You Are Not Alone

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Ch1: Red Snow

It's a cold December morning. Kisshu is floating over Tokyo. He's watching the human children play in the snow. He doesn't understand why though. On his planet you would die if you try to go out in the snowstorms.

When he gets bored of this, he decides to go find Ichigo. He flying around hoping to find is dear Koneko-chan. Once he finds her, he sees her with that human boy. It makes Kisshu really angry that she likes him instead of him. He decides to watch them.

Later on, the human boy leaves and Ichigo is left alone. This gives Kisshu a great opportunity to make her his.

Ichigo is running to work as always. Ryou is going to kill her, but she can't help that her and Aoyama like to spend time together. She would have been one time if wasn't for a certain green hair alien.

"Oi Koneko-chan!" He lands right in front of her.

"Kisshu, this isn't the time!" She yells at him like always.


"It's none of your business! So Go Away!" She tries to run past him, but he grabs her by the arm. "Let go!" She's trying to brake free, but he has a good grip on her.

"Ichigo, why do you like him?"

"I'm not telling you."

"Do you even like me?"

Ichigo is really late for work. She needs to get rid of him quickly. So she says the first thing that's pops up in her mind to get rid of him. "I hate you! I wish that you would die!"

That hurt no it felt like a thousands swords hitting his heart. "I see," he says very quietly. He's trying not cry. Ichigo doesn't realize how much that hurt him. He knew he was a pain to her, but not this much.

"Now, let go of me."

He lets go of her and looks at her. "Bye bye, Ichigo." He flies away.

Ichigo just stands there. The looked he just gave her was so….ah! She late! Ichigo runs off hoping Ryou won't be angry with her.

Kisshu is once again is floating over Tokyo. It's been hours since he talked to Ichigo. He's crying. Ichigo hates him so much that she wants him dead. He feels so stupid for not that seeing that. "Ichigo I'll do anything for you even if you want be dead…."

Ichigo is walking home from work. She had to work longer since she was late. 'That stupid Kisshu! I never seen Ryou so…nani?' Ichigo stop walking and looks at the ground. 'Red snow?' She starts to follow it.

When she gets to end of the trail, she sees Kisshu on the ground. She runs over to him. "Kisshu?" She's shaking him. "Wake up…Oh MY GOD!" She's looking at her hand and it's cover in blood. "Those were blood stains in the snow!" And for some reason Ichigo has a feeling it's all her fault.

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Note: nani means what in Japanese.

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