Title: The Visitor…

Summary: Jack is stuck babysitting a very unusual alien girl. As they seek for answers who she is and where she came from, SG-1 finds themselves drawing closer to her. But when secrets from her past surface, things could change dramatically. S/J!

Setting: Late season seven

Pairings: Sam/Jack

Rating: T for safety (PG-13)

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the 'real' characters in this story, nor do I own any rights whatsoever to the TV show 'Stargate SG-1.' That show and all related indicia are copyright MGM/UA and Showtime Inc. I am receiving no profit whatsoever from the creation and posting of this story. Thank you.

A/N: Hello everyone! I know it's been a long time since I posted a story. I've been working on my sequel to He'll be the death of us all, and it's almost complete. Anyways, I wasn't sure I would post this story… but I guess it's worth a shot. Enjoy!

Ch 1: The unexpected visitors…

Jack O'Neill reached tiredly into his fridge and pulled out a beer. He twisted off the cap and tossed it into the trashcan, doing an impromptu victory dance when it made it. After kicking aside several objects in his way, he proceeded outside. Once there, he made his way up the ladder to his balcony roof. Setting the beer next to a plate of cold pizza, he settled into his favorite chair. With a few bites, he finished the pizza off and began gazing into his telescope.

A couple minutes later, he leaned back with a sigh. Looking at the stars wasn't quite the same once you had actually been on one. He took another sip of beer and relaxed in his chair.

Suddenly the small balcony was filled with a bright, white light. Jack unconsciously scooted back in his chair, causing it to tip over; his beer bottle flew out of his hand and shattered on the ground. He grumbled and rubbed his shoulder; maybe he was getting to old for this. He quickly stumbled onto his feet.

"Thor!" a little surprised to see the Asgard standing on his roof. If Thor wanted him, he would normally beam him aboard, not the other way around. The Colonel looked around the neighborhood carefully, making sure no one had seen what had just happened. "Thor, in the house?"

Thor blinked slowly. "Very well." A moment later, the white light engulfed them and they found themselves in Jack's disaster of a kitchen. "O'Neill, it is good to see you again."

Jack smiled and nodded; he had missed his little gray friend. "Yeah. What's wrong, buddy?"

Thor blinked again. "O'Neill, I have… I-"

"Thor," Jack interrupted, his small smile growing wider by the second. "Are… are you stammering? No! You can't be!"

"O'Neill!" Thor interrupted, sounding slightly annoyed, "A child has managed to come aboard my shop when I was not onboard."

"… What?" He wasn't expecting that. Jack wanted to laugh, but he guessed that wouldn't help his small friend's mood. "How?"

Thor stood silent for a moment. "I am still unsure," he replied. "I was not onboard for many days as I was assisting-"

"Thor!" Jack snapped, holding his hands up for him to stop. "Get on with it." He wondered what this had to do with him. After all, he knew for certain it wasn't his child that was on Thor's ship…

"I am sorry. I returned to my ship some time later, not aware that a child was present. I departed and a day later I found her."

Jack stood there, waiting somewhat impatiently for him to explain who 'she' was, but he didn't. "And… what happened next?"

Thor continued. "I found her as I was beaming up my sustenance. She had been eating it." He paused before continuing. "I immediately began to interrogate her, but I did not receive any answers, nor did she tell me anything about herself. I am still unsure why and how she came aboard."

Jack stared at him, tempted to ask if the kid liked his food- he had never tasted it, but Carter didn't seem to care for it very much. "And… what has this all got to do with me? I can safely say she isn't my kid, seeing as how I don't actually HAVE a kid."

"I am aware of that O'Neill. That is not why I came to you." He blinked. "I do not know how to handle a young human child, and I was wondering… perhaps you would-"

Jack knew instantly where this conversation was going. "No, no, no! Thor! I have better things to do with my free time then to baby-sit! I save the world! Why can't you ever pick someone else? Like, Daniel or Carter to help you?" He looked around, hoping Thor had inadvertently beamed his beer down along with him. Oh, right. It broke. Damn.

Thor tilted his head; he seemed to be giving Jack's words some thought. "I am unsure," he answered honestly.

