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Summary: Bad boy Uchiha Sasuke gets engaged to Uzumaki Naruto…the sweet and innocent son of the Hokage who doesn't want this. But the blond's caught Sasuke's eye and Uchiha's always get what they want… SasuNaru, Yaoi, AU.

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Chapter 1:

The man grinned as he handed the scroll over to raven haired boy. The boy looked it over before handing the shark man the money. It was a forbidden jutsu and Sasuke liked forbidden jutsus.

"Thanks…not a word of this to my brother ok?" the raven smirked as the man nodded. Then he leaped away, without a definite destination in mind. His cell phone began to buzz….it was Itachi.


"Sasuke? Listen, you need to keep tomorrow evening free at all costs. You and I have been invited to dinner…at the Hokage's house. He has a son of about your age." Itachi informed him.

Sasuke groaned. "Why do I have to go? It has nothing to do with me, Aniki!"

"He's invited the family…which means you. You will come…this is really important Sasuke!" Itachi's voice held a faint note of pleading…something that the older Uchiha would never show unless, it really was important.

Sasuke sighed. "Alright. I'll be home by midnight…don't wait up for me." He hung up before Itachi could ask any more questions. Then he focused on where he wanted to go. Sasuke normally spent time wandering aimless around the streets of Konoha, usually with his faithful gang. They picked fights, got drunk, smoked, sometimes they shop-lifted just for the thrill of the whole thing…or found some girl to spend the night with. Well the last one was for the rest of the gang; Sasuke somehow couldn't find the right girl to spend any night with.

But today he wasn't in the mood for any of those things. He opted for wandering around aimlessly…alone. Company wasn't needed today. He leaped from roof to roof, wondering if he could check out a music store to see if any of his favorite bands had brought out anything new.

He stopped at an intersection, watching the civilians purposefully doing something or the other when someone suddenly caught his eye. It was a blond kid, about his age running across the road, without watching out for stray carts and or people. He was wearing an orange t-shirt which declared "Ramen is the king of food" and blue jeans. He looked pretty grubby, with strange whisker markings on his cheek…some unknown street kid. Suddenly a bandana man streaked past, apparently chasing the blond.

As he didn't have anything to do, the mighty Uchiha decided to follow them to see where this was going. He ran at a slow pace, watching the bandana man yell.


'Naruto? Seems like a weird name…' thought Sasuke as he saw the blond's head bobbing in the crowd. At last the bandana guy caught up with the blond, gripping his arm. Sasuke inched closer to listen to them, so he could witness he whole scene clearly.

The guy was yelling, obviously giving the kid a lecture. "Naruto! How many times have I told you not to give me the slip? I am supposed to be tutoring you; you will never become anything in this world unless you learn! Stupid brat!"

"Kuso! Can't you give me a moment's peace, closet pervert!" the blond yelled, pouting angrily.

"Don't call me that! I am your teacher! You can't get away from me that easily!" the closet pervert yelled. Naruto huffed.

"You can't teach me anything!" then he grinned and made a few seals. There was a poof and a naked woman appeared making sexy noises. The man stared for a few minutes, before undergoing a massive nosebleed. The blond used the few minutes he got to look around frantically.

Blue eyes met and black. Sasuke felt his heart race, just a little bit, when suddenly he felt a weight on his back and two arms wrapping around his shoulders. In shock he turned to find himself looking into those blue pools.

"Hey, mister…can we run away please? Please give me a lift; I'm too tired, sorry for jumping on you like this. Don't let that closet pervert catch me!" the blond's voice was soft and a little husky. Sasuke was torn in two, as one part of him wanted to take the blond anywhere he wanted, but the other was yelling for him to throw the idiot off his back and leave him to his fate. But then the puppy dog look turned up a notch.

And then the blond said something. "Um…mister, aren't you supposed to be looking in front of you? To see where you're going?"

It was then that Sasuke realized, that he had all ready started running away… and would have a few accidents if he didn't concentrate. He wondered why he had started running even before he had decided to…

"So where do you want to go, dobe?"

