A/N Shadowfax is also writing a version of 'Pregnant Darla comes to Sunnydale' and when she done with it I'll post it on the site next to this one, but for now enjoy my 'We Should Have Met" Drabble.


"You okay Luv?" Spike asked concerned as he wrapped a blanket around him and Buffy.

"Yeah, I'm just really tired." She yawned and snuggled deeper into his chest.

"I'd imagine so with the week we've had." He chuckled pleased with the closeness.

"Ug, I just want to forget all of it. Giles and Tara swear that Darla and Connor will be safe in witch-ness protection and souls will remain intact all the way around. Angel can visit them anytime he likes, Cordy is back in LA and out of my bathroom, and best of all since I sent Dawn over to her friend Janice's house for the entire weekend and we have this house all to ourselves a fact I will take advantage of after I sleep for the next several hours."

"Night Slayer," Spike smiled and kissed her forehead as she drifted off to sleep. Life with the Slayer was never dull, but sometimes like right now they did have their advantages.