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Chapter 11: Another day of babysitting…

"-Are clear today for another perfect day? Let's check on this weeks forecast… here we go, you see the…"

Jack's eyes flew open at the sudden noise. Blinking rapidly he turned his eyes to the television, only to find Aveena standing in front of it, wide-eyed. "Hey," he threw his blanket off of him, and scrambled to his feet. "What are you doing up?" He glanced at the clock that told him it wasn't even two yet. "You should be in bed." He walked over to her and tapped her shoulder.

Aveena didn't move; she stood frozen at the pictures in the large box. Reaching out, she touched the man behind the glass, tears gathering in her eyes.

"Hey, what's wrong?" Jack asked, turning her away from the TV. "What's the matter?" he wiped her tears away gently with his thumb.

At first the small child seemed surprised to see him there, as if she hadn't felt his hand on her shoulder. She turned back to the TV and pointed to the man, her eyes leaking tears once again.

Jack couldn't understand what she was trying to say. Perhaps the man on the TV reminded her of someone, someone on her own planet. Or maybe it was just something else entirely. He couldn't help but feel a little frustrated as he found himself wishing she had a better way to communicate with him.

"What's wrong with her?" Sam asked as she came out of her room in her bathrobe wrapped around her.

Jack turned around to face the worried blond. "I don't know." He replied. "I just woke up and-"

"Did the TV scare her?" Sam asked. Last time Aveena saw the television, she had run from the room. Sam moved slowly over to the two.

Aveena sniffled and wrapped her arms around herself. She looked from Jack to Sam, her face annoyed, and rightfully so, since she couldn't seem to make the two adults understand.

Sam turned off the TV. "Is that better?"

Aveena looked at the blank screen and gave a nod of satisfaction.

Jack picked up the child into his arms. "Come on, it's back to bed, little lady." He carried her back into her bedroom and tucked her back into her covers. "Go to sleep." He ordered.

Aveena rolled to her side and closed her eyes obediently.

Jack patted her. "Good girl."

"Do you think she's okay?" Sam asked, leaning against the doorway.

Jack nodded. "She's fine. We can go back to bed, I think she'll actually going to get some sleep now."

"Okay, goodnight, sir. Again."


Jack woke to the sound of running water, then glass shattering. He was up in a flash. He hurried into the kitchen, expecting to find Aveena causing some more mischief, but instead he found a certain Major.

"Damn it." Sam muttered to herself, she kneeled down and began to pick up the broken plate. This was the second one she had broke this month, at the rate she was going; she wouldn't have any left by the end of the year.

"Need any help?" Jack asked, walking over to her, picking up some glass shards on his way. She must have gotten up early; she was in her workout clothes. Sweat leaked through her shirt and her face was flushed.

"Thank you sir," Sam said, pulling the trashcan out from under the sink and dumping the broken pieces in. "I was just washing it and it slipped-"

"Carter, you don't need an excuse to break a plate, trust me, it happens all the time." He gave her a warm smile. Just then the familiar smell of cinnamon hit him. "Are you cooking?" He asked incredulously. Carter…cook? He never thought those two words would go together, as he been on many missions where he had listened to her talk about her experiences with cooking.

Sam grinned proudly. "I thought I would try to make my mom's cinnamon rolls," she paused, "I think that's the only decent thing I can make." She took the broom and swept up the small remaining shards of glass into the dustpan.

Jack sniffed again. "It smells really good. Are you sure you're not burning them?"

"I hope not." She picked up the potholders and opened the oven, heat rushed out of the small area, as well as the cinnamon scent. "Perfect." She lifted them out and placed them on top of the stove. "Sir would you mind handing me the frosting?"

Jack looked down at the bowl on the counter. He dipped his finger into it before handing it over. "It's good," he said, surprised. "I mean, it's not like I thought it would be bad, uh…you know what I mean."

Sam let the frosting drop from the spoon onto the hot rolls. "I'm not sure I do, sir." She said with a hidden smile.

"Well, I meant, you don't always… you talked about… you-" he stopped as a certain little girl walked into the room, her hair in more tangles then it had been when she first arrived, (if that was even possible.)


The little girl looked at both of them curiously before flashing a wide smile.

"Are you hungry?" Sam asked as she finished frosting. She sat the bowl aside and dusted off her hands. "There, I can actually bake something without burning them. Ha!" Instantly, she wished she hadn't said that. Being her CO, she felt the need to remain professional in O'Neill's presence. Yet, if Daniel were here, that would be another story.

"I'm starving," Jack said nodding, before realizing she had been talking to Aveena. "Oh! You mean her!" He turned around. "Of course she is."

Sam grabbed some plates and was about to get Aveena a nice big frosted one when Jack stopped her.

"No, no, no. That one is mine!" He said, his voice curiously reminding her of a young boy.

Sam noted it was the biggest and had the most frosting on it. "Yes sir."

Jack helped himself to the roll before settling down at the table. "So, what are we going to do today?"


"Sir, we cannot take her to the park. General Hammond ordered us not to take her anywhere with a crowd."

"Carter!" Jack complained. "I'm sure he meant somewhere with a large crowd, a park wouldn't have more then a dozen people or so. It's in the daytime anyway, most of the kids are going to be in school."

"Colonel…" Sam started.

"Fine, if not the park, where?" Jack placed his hands on his hips.