The blond's jaw dropped and then he glared. "I am not a dobe, teme! Do you know Ramen Lane?"

"Yeah I do. We'll be there in five."

He felt the blond nod and wondered what the hell he was doing. Then he couldn't help his curiosity. "Who are you running from, dobe?"

"The closet pervert." Said the blond, like that explained everything. "Haven't you been watching, teme? Anyway I want to go eat ramen…"

"Which is why we're heading to Ramen Lane…?" Sasuke rolled his eyes.

"Gosh! You're really perceptive!" Naruto grinned. "Just for that amazing intelligence you posses, I'm going to let you buy me ramen!"

Sasuke stopped in front of a restaurant called Ichiraku's and turned to glare at the dobe. "I am not buying you anything!"

The blond's face fell. "Why not?"

Sasuke was nonplussed. Why not? Because he'd just given he idiot a ride on his back and he was not a nice guy! So he said so and the blond looked at him sadly.

Fifteen minutes later Sasuke was watching the blond eat three bowls of ramen…which he was paying for. He sighed…maybe he should have called his gang and gone out with them. Naruto had been very grateful and Sasuke had had to hold back a blush.

They were walking out of Ichiraku's when Sasuke felt a hand on his shoulder and was roughly turned around. He found himself glaring into a pair of angry black eyes. It was Kabuto, leader of the rival gang Sound.

"If it isn't Uchiha…what brings you to this part of town?" Kabuto sneered.

Sasuke smirked at the older boy. "This is no man's land, Kabuto. Why don't we pick a fight elsewhere?"

The white haired boy smirked. "Are you afraid? I could beat your ass, any day! How about right here?"

Sasuke glanced at the blond who was looking confused. And then he opened his mouth. "Ano sa, ano sa….mister, what's going on?"

Kabuto looked the blond over. "And who might this be? Haven't seen him around…doesn't look like a fighter…"

"Of course I can fight! I'll kick you back to…well wherever you're from!" The blond voiced, blue eyes filled with anger.

Sasuke sighed; he wanted Naruto to stay out of this. After all they had just met and it wasn't like he was ever going to see him again. He suddenly punched Kabuto in the gut. Before the boy could react, he bought a hand up smashing his nose. He wasn't in the mood to use fancy ninjutsu.

Kabuto yelled in pain, dropping to the ground, while Sasuke studied him. "Next time, don't forget to bring those neanderthals who follow you around Kabuto… maybe you'll stand a chance then?"

They walked to the parking lot. Suddenly there was a maniacal laugh and someone caught hold of Naruto. "Naruto! There you are! This time I won't let you get away!"

It was the bandana dude, but this time there was another man with him. The other man was a brunette who was glaring at Naruto. "Naruto…you should have stayed with Ebisu-sensei! You are coming home with us right now…." Sasuke recognized the brunette as Iruka-sensei, a teacher at the ninja academy. He'd never studied at he academy…he'd just seen he man from a distance. He decided to leave, before they turned on him for spiriting Naruto away!

"Oi, Sasuke-sama…are we doing anything today?" a member of his gang, Kidoumaru's voice came through the speaker phone.

"No, I have to go out with my brother in about five minutes. You guys have a holiday for the next week. Don't bother me!" Sasuke hung up and pulled on a storm gray colored Gi and a black Hakama. He felt tired. He hadn't been able to stop thinking about the funny blond kid he'd met yesterday. It wasn't with his warm feeling or anything, just thoughts.

He guessed it was because he had drunk that huge mug of coffee, before going to bed. He checked his hair and mussed it up the way he liked, before giving himself a once over. Not bad…he looked really good.

There was a knock on his door and he turned to see Itachi at the doorway. The older man looked nervous…it made Sasuke uneasy. The last time Itachi had been this nervous around him was when he had told Sasuke that they were moving to Konoha. It had been a big bombshell.

Then his brother relaxed and smirked at Sasuke. "Don't spend too much time in front of the mirror. We're leaving in five."

