Angel looked at Cordy and Wes in the front seat of the car. "If I'm not back in five minutes; leave without me."

"Leave to where?" Cordy asked him desperately.

"Anywhere. Somewhere safe." He smiled looking at Darla; she had never looked lovelier than now when she was going to have his son. Pushing those thoughts aside he jumped onto the fire escape and headed towards the Hyperion and the scrolls.

Wes looked at Darla in the back seat of the car. "Her water's broken. This is for real. There should be a blanket in the trunk."

"What are we going to do? Deliver the kid right here? Shouldn't we go somewhere?" Cordy asked Wes as she grabbed the blanket and threw it at him.

Wes gently covered Darla with the blanket than looked straight at Cordy. "We're going to Sunnydale."

"Dawn will you stop bogarting the popcorn," Buffy exclaimed as she snatch the bowl of popcorn away from her sister.

"Just wait until I have superpowers or I at least don't have a cast on my arm," Dawn grumbled as she changed positions on the couch. She was actually happy to have a quiet night alone with her sister after all the craziness with Willow's magic binge that had fractured her arm. Buffy had been working at the Double Meat a lot lately and she was milking her one night with her sister for all it was worth. Suddenly the doorbell rang.

"Buffy could you get the door?" Dawn batted her eyelashes at her sister, "my arm hurts."

As soon as Buffy had reluctantly left the couch and the bowl of popcorn, Dawn reclaimed her prize and was stuffing her face when she heard Buffy scream from the doorway.

"What's wrong?" Dawn came running into the front hallway with a baseball bat that had been whittled into a stake and saw. "Cordy" she smiled and hugged the brunette who had given her her first makeup kit.

"Hey Dawnie," Cordy smiled at the teenager than was almost as tall as her now. "Still giving big sis a hard time? You know it takes blondes longer to process information."

"At least I don't cut all my hair off," Buffy quipped. "Hey Wes, so what's new with Angel Investigations?" She smiled warily letting the British man in.

"Me," came the answer from the shadows, as Darla appeared, pregnant and ready to deliver.

Buffy quickly grabbed the bat from Dawn. "Give me one good reason I shouldn't stake the vamp tramp that tried to kill me six years ago?" She shook her head. "Wait, aren't you supposed to be dead and how did a vampire get pregnant?

"See," Cordy told Dawn. "Longer to process information."

"She was resurrected by the law firm Wolfram and Hart over a year ago. As for the pregnancy, Wesley and I are just as stumped as everybody else. Hi I'm Fred," a friendly brunette Texas girl with glasses smiled at her. "You must be Buffy, everybody's told me so much about ya. Charles will be here in a minute he's just trying to make the backseat of Angel's car usable again after Darla's water broke all over it. The kitchen's through there right? I hope you don't mind, but we're going to need some boiling water if this baby is going to be delivered naturally." Fred walked through the living room into the kitchen where she started boiling water from the teakettle already on the stove.

"Fred usually doesn't stop talking," Wes smiled. "So where are the rest of the Scoobies? Not to state the obvious, but this situation requires immediate attention."

"Oh yes, please get more human do-gooders to watch me give birth." Darla sneered sarcastically as she proceeded into the house Joyce Summers had invited her into six years before. "That will beā€¦Spike."

Buffy turned around to see Spike entering the living room from the kitchen. "There's a new bird in the kitchen. Bloody Hell! Darla's back and pregnant."

"Midway through contractions actually," Fred smiled coming back into the room with the kettle of water. "Darla, if you could come lay on the couch. I'll check to see how far you've dilated."

"Wait," Buffy exclaimed.

"It's okay," Fred assured her. "I'm not a trained nurse or a registered midwife, but since she showed up at the Hyperion I've been doing some research on natural birth since she can't go to a hospital, except for that ultrasound, but we were attacked by a bunch of vampires. I should still be able to measure her dilation and catch the baby when he comes."

"I live in this house and I have to walk by that couch everyday. No way am I going to let it get ruined by Darla's childbirth." Buffy vented to get some control back in her own house.

"As opposed to your mother dying on it last year?" Darla glared at the blonde cheerleader.

The room froze staring at Darla for her unfeeling outburst. Both Buffy and Dawn looked about ready to cry. "That was different," Buffy finally got out. "Everything got so crazy with Glory and by the time I came back from the dead with the money problems it just. You know what I don't have to defend myself. I don't want Darla delivering on my couch period."

"I'll take her up to the witches room," Spike offered picking Darla up off her feet. "We can change the sheets before they ever come back from England ya."

"I guess," Buffy sighed defeated.

"Great," Spike nodded and looked at Fred. "Follow me." And with that Spike carried Darla up the stairs and Fred followed with her kettle of water.

"Willow's in England?" Wes asked as they left.

"Yeah, she was addicted to magic so Giles took her to a coven in Westbury for rehab. Her ex-girlfriend Tara went with her to help. I think she felt guilty about Willow getting so bad without her and hurting Dawn." Buffy explained. "Xander and Anya decided to elope and go on their honeymoon. So, this is the entire Scooby Gang."

"I need to get more water," Fred got up from the bed where she had been wiping Darla's forehead with a washcloth. "Will you two be okay for a few minutes?"

"I'll watch her," Spike assured her as she left.

"So you and Peaches decided to have a kid. Personally I thought the smartest thing you ever did was dump the bastard." Spike came over to her and held her hand.

"And I thought you were through sleeping with Angelus' leftovers." Darla winced as another contraction came. "What is it with you two and that stupid cheerleader?"

"How is she?" Buffy asked as she came into the room.

"I was just telling Spike that he could do better than you." Darla groaned in pain.

"At least I don't get knocked up," Buffy gloated.

"Ow," Darla screamed. "The pain."

"Come on pet, this isn't pain. Loving Buffy now that's pain." Spike coached her.

"Standing right here, standing right exactly here." Buffy glared at him.

"Sorry Luv, but we have to coach her through this, the baby's coming any minute now." Spike pointed out.

"Fine, but you are getting punished for that pain comment." Buffy sighed.

"Promises, Promises, Slayer," Spike smirked at her as Fred walked back in with Wesley.