"Sir, she's fine here. I don't think she will mind not going anywhere today." Sam knew since the beginning of this 'babysitting' job, her CO would try talking her into taking Aveena somewhere, so she had prepared a few things to say, and now they all seemed disappear.

Jack rolled his eyes. "Carter, she needs to have some fun, and don't say it's fun to be locked up in a house all day, especially not for a little girl."

"I do own a backyard, sir." Sam reminded him.

"And it's like the size of my bathroom."

Sam crossed her arms. "I'm sorry, sir, but we are not going to disobey a direct order."



Sam looked over at her CO as he reeled in his forth fish that day.

How did she ever let him talk her into this? Fishing? She hated fish! And she certainly didn't enjoy sitting hours in the hot sun, waiting for the stupid fish to grab a hold of her bait.

Jack happily placed his newly caught fish with the rest. He heard his 2IC sigh. "Carter," He said, turning to her. "Are you bored?" He fixed his line and released it back into the river.

Sam straightened her back and pretended to be interested in the 'sport'. "No sir, not at all."

"Carter, you do know that you're not supposed to lie to your CO. It's in the rule book."

Sam grinned, but quickly hid it as Jack turned to her again. "Are you going to court-martial me, sir?"

Jack hesitated, as if he was thinking it over. "No… I think I'll let it slide, this time. I think we'll have a hard time saving the world if we don't have you."

Sam was used to him complementing her about saving the world. She simply smiled. "Thank you, sir."

Jack grinned. "Well, it looks like she's having a lot of fun."

Sam turned to Aveena, who was tangled up in the line. She struggled to get out of it, but it only made it worse. She grunted as she viciously tried pulling the line off her feet.

"Hey, hey!" Jack said, dropping his pole and hurrying over to her. "You're going to get hurt if you keep that up, let me help."

Aveena stopped struggling and let Jack reach in to help untangle her. In no time at all she was free from the vicious line.

"There you go," Jack said. "Why don't you take mine, huh?" He reached over and grabbed his pole. "Here you go." He wrapped her hands around the large rod, and helped her cast it.

"So, do you really think she likes fishing?" Sam asked.

"Yeah, of course she does. And she'll like it even better when we actually eat the fish." Jack placed a hand on the girl's shoulder. "Isn't that right?"

Jack missed days like this. He remembered when he used to take Cassie with him to her cabin, and they'd fish all day. A couple years ago she got tired of it, and now, they no longer went fishing. She did come with him to the cabin, though; they'd spend their days watching The Simpson's on DVD instead.

Aveena let out a squeal.

"What's the matter?" Jack asked, as he looked down at her, he noticed something strong tugging on her pole. "Looks like a big one!" He grabbed onto her pull and helped her reel it in, while doing, Aveena was squealing in both surprise and excitement.

Sam stood up with interest, as she watched the young child and the not-so-young man reel in the biggest fish she had seen in a long time.

"That's a beauty, sir."

Jack pulled the slimy fish off the hook and handed it to Aveena, who quickly backed away from the smelly creature.

"Oh, he's not so bad." Jack said with a grin.

"Sir, I think-"


Sam reached down for her purse and dug through it for her cell phone. "Major Carter speaking."

Jack looked over at her curiously.

"Yes, we have her, she's with us… no…"

Jack looked puzzled and turned to Aveena, who stared back at him with the same confused eyes.

"Yes sir, may I ask why?" She turned to Jack and shrugged. She covered the speaker and was about to tell him what she knew when the person on the other line continued.

She turned to the small girl and froze.

"Are you sure? … Yes sir. We'll be right there." She hung up the phone and shoved it into her pockets. "Sir, we have to bring her back to the SGC."

Jack turned from one girl to the other. "Why? What's going on?" He didn't understand, one day they were ordered to take the alien girl OFF the base, and the next they had to bring her back? What happened to make them change their mind? Unless Janet had found something in her tests…

Sam didn't break eye contact with Aveena. "I think it would be better if I let General Hammond explain it, sir. When we get there."

Jack nodded slowly. "Come on," He motioned for the child to follow. "We're going." He didn't even bother picking up the fishing supplies; he could come back for them later.

The girl must have sensed what was going on; she backed away from them slowly, as if she didn't trust them anymore.

Jack turned back. "Come on, we're leaving."

The girl shook her head, and continued backing away. She looked behind her, before turning back to her babysitters. Before anyone could comprehend what she was going to do, she made a dash into the forest they were surrounded by.

"Hey!" Jack shouted, hurrying after her. "Come back here!"

Sam picked up the chase quickly.

Aveena didn't know where she was going; she'd never been here before. She zigzagged everywhere, and hid behind trees and bushes whenever she thought Jack or Sam was getting close.

"Carter, what the hell is going on here?" Jack shouted, as he searched through the green forest, looking for any signs of a young child.

"General Hammond didn't tell me much, sir!" Sam shouted, as she jumped over several thorn bushes, scraping up her legs and arms. "He said SG-22 came back saying the planet knows that child! And she-"

"There she is!" Jack interrupted. He saw the pink T-shirt she had been wearing all day, through the openings of a large bush. "Carter, hurry around the other way!"

"Yes sir!"

The heard a scream coming from the bush, and a moment later Aveena rushed out of it.

"Hey!" Jack shouted, he caught up the distance between them and carefully tackled her to the ground. "Hey, you're not going anywhere!"


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