It was ten minutes before they left. There were lots of people out today, who kept getting in their way. Normally Itachi would have been cursing his head off and just about managing not to murder people, but he was silent. It unnerved Sasuke. Sasuke realized that they seemed to be nearing Spiral lane. The place where the richest people of Konoha lived. Itachi had enough money to get a place here, but he seemed to like living in the Uchiha compound where the rest of their clan had lived. They were all gone now, but that was another story. The Uchiha's of today were comprised of Sasuke, Itachi and Sai their cousin.

Itachi swatted his little brother on the head, alerting Sasuke to the fact that they had reached. They were at a huge mansion. It was old and the roof was painted in blue. The lands behind it seemed to be a bit larger than those in the Uchiha compound. The moment they entered another shinobi with a bandage on his nose, asked for their cloaks. Another shinobi, who called himself Izumo, informed them that Hokage-sama would be right with them.

They were ushered to a beautiful Japanese style sitting room, which had a bit more color than most Japanese houses. The wall was a cream color, the futon's were in pretty red silk covers and the cushions were pale yellow cotton. The blinds at the windows were red with the Hokage symbol done in yellow. In the middle of the room was a small teak wood table and on the floor were tatami mats.

Izumo brought some green tea, offering it to Itachi and Sasuke. Just as he left, a tall blond man entered. He was the Hokage. Sasuke and Itachi had moved to Konoha about two years back. They had been living with their parents in Water country ever since Sasuke was five years old. They had been on an undercover mission, so Sasuke and Itachi had been trained there, leaning the Uchiha family jutsu's from their parents. Though that training had been done in secret and Sasuke hadn't been allowed to use the sharingan he had acquired until he had set foot in Konoha. He had met the Yondaime a few times, but it was usually Sandaime who gave out the missions.

The blond man smiled. "Nice to see you again Itachi, Sasuke." He looked at Itachi "I haven't seen your brother around so much…been to busy, you must forgive me Sasuke."

"There's nothing to forgive Hokage-sama. I have been busy as well, Sandaime has been sending me on a lot of missions lately." Sasuke really appreciated the fact that he and Itachi had been given jounin status, when they had returned. He liked Konoha…things were different from how they were in Suna, but he could adjust. It was nice to be able to form another gang here, to spend time with when he didn't have missions. This over the past few weeks had been rarely.

Yondaime frowned. "You can call me Arashi. We are at home and you are my guests after all." His attention went to the door. "Where is the boy? Kotetsu, please bring him here soon."

As the shinobi left, Yondaime sighed. "My son has just returned to Konoha a few days back. He was with his grandparents...touring the world." He turned grave. "This is why I contacted you Itachi…if your parents were still here, it would have been done with more ceremony, forgive me."

Itachi nodded. "I don't stand too much on ceremony either. Have you informed your son?"

"Yes. What about you? Have you told Sasuke?"

Itachi swallowed. "No."

Sasuke looked at his brother worriedly. "What haven't you told me, Itachi?" the way his brother was acting was really weird. At that moment Kotetsu entered.

"Hokage-sama, he refuses to come down. We have tried everything!" the man looked defeated.

Arashi frowned. "Itachi, you'd better explain to Sasuke. I'll have to go get him myself."

After he left, Itachi turned to Sasuke. "You know that I'm heir to the Uchiha family, right? Well, the clan wanted an alliance with the Uzumaki family. This they thought could only be done by marriage. Since I'm the heir…I couldn't get married to the Uzumaki family." Sasuke was beginning to see where this was going. "Then eighteen years ago, something happened and it as found that Arashi-sama's son could reproduce. So they decided that the Second son of the Uchiha line would marry into the Uzumaki family, taking their name. This way here would be an alliance and both clans could continue…"

Sasuke was staring at his brother wide-eyed. "Itachi…you aren't saying that…"

"That is why we are here…because you need to get engaged. And we have to go through the actual deal that was made." He looked at Sasuke's face. "And no, you cannot get out of his…we will discuss it at home, if the terms seem bad."

