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Chapter 7:

Tai stared at himself in the bureau's mirror in the dressing room. He examined himself from every angle possible, and still couldn't see a good reason why the make-up artist had came in and painted the whole of his face. He looked around at Matt, who was swiveling around on a chair which really needed oiling, looking totally indifferent to all the bouquets of roses and boxes of chocolate which were stacked around the room, while Tai, on the other hand, found them really nerve-wrecking, especially since he thought that they were screaming at him to perform well, or else...

'Explain,' he said, pointing at his face.

Matt raised an eyebrow at him. 'You want me to explain why I'm a much better looking guy than you?' he asked. 'Gladly done.'

Tai scowled at him. 'Not that, you idiot,' he snapped. He started to pull a hand through his hair, but remembered that the make-up artist had told him not to touch it because she'd gone and placed styling gel all over it and didn't want it to get ruined. 'Explain why you've got to put mascara on.'

Matt shrugged. 'I'm told it brings out the color of my eyes,' he told him.

Tai stared at him for a moment, and then he sighed and slumped down on the nearest chair. He put his face between his hands. 'God, who are we kidding? A bit of make-up isn't going to take people's attention away from the lousy rock star I am,' he mumbled.

His friend nodded in agreement. 'Yeah, and that's why I didn't want to come here in the first place,' he said seriously. 'I know that once you start playing and the crowd starts booing, I'm going to go throw myself off of the nearest bridge.'

Tai looked up and narrowed his eyes at him. 'Thanks for having faith in me,' he hissed.

'Faith? Oh, for God's sake, Tai, you and I both know that unless some kind of miracle happens here, you're gonna be playing out there the same way a three-year-old might play!' he said, with a bit of an edge in his voice. He scowled and swiveled the chair around so that his back was to Tai. 'So, please...let me enjoy my last few minutes of fame and glory in peace, alright? I'm happy while the crowd still cheers.'

Tai didn't say anything; he heard the cheers of the audience outside, and it was just know that he realized how difficult the situation must be for Matt, and found that he didn't blame him for snapping out at him like that. Matt was right, anyway, once he, Tai, was out there he was going to ruin the reputation had Matt worked so hard to build. Soccer wasn't the same; if Matt hadn't played well during the game, people would probably just say that he was tired or something...but with the concert; it just wasn't possible for one to lose his singing abilities overnight. Tai knew he was going to ruin everything.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door, and it opened to reveal Sora and Mimi. Tai quickly got up to his feet. 'Hey, you guys!!' he said cheerfully. Not knowing how to handle Matt's sulky mood, he was grateful that they were finally having company. 'I was wondering when you'd be getting here!'

'We got caught up in a traffic jam,' Sora said, smiling apologetically. She sidled up to him and planted a quick kiss on his lips. 'What are you guys still doing in here? The concert's starting in a few minutes; your band wants you out to discuss a few things.'

'Oh, that...' Tai said, nervously. He glanced around and saw that Matt and Mimi were exchanging a quick kiss. He felt a tug at his shirt and he looked back at Sora, who was watching him anxiously. Tai really didn't want to face the crowds; he'd once seen a singer who screwed up and had rocks thrown at him. He gulped. 'Right, okay. Let's go. Tai?'

Matt just draped an arm around the shoulders of an overly-excited Mimi, and led the way out the dressing room. Tai took Sora's hand in his and went out after them. He grabbed Matt by the shoulder and turned him around so that he'd face him.

'What?' Matt said, irritated.

'Girls, could you go ahead, please? I'd like to have a word with Tai,' he told them. Sora and Mimi exchanged confused looks before walking away. Once they were away, Matt slapped Tai's hand away and folded his arms against his chest. Tai sighed. 'Listen, Matt, this just can't be it. Can't you think of anything that would get us safely out of this situation?'

Matt continued to scowl. 'No, I don't,' he muttered.

Tai was getting frustrated. 'You're just saying that! You think it's over already and you don't want to think of a way out!!' he shot at him. He grabbed Matt firmly by the shoulders. 'Look, if there was anything I could do, I'd do it right this moment, alright? Just tell me what you want me to do and I'll do it. Think!!'

'Mate, there's isn't any damn thing that could...' Matt started, and then he froze. He was looking at Tai in an odd sort of way, and Tai was starting to feel a bit worried. Matt finally smiled. 'You know, buddy? There just might be something that could get us out of this.'


'Matt, are you sure this is going to work?'

Matt felt the cords on the spare guitar he always took around with him, and nodded, as if reaching to a decision. He looked around at Tai, who was holding up a guitar, himself. He grinned cheerfully at him. 'Of course it's going to work!' he assured him. 'The plan's absolutely perfect! I can't believe I didn't think of this before!'

'But...' Tai murmured, looking down uncertainly at the guitar. '...what if I accidentally pluck a cord or something?'

Matt sighed in exasperation. 'Why do you always look on the bright side, eh?' he said irritably. Tai still looked uncertain. 'Listen, all you have to do is get your ass out on the stage and pretend that you're the King of Rock or something like that! You don't have to do anything! I'll play here from the backstage using this guitar and everyone will think that you're the one who's playing the damn thing! Problem solved!'

'But, Matt...' Tai said uncertainly. 'That's not the only problem.'

Matt frowned at him. 'What are you talking about? Of course it is!' he insisted. He grabbed Tai by the wrist and dragged him towards the power supply. 'Look, I'm just going to unplug your guitar...done, and then plug mine instead and we're...'