Jack sighed and rubbed the back of his head. What on Earth would he do with a kid? He hadn't had much experience since Charlie died, and, quite frankly, he wasn't sure he wanted to. "What do you want me to do with her?"

"I do not know- whatever it is that you do with a human child, I suppose. I should be leaving for my next mission by now. But I can not, of course, not take her with me." Thor said. "I thought perhaps she might stay with you. And maybe you could find out where she lives. And when I return, I can return her home."

What about the planet she came from? What about her parents? They would be worried. The little guy had to take all of that into account. "Baby-sit her?" Jack asked. "Are you nuts? I have work! I can't watch a kid! And what about her parents? What about the planet she came from? She's got to know someone on there!"

"O'Neill, I have thought of those questions. There is no other life sign on that planet. There was none when I arrived either. She must have come through the Stargate. Please, O'Neill," Thor said, "She is not difficult. She is not like most human children I have encountered. She is… different."

"Since when have you been an expert on human children?" Jack asked as he raised his eyebrows in such a way that even Teal'c would be proud. A moment later, he realized that the Asgard had been observing the Tau'ri for some time. As in before he was born.

"O'Neill, I cannot take her with me. It is too dangerous for a young child. And I do not wish to abandon her on a planet because you are unwilling to take care of her."

Jack frowned at Thor's words. "Where is she now?"

Thor already seemed relieved. "She is still onboard my ship. I do not believe she has any intention of leaving it."

Jack popped his neck. "Okay… um… well, you could beam her on down here, and maybe I can get something out of her." His words surprised him. Did he really say to beam her down?

Thor looked pleased. "Thank you, O'Neill." The Asgard was gone a moment later.

Jack thought back to his shattered beer; with a sigh he reached into the fridge for another one. A moment later, the bright light was back. However, this time instead of Thor, a young girl appeared. She looked to be around eight or nine. Her arms were crossed over her chest, and she stood there looking rather surprised and clueless.

Jack quickly took a sip of beer before putting the bottle down. "Hey…" was all he said. How else would you begin a conversation with an alien child?

The girl ignored Jack's welcome. She just stood there, staring coldly into Jack's eyes as if he was a criminal. She didn't look at her new surroundings, which surprised Jack.

"So," he began, trying to force some welcome into his voice as he walked towards her, studying her as he talked. She had long brown curly hair that came to her waist; her eyes were a greened hazel then most. She wore a hideous old, brown ripped dress that looked like it had gone through many generations. She also appeared not to have any shoes. She was thin, very thin- too thin, in his opinion. "Thor ol' buddy says you've been hanging out with him lately. Got a name?"

The way the girl looked at him gave him the creeps. She hadn't blinked the whole conversation; she was tense. Very tense.

Jack hesitated before continuing, "Let me repeat myself… do you have a name?" He waited for a reply of any kind, and received none. If she was listening to him, she did an excellent job of not reacting to his words. Maybe she just didn't understand him.

With a silent sigh, he decided to change the subject, so he said the first thing that popped into his head. "So, are you hungry?" he waited. "I know Thor's food isn't the best, just ask Carter, she'll tell you…"

Finally, the small girl broke eye contact with him. She looked down and focused on his shoes, as if wondering what they were.

Jack smiled proudly. He lifted up on of his feet and pointed it out to her. "Like 'em?" he asked, "They cost me a fair penny." She looked back up at him cautiously and blinked for the first time. "How old are you?" he placed his hands on his hips; afraid he wasn't going to get anywhere anytime soon.

The girl held her gaze for a moment, before she slowly began to look over the room. She stared at every item suspiciously, as if it would jump out and hurt her.

Jack began to wave his hands in front of her face wildly, trying to get her attention. "Hello?" A minute later he stopped. "My name's Jack. What's yours?" he asked, gesturing to her.

The girl took a small step towards the living room, peeking around the room before pausing. She glanced back around the kitchen, before she walked contentedly over to the table and sat down on a chair, folding her hands into her lap as she did so.

"Okay..." He picked up his beer and followed her over to the table. Pulling a chair out for himself, he slid it next to her before sitting down. He placed his beer on the table, knowing he would, no doubt, need it soon. "So, what were you doing on Thor's ship?"