They both heard a yell and a few thuds. Finally Arashi appeared in the door, with someone hidden behind him. The Yondaime smiled. "Yes, so I take it you have informed Sasuke. Gentlemen, may I present my son Naruto?"

Sasuke's head shot up and he found himself looking into depths of blue. Both of them stared for a minute, before "YOU!"

The older men stared at the two, and then Arashi ventured a guess. "Um…do you two know each other?"

"He's the guy who helped me run away from the closet pervert yesterday! I'm supposed to be marrying him?" Naruto burst out, staring at his father in shock.

Sasuke on the other hand was strangely quiet, appreciating the way the blond looking, with a predatory look. The red Gi and mustard Hakama strangely it the boy, enhancing his high cheek bones with the cue whisker markings. The bit of the smooth tanned chest, peeking out made the Uchiha smirk in a devious way.

"AAAAAAAAHHHH! Stop staring you pervert! What do you think you're doing? I haven't even known you that long!" Naruto yelled.

Sasuke was still quiet, his smirk having gained a slight superiority to it. Itachi looked at him curiously, but said nothing. The Yondaime couldn't help but smile.

"Now, Naruto, sit down. Kakashi should be here any minute. Your parent's left that scroll with him. My parents should be here soon, too." Arashi poured more tea for his guests. An awkward silence had descended over the room.

Itachi broke it by asking the Yondaime about his body flicker technique. They started talking about it and the tension eased some what. Sasuke added his opinions in a low polite voice, ceaselessly watching the blond, who was trying hard to ignore him.

Izumo ushered two more people in. one was a big broad shouldered man with long white hair and a blonde with big breasts. Naruto brightened up. "Jii-chan! Baa-chan! I'm so glad you're here! Otou-san wants to marry me off to this guy!"

Tsunade nodded, pretending not to see the Uchiha's shock that a twenty something woman was Naruto's gran. She smiled. "I can't believe it's finally happening. I've waited so long for you to meet the Uchiha and get married!"

Naruto nodded too and then stopped, looking shocked. "EH? But…but I thought you were going to save me! I don't want to get married to that asshole."

Jiraiya laughed heartily. "I don't see why you're angry. He seems like a real nice piece of ass! If I were into guys I would steal him away from you!" He stopped laughing when Tsunade punched him. He flew across the room instead.

"You pervert! Don't say such things to our Naruto! And poor Sasuke-san!" Tsunade yelled, trying for another punch when Arashi caught her hand.

"Mother, don't kill him all right! Dad, do not corrupt my son!" Arashi sat them both down and shook his head.

Naruto's eyes lit up. "What if I don't like guys? You can't force me into marriage with one then!"

Jiraiya laughed once more. "Um…Naruto…are you trying to tell me that kid you had a crush on…what was his name now…oh yes, Taki was a girl? He seemed pretty well endowed when we saw him at those hot springs."

Naruto turned crimson. "Oh…yeah…I forgot." He scratched his head. Kakashi entered holding a scroll.


Everyone turned, except the Uchiha's and yelled. "YOU'RE LATE!"

Kakashi smiled. "It seems to be pretty lively here. Hey Itachi and Sasuke! Ok, now that I am comfortable, let us go through the document. It says here that the deal was made in blood, a blood seal will be difficult to break….it will only curse your families since, neither one of the couple is dead yet. It reads that Sasuke Uchiha the next in line o head the clan will marry into the Uzumaki family. He is betrothed to Uzumaki Naruto, and will take on the Uzumaki name. But Naruto will be the one bearing the children…which is possible due to certain reasons. That's it."

Naruto's eyes widened. "I have to be uke? Why should I be uke?"

Sasuke then opened his mouth, smirking away to glory. "I can't have kids, dobe…so you will have to be uke ne?"

"I do not want this marriage. I hate you!" Naruto declared.

Arashi looked at the raven haired boy for a moment. "Sasuke…what do you wish to do?"

Sasuke's eyes glinted for a moment, before he bowed his head. "I wish to be obedient and marry your son, Arashi-sama. I want to keep this deal, that was made, which will honor both our families. I wish to marry Uzumaki Naruto."

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