The spark of electricity from the power supply didn't allow Matt to complete his sentence. His hand still on the plug he had just put in, he caught the electric charge, and Tai, his wrist gripped firmly by Matt, caught it, too. For the second time in the past few days, the two were being electrocuted out of their skin. There was a power shortage, and the whole club was plunged into pitch darkness.

When the power came back a few seconds later, Matt and Tai were lying on the back stage's floor, while outside the stage, people were in a state of disarray. Their clothes were battered and they were smoking, and both their hairs were standing on their end. Yet, they were still alive.

Feeling rather rigid from the electric shock he had just received, Matt started to push himself of the floor...and that's when he noticed it; his vision was blurry, but that didn't stop him from seeing it. Matt stared down at his hands...at his fair-skinned hands, and felt his jaw drop a bit. He looked around at Tai, who was still unconscious on the floor, and saw that he was back in his own body...with the brown hair and tanned skin and everything. Matt simply couldn't believe his own eyes. He scrambled towards Tai and started shaking him by the shoulders.

'Tai! Tai! Wake up!' he said urgently.

Tai's eyes fluttered open and he squinted at Matt. 'Whoa...where am I?' he said hoarsely. 'Matt, tell me, mate, are we in heaven?'

Matt burst out laughing. 'No, you idiot! We got shocked, remember?' he said happily. To any other person, that wouldn't have been such a happy thing...but that other person hadn't been out of his body for the last few days. 'Look at us!! We're back in our own bodies!!'

That seemed to grab Tai's attention. He straightened up immediately. He stared at Matt for a moment, rubbed his eyes and stared at him again, then he felt his own face and he grinned. 'No way!! I can't believe it! I just can't believe that this is happening!' he exclaimed. He pointed an accusing finger at his friend. 'See, I told you we should get ourselves shocked again.'

Matt rolled his eyes. 'Yeah, right. Like you would've gone and done that willingly,' he replied, and Tai grinned sheepishly. Matt laughed again and thumped his friend on the back. 'But we're back to normal again!! No more pretending! You're Tai, and I'm Matt now; we're not Matt in Tai's body and Tai in Matt's body anymore!'

'Matt, no matter how you try to explain it, it's just gonna mean one thing; we're back in our own bodies!' he told him, and they both burst out laughing. 'Look at it this way; you asked for a miracle, and you got it.'

'You're right,' he agreed. 'Oh, thank you, God! Thank you! I have to...I have to call Mum! And Dad! And Teek...I've got to check up on Teek!!' He paused for a moment, looking down uncertainly at his body. 'Heck, I gotta go see if you've done something to my body! Say, pierced my navel or tattooed something hideous on my butt!'

Tai flushed a deep shade of crimson. 'Shut up! I wouldn't do that!' he fumed. Then, he chuckled. 'By the way, is it too late to tell you that I haven't even memorized the lyrics for tonight's gig? That's why I hadn't been so keen on your idea, anyway.'

Matt's expression was totally unreadable, and for a moment, Tai was actually thinking that Matt might grab him around and throat and strangle him, but then he smiled. 'Don't sweat it, pal,' he assured him. 'You probably wouldn't have sounded good, anyway.'

Tai scowled; that wasn't exactly a compliment.


Matt and Tai looked around and saw Sora, looking a bit ashen-faced and battered. Matt's heart leaped with joy; he could finally hold Sora in his arms again. He scrambled up to his feet and, trying to get his hair to fall flat again, he hurried towards her. 'Sora, sweetheart, I've missed you so much,' he said softly, sweeping her into his arms.

'W-what?' she said, confused.

Matt smiled at her and gave her nose an affectionate tweak. 'Never you mind,' he told her. He stroked her cheek and started to lean down towards her. 'Now...how about you give me a little good luck kiss before the concert?'

To his immense surprise, Sora pushed him away. 'No!' she cried out, and Matt stared at her. Sora realized what she had said and hastily pulled him back to her. She nervously fingered the button on his shirt. 'I meant...why make it little when it can be big, huh, darling?'

Matt's eyes twinkled. 'You just read my mind,' he whispered, and leaned down to kiss her. 'I knew I loved you for a good reason.'


Sora stared in horror as Mimi and Matt kissed. That bitch!!! Barely a couple of minutes in my body and she's already snogging my boyfriend!! How dare she?

Her fists clenched. When the power shortage had happened, she and Mimi had been back in the dressing room, blow-drying each other's her, and that's when they both got into the electricity current. When they came back to it, they had found that their bodies had, somehow, been switched, and no matter how much they slapped and pinched each other, they couldn't wake themselves up from what they hoped would be an awful dream.

But, of course, it wasn't; they had really switched bodies, and no matter what they did, they couldn't seem to undo it. Sora's head was still aching were Mimi had bumped into her when they had tried getting back into their bodies by crashing into each other.

Sora was just about to go and pull Mimi away from Matt when she felt some one touch her shoulder. She whirled around, and saw Tai, smiling shyly at her. She scowled; she really wasn't in the mood for Tai now. 'Oh, for the love of...!' she started, but then remembered that she was supposed to be Mimi now...Tai's girlfriend. Which really sucked, because Tai was her best friend. 'I mean...Tai! Sweetheart!'

Tai blushed. 'Erm...did I tell you how beautiful you look tonight?' he said softly, and before she could react, he had quickly leaned forward and kissed her.



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