing in his notebook, and the pen seemed to be moving more enthusiastically than necessary. They were all in their Ouran uniform now as the theme was only to run for three days. "The profit for this week is the best this term yet, I might be asking for your help for the next theme."

Kaoru paused in his gentle chat with a girl his age to look at Kyoya. "Can I see?"

"Of course, payment first though."

The young Hitachiin raised his eyebrows. "How much?"

"A kiss."

Grinning, he pecked Kyoyas cheek, had the girl he was speaking to a moment earlier faint and was looking through the notebook by the time half a dozen more girls appeared in the hopes for a repeat. "You weren't joking." Closing the book, he sighed. "Have you told your father?"



"In less than two minutes he was discussing how we would produce an heir; I believe he's going to be asking my sister to act as a surrogate when we feel like settling down."

Kaoru laughed. "Seriously?"

"What are you two laughing about?" Tamaki frowned at the pair.

The younger boy grinned wickedly. "Family planning."

Tamaki first frowned, looked confused, puzzled and then horrified. "What?!"

Next to him, Haruhi simply sighed. "They're teasing you." She watched the pair laugh, and the girls drinking it in around them. "And I still say it's all rather too convenient."

Hikaru raised his eyebrows as he approached them. "It's genuine. What would they have to do to prove it?"

"You seem to have changed your opinion abut it all pretty quickly." Haruhi commented.

He shrugged. "There's no point, when Kaoru makes a decision he won't change his mind, and his decision is Kyoya. I'm doing a silent campaign for him to pick someone else but I don't think it'll go very far." He looked back at her. "So, what do they have to do to make you believe?"

"I suppose they'd have to…I don't know, kiss."

Tamaki looked at her in disbelief. "They've already done that – at Kaorus party, and all week!"

"I meant one with feeling." Haruhi replied dryly. "And I'll know that when I see it." Looking over at the pair, she wondered if she was already seeing it, or if it was simply a very convincing act.

Sitting in Kyoyas house, Hikaru felt his eye twitch as Kyoya touched his brother's bum for the sixth time in less than two minutes. The Shadow King was 'helping' Kaoru gather some snacks and something to drink.

Finally, they both sat down, but after just seconds, Kyoya had captured and dragged Kaoru onto his lap and was nuzzling his ear.

Hikaru gave up all hope when Kaoru twisted round to lay a quick kiss on the Shadow Kings lips. Coughing, he caught their attention.

Kaoru blushed. "Sorry, got carried away there." He tried and failed to get off Kyoyas lap, so instead settled on eating a biscuit. "Anyhow, I thought you'd like to pay a visit to Kyoyas place."

Indeed, Hikaru had leapt at the chance initially, to scope out Kyoyas tastes, any information and best of all, blackmail material, but was regretting the choice at the sight of the simple décor, tidiness and complete lack of any incriminating evidence.

And of course, the pair couldn't keep their hands off each other, although it was probably due to having to behave so well at school all day.

He smiled. "It's nice, although I'd have put more colours into the rooms."

"That's what Kaorus for." Kyoya replied, smiling.

Feeling more and more uneasy, Hikaru took a deep breath, trying to concentrate on anything but the scene in front of him. "Do you have a maid to – will you stop pawing one another already!"

Guiltily breaking apart, Kaoru moved off Kyoya and sat next to him instead. "Sorry, I get distracted around him."

"You sound like a love struck girl." His brother informed him as he noted that Kyoya had ensnared Kaorus hand and was playing with the slender fingers. "Are you happy having Kaoru round, Kyoya?"

"Of course, I'd be happier if he was around more often."

Hikaru decided to not question that topic further. "Do you like this place, Kaoru? I think it's rather plain."

"It needs a bit of the Hitachiin touch, but its good – I'm here for the company, not the interior designing." Kaoru didn't appear to notice that Kyoya was now nuzzling his ear.

The older Hitachiin could feel the last of his willpower slipping away. "Is Kyoyas wardrobe as bare as this?"

"He has more clothes than we do."


