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Veronica parked her car in the school car park and exited it ready for another day of high school.

At least its senior year she thought trying to be optimistic, just one more year of being stuck with these assholes, speaking of which…

'Yo Mars!' a voice called out behind her. Sighing, she turned around. She raised an eyebrow in question to Logan Echolls, who was leaning against his yellow Xterra, with a smug look on his face.

'Something you want?' she asked impatiently. For some reason, her patience always wore thin when she spoke to Logan. Probably cos for the past year the only time we talk we insult each other.

'No, not really.' He smirked. Veronica narrowed her eyes at him.

'I see you got your car back.' She mentioned. Logan looked away from her, pretending to be not interested in their conversation.

'Yep. I see you got that heap of metal passing for a car… still.' He still didn't look at her.

'Well, you see, I was gonna get a new one, but I never know when some crowbar bearing idiot will come to bash it up.' She snapped, turning to walk away.

'You shouldn't have framed me.' He called after her. Veronica spun back.

'You shouldn't have-' she stopped, putting her hands up. 'I'm not gonna do this with you.' with that she started to walk away once again.

'Of course not. You never do! That's how you ended up how you are now!' Logan yelled after her. Veronica refused to answer back, keeping her vow to not let Logan, or any of the 09ers, to get to her.

Logan smirked. He knew he had gotten to her. Broken through the hard shell that she had put up since she had betrayed them, and Lilly.

Yet a part of him felt bad.

Stop it Logan! She deserves it! The Veronica now is NOT the one you loved before. Logan was a bit shocked when he thought that he had loved her. But it was true. It's why he hated her now.

He pushed himself off of his car and walked into Neptune High School, ready for another day.


It was lunch when he next saw her again. She was sitting on the table in the middle with that guy that he never knew that name of.

He hadn't known he was staring at her until Duncan brought him back to life.

'Huh?' he asked.

'I was saying, that since you're staying at my penthouse with me as your parents are away, we could have a movie night? Meg's coming over. That's if it's cool with you?' he gave him a weird look.

'Yeah. That sound's good.' He answered distractedly.

Duncan gave him a weird look before shrugging it off, figuring that something was probably going on at home or something like that.


Meg was curled up next to Duncan on the sofa while the two of them watched a movie. Logan had been there before claiming to be beat and headed off to bed.

'Do you know what's up with Logan?' Meg asked Duncan halfway through the movie. Duncan looked down at her.

'I'm sitting here with you… and you're thinking of Logan?' Duncan asked incredulously.

'Duncan!' Meg snapped as Duncan laughed. She looked at him funnily. 'Well?'

'No, I don't. I was thinking the same thing.' Meg gave him a look to go on. 'At lunch, he kinda seemed to faze out or something. But the weirdest thing was that he was staring at Veronica.'

'Really? Veronica Mars?' Duncan nodded biting back a remark that he knew would piss her off. 'Hm... maybe they had a fight or something.'

'They always have a fight.' Duncan mentioned distractedly.

'True.' Meg answered.

'Look, just forget about it. He'll be back to normal in a couple of days.' When Meg looked at him in doubt he added, 'It's Logan!' Meg laughed, cuddling back up to him just as the phone rang. Duncan reached over and picked it up.

'Hello?' he answered. 'Oh my god, hey!' he exclaimed. Meg gave him a weird look, wondering whom it could be that was making him so happy.

'Yeah, I'm good. What's up?' he listened to the other person. 'Yeah, yeah, that's cos he's here.' He listened again. 'Of course! You need a lift?' pause. 'Ok then. Shall I tell him or-' he laughed. 'Alright, alright. I won't tell him. See ya then.' He hung and faced a very suspicious Meg. He couldn't help but laugh.

'Just you wait and see who's coming.' He told her cryptically, giving her a kiss.


As the doorbell rang, Meg jumped off of the couch, desperate to find out who it was. She had been bugging Duncan for the past hour but he just wouldn't give.

Who she saw in front of her as she opened the door was someone she hadn't seen for about 2 years.

'Oh my God!' she screamed as she hugged the guest in a big friendly hug, both of them laughing.

Duncan came over with a big smile, also giving the girl a big hug.

Logan had been just lying on his bed, listening to his iPod when he could hear the doorbell ring. It's a damn loud bell he thought in a really bad mood. He then heard Meg's scream, and turned the volume of his iPod higher.

After about 5 minutes there was a knock on his door, he ignored it. The knock came again. By the sound of it, it figured it to be Meg's.

At the third knock, he pulled out his earphones and yelled

'WHAT?' his voice was very angry.

'God Logan. What's up with you?' the voice came form the other side of the door. It was a voice that he hadn't heard that close for a long time now. Sitting up straight on his bed, he called out.

'Pix?' scared that he might be wrong.

'Uh… no!' the voice came back. Logan grinned waiting for her to finish her sentence. 'Now, you know that's not my name!' she whined. Logan laughed as he stood up. 'Open the goddamn door!' she banged on the door again.

Just as she was about to bang again, Logan opened it, catching her midway.

'Hi!' she said, very hyper.

He just stared at her. She was taller, defiantly; her hair had grown, but still had that brown tinge. She was still slim and gorgeous as ever. How old is she? 15, 16?

'Hello!' she waved her hand in front of his face. 'Logan?' a bubble of giggle escaped her mouth.

'Wow! I can't believe it's you Lexi!' he laughed.

'What? Don't you remember me? It hasn't been that long!' she laughed too as Logan rolled his eyes. 'So… you gonna give me a hug bro?'

He wrapped his arms around her waist and lifted her up in a giant hug as she wrapped her arms around him too. When he finally put his little sister down again, he looked over at Duncan and Meg, who were both grinning.

'You two knew?' he asked accusingly.

'He did!' Meg piped up quickly, pointing at Duncan. He put his hands up in defeat as Logan shook his head, turning back too Lexi.

'So, what are you doing back then?' he asked her, guiding her to the couch. The four of them sat there as she told her story.

'Well, after the two months of touring the US, Trina decided that the UK would give her a better opportunity for her 'acting career'' she rolled her eyes as the rest laughed at the eldest Echolls' non-existent career. 'Anyway, we travelled Europe for a year before going to Asia, where she finally got job as a model in Japan, and where I finally got bored of her. So I phoned Mom and she told me to come back, and here I am.'

'Hold on.' Logan spoke, and Lexi turned to look at him, scared of his tone. 'You told Mom, but you didn't tell me?'

'Well, yeah! How else was I supposed to get home?' Logan saw the reason in that.

Lexi looked around the place before her eyes fell on a picture of the Kane family. She turned to Duncan.

'I heard about Lilly. I'm so sorry. I wanted to come back, but I didn't know what good that'd do.' She looked down. Logan placed an arm around her shoulder.

'Thanks, and don't worry about it. She was well happy about everything you were doing. She was actually saying that she was going to head out to Europe to see you.' Duncan told her. Lexi laughed at the thought.

'She would've loved France.' She laughed, causing the rest to do so too.

Finally, as silence settled on them, Lexi noticed what she had found odd.

'Hey. Where's Veronica?' she asked quite happy. The other three looked at each other, causing her smile to fade. Logan was the first to respond.

'You must be tired. C'mon, you can stay in the spare room.' With that they got up saying their 'nights. Lexi made a mental note to ask about Veronica once again the next time she got them together.

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