The girl didn't bother to look up at him; instead, she concentrated on her folded hands and licked her dry lips nervously.

Jack sighed once more and scratched his head. He was getting too old for this. "So, you feel like keeping everything to yourself then, huh?"

The young girl began to nibble her bottom lip.

Jack nodded slowly. "I thought so." He stood up. "Well…" he opened the fridge for the hundredth time that day, and began to rummage through its contents before pulling out a zip-lock bag of leftover pizza. He took a plate down from the cabinet above him, and tossed a few pieces on it.

He glanced over at the girl, who was still staring into her hands as if they were the most interesting things in the room. He pushed the microwave open and waited for the pizza to heat up, before walking over to her and placing the plate on her lap. "I hope you don't mind dead pizza, because that's all I got," he muttered apologetically, "I think it's better then Thor's cubes of food, though."

The girl looked at the food curiously, wondering what it was.

"You eat it," Jack explained, as if he read her thoughts. Reaching over, he took a piece from her and bit into it. "Mmm… it's good." He smiled.

The girl sniffed the pizza; her face turned into a look of disgust. She gently set the plate down on the table, before turning back to her hands.

Jack shook his head and gave up. Sitting back down next to her, he looked over at the crowded table; he spotted yesterday's paper he didn't finish. He grabbed it; not realizing his beer was on top. The bottle fell to the ground and shattered, causing him to jump slightly, surprised. He quickly turned to the girl who hadn't even flinched. Jack abandoned the paper and leaned closer. It would all make sense to him. "Can you even… hear me?" he asked softly.

The girl didn't move.

Jack sat frozen for a moment. "Y-you-" he rubbed his head nervously. "You really can't hear me, can you?" After another minute of silence, he rubbed his forehead that suddenly began to hurt. Great. A deaf child, that's just what he needed. What was he going to do?

He had no doubt Carter would still be awake, testing something or another at the SGC. She would come up with something- when all else fails, ask Carter. He stood up and looked down at the kid once more, making his mind up what he was going to do. He reached down and took her hand, and began to pull it.

But the child didn't like that one bit. Staring intensely at him, she immediately yanked her hand away from him.

Jack wanted to roll his eyes, but he tried to understand her fear. "Kid…" what else would he call her? "We've got to go, okay?" The girl stared at him as he motioned going outside as best he could. "Come on!" he was losing his patience; he thought he may snap at any second. "Please?" he held his hand out for her to take. "Please?"

The poor girl looked beyond confused, she watched the old man closely. After a minute, she finally seemed to understand. She hesitated before slowly and cautiously standing up.

Jack smiled and held out his hand. Finally, he was getting somewhere. "Thank you," he said. "Okay, come on, we've got to go."

The girl crossed her arms stubbornly, refusing to even touch his hand, but she did slowly follow Jack out of his house. Once outside, the girl stared at the bright full moon; she blinked slowly, causing a single teardrop to fall.

Jack turned back when he noticed she wasn't following him anymore. "Kid? Hey, kid! This way!" he gestured to the car.

The girl didn't move at first but after a few moments, she turned to Jack. She didn't know what they were doing. She didn't even know if she could trust him, but she took the risk anyway, and walked over to his side. Jack opened the door for her and gave her the slightest shove into the car. At first the child looked upset, but she ducked her head and sat down in the seat.

Jack smiled at his success. He quickly shut the door and hurried over to the drivers seat. He quickly buckled himself in and grabbed the keys out of his pocket, placing them into the ignition. He probably would have driven off, but he caught the girl staring at him curiously from the corner of his eye.

"What?" he asked. She blinked. After a second, he noticed she didn't have a seat belt on. Leaning over, he began to pull it over her, but she didn't like that; she yanked it away from him and threw it behind her.

Jack shook his head. "No, no, no!" he touched his belt. "You need to be buckled. It's the law on this planet." He unbuckled himself then re-buckled it. "See?"

The girl didn't budge; she just stared. So Jack redid the whole seatbelt thing a couple times before the girl slowly reached for hers. Gently, she pulled it over her and buckled it.

Jack smiled. "That's it! You got it!" he said proudly. "Good job."

The girl turned to the window, searching for the moon once more; a small smile crept over her face…

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