Kyoya paused and frowned at the pair. "Leave my clothing alone, my sister goes on about it enough."

"I don't know how he fits it into all the drawers." Kaoru commented, grinning slyly before squeaking as he was pushed over by Kyoya and promptly mauled.

Hikaru watched the pair struggle for a moment, then Kaoru stiffened before seeming to melt and, as neither of them seemed to be coming up for air anytime soon, he sighed and getting up, gathered his things.

As he opened the door, Kaoru managed to escape Kyoya for a moment and sat up. "Oi, where are you sneaking off to?"

"I'm leaving you both to yourselves, I'll see you tomorrow." He watched as Kaoru was yanked back onto the floor and Kyoyas hand waved at him to go. "Bye!"

"Bye!" The young Hitachiin looked at the older boy for a moment. "That was a little rude."

Kyoya smirked. "He's happy enough letting you stay, we should enjoy it while we can."

"What do -" Kaorus protest was cut off by a deep kiss and, grinning, he happily kissed back. "So, am I getting the bed, the futon or will you be keeping me pinned onto this floor?"

The Shadow King just grinned. "Let's see what happens."

Renge had called a meeting on Friday to review the week's changes and, as everyone looked at the clear profits, she was grinning from ear to ear as she happily announced that the pairing was to remain.

Except Kyoya disagreed.

Hikaru was shocked and turned to Kaoru who simply smiled and winked.

The Shadow King pushed his glasses up his nose. "Despite the popularity of the 'Kaoru and Kyoya' act, I think its best to return to the original 'brotherly love' pairing, on the condition that Hikaru and Kaoru both work together to bring the act back to its former glory." He paused. "And also to resume the 'guess which one is Hikaru game', with the usual prize of a kiss for the winner."

The older Hitachiin snorted.

Renge was disappointed but simply sighed. "I hope you'll reconsider."

"I'm sure we will run it again on occasion." Kyoya assured her before turning to Kaoru. "And in private."

The younger boy simply blushed.

Watching them, Haruhi shook her head as the meeting was declared over and the host club ended for the day. She quickly walked over to Kyoya. "I still think it's convenient."

"That's just your opinion."

"But it doesn't mean it isn't genuine."

He looked at her for a moment before smiling. "I'm glad you think so, am I hoping too much for this to be an approval?"

"I don't think you could care less even if I opposed it as much as Tamaki."

"Your right, I don't care."

On the other side of the room, Hikaru and Kaoru where packing up their various belongings. Eventually. Hikaru spoke. "Why did you have it changed back to the 'brotherly love' routine?"

"Because," Kaoru smiled, "I can spend as much time as I want with Kyoya, but one day you won't have so much free time to spend with me, as you'll be spending it with another."

Hikaru raised his eyebrows. "So we continue our brotherly love routine?"

"We continue the way we should have been doing all along. And also, sad as it is, I really missed toying with the customers with you. The games, the pranks…" Kaoru looked up as Kyoya patted his shoulder. "Is it ok if…?"

The older brother waved him off and, watching the pair leave, looked over to Haruhi. "Is that enough proof?"

She simply smiled.

Kyoya eventually led Kaoru up onto the roof and, hugging the smaller boy, simply watched the sky.

"Is there a reason we're up here?" Kaoru received a kiss. "Anything else?"

"Your love?" Kyoya sighed. "I wanted to tell you that, in these walls, in Ouran, our love is convenient. We can see each other as we please, and it won't be frowned upon even if we're caught."

Kaoru frowned. "Go on…"

"But when we leave this place and go out there," he indicated the scenery around them, "our love becomes inconvenient. It will be tried, and tried, and tried, until we either break or accept that fact and continue onwards."

The young Hitachiin turned round and slowly, kissed the other boy. "Convenient, inconvenient, accepted, frowned upon, it doesn't matter, as long as we're together."

"I'm glad you said that." Kyoya replied softly. "I'm really, really happy."

"It's what I'm here for, isn't it?"

"No, you're here for the same reason I'm here." Lifting up the younger boys chin, he placed his lips on the others. "The same reason everyone is looking for. Love."

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