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Lexi and Duncan were sitting on the floor, eating pizza and playing on the PlayStation. As the volume was up high, they didn't here the elevator ping. The only reason they knew that someone was trying to enter their suite was because of the key that beeped inside.

They both looked at each together and then to the door. Duncan got up to see who it was, but before he had put the control down, the door was open.

'We're baaack!' came Logan's voice, followed by two female laughs.

Two? Both Duncan and Lexi thought.

Logan soon stepped into view, carrying a bag on his shoulder, and one in his hand. Then Veronica followed. But she wasn't the last one. After her, Lynn stepped in.

'Mom!' Lexi screamed, jumping up to hug her. She flung her arms around her neck, while Lynn held onto her daughter with all the strength she had. 'What're you doing here? Why didn't I know?' she asked, the words rushing out of her mouth.

Lynn let go of her daughter, and moved her hair from her face.

'I'm sorry, honey. I wasn't planning to be back so soon. But your brother insisted. And you know I can't resist the Echolls charm.' She laughed along with the others.

'I'm glad you came.' She told her. Lynn smiled back. She knew the feeling.


'Mom's gone to bed.' Logan said as he re-entered the suite. Because there were only three bedrooms in the suite that they were in, Logan had got another room, right next door to theirs, that Lynn could stay in.

He flung himself onto the couch next to Veronica, who had been talking to Lexi. Duncan was sitting on the recliner.

'So…?' Lexi now said pointedly to Logan, looking around Veronica.

'So… what?' he asked, his voice portraying his tiredness.

'Were you not gonna tell me about mom?' she asked him with attitude.

'You know now, don't you?' Logan argued back.

'That's not the point!'

'And what exactly is the point?' Logan now too sat up. Veronica was in the middle of them, leaning back against the couch.

'The point is that you didn't tell me!' Lexi told him. Logan rolled his eyes

'If I had, then you would've wanted to come with. Then this conversation would have happened then, and we wouldn't have gone at all.' Logan explained, his temper beginning to show.

Veronica looked between the two of them and then looked at Duncan over Lexi's shoulder. He looked at her too.

'Should we do something?' she mouthed to him. He put his hands up in retreat.

'You do it!' he mouthed back. Veronica rolled her eyes.

'Or I could've came along!' Lexi said, her temper coming through too.

Logan was about to open his mouth once again, but Veronica slapped a hand onto it. She smiled sweetly at him, silently begging him not to be mad at her.

Lexi laughed, so Logan bit her, causing Veronica to yelp.

'You bit me?' she asked him, taking her hand away, looking at the little red mark in the middle of it.

'You deserved it.' He murmured. Veronica glared at him and then hit him up the back of his head. 'Dammit!' he hissed.

'You deserved that!' she mocked. Logan rolled his eyes, slumping back into the sofa.

'Whatever…' he mumbled, crossing his arms. Veronica looked at him, as did Lexi and Duncan.

'You shouldn't have bitten me!' she told him, trying to coax him out of his mood.

Now it was Lexi's turn to stare at Duncan, who rolled his eyes and shrugged.

'I'm going to bed.' He said, standing up.

'Me, too. There's no way I'm staying here with these two lovesick idiots.' She commented casually, but caused the other three to look at her in shock. She looked at them when she got up. 'What? I'm not stupid! I can tell you two got together. Geez!' she informed them, but turning around and heading to her room.

'Well, that was easy!' Logan exclaimed, clapping his hands together. 'Now you two know, and I hadn't need to do a thing!' Veronica looked at him and then to Duncan, who was still looking at Logan with a weird look on his face.

Why's he looking like that for? She thought.

'Uh… Duncan?' she asked, gently. He turned to face her and smiled.

'I… uh. I mean…' he cleared his throat. 'I'm happy for you two. I'm sure Meg will be too. Night.' He said before heading off too.

'What was that about?' she wondered out aloud.

'What was what all about?' Logan yawned. It had been a long day for them. Veronica looked at him and smirked.

'You need to sleep.' She laughed as she got up.

'Wait! Where're you going?' Logan asked her, grabbing her wrist, pulling her back onto his lap. Her arms went around his neck.

'To this little place called home. You know, you live there. Go there after school, most of the times. Sleep there. That place.' She replied in her normal Veronica tone.

'Uh huh. And how exactly…' he said, placing a sweet kiss on her neck and then whispering into her ear. 'Do you plan to get to this place called home?' Veronica's head snapped up straight. She hadn't thought of that. She had left her car at home because they had driven together to the airport.

'Damn.' She whispered.

'And I don't really wanna drive you right now. I'm really tired. And there's no other way for you to get home.' He reasoned with her, still placing the kisses on her neck.

'I could always call a cab.' She told him. He pulled away from her, shaking his head.

'No way. No girlfriend of mine is going in a cab in the night. Not safe.' He said, serous as possible. Veronica smiled.

'Oh my, my, dear boyfriend. Whatever shall I do?' she faked a swooning voice.

'Well, I do have this one idea. I think it's the best one. I mean, you'll be safe.' Logan smiled. Veronica turned to look at him.

'Uh huh? And could that be… oh I don't know. Staying here?' she pretended to think.

'Got in one, P.I.' he said, lifting her up. She let out a small scream, but started to laugh too.

'Logan. We have to talk about this!' she said, giggles bubbling through her words.

'Then talk!'

'I can't just stay over, Logan!' she informed him.

'Sure you can! We did it all the time in Florida.' He told her.

'That was different! We were in a hotel and in the same room.' Logan looked her like she was stupid.

'Uh… look around you, sugarpuss! We are in a hotel and in the same room.' Veronica thought about it, but by that time, she was on Logan's bed. 'Just sleep. Nothing more, nothing less.' He assured her, knowing he fears.

'Nothing less? No kissing? Or cuddling?' Veronica pouted.

'Nope! Just sleep!' he repeated. Veronica's pout stuck. Logan laughed. 'If you be a good girl, then maybe I'll change the rules.' He said as he brought Veronica' bag into his room. 'I'm gonna get changed in there. You can get changed here.' He told her, pointing to the adjoining bathroom.

'Ok.' She said sweetly. Logan rolled his eyes.

By the time that Logan came out of the bathroom, Veronica was under his covers and sleeping. He smiled and joined her.


It had been over a week since Lynn had came home, and the kids were heading back to school after a week vacation, or two weeks in the case of Logan and Veronica.

Getting up in the morning was hard. And to make it even harder, they all had to catch a ride with Duncan as Logan's car was at the garage until later that day. This meant that Logan and Lexi had to get up an hour earlier than normal. Which was not a good thing.

They all said bye to Lynn, who spent most of her time in their suite rather than her room, and headed down to the car, two still half sleeping, one bright-eyed.

They all got into Duncan's SUV and drove to school. Once they got there, the car park was half filled.

With no LeBaron in sight Logan thought with a sigh.

Duncan headed into the school, followed by Lexi. However, she was stopped and pulled back by her brother.

'What the hell?' she exclaimed as she tugged her arm out of his grip.

'Let's wait here for a while.' He told her.

'Why?' she whined.

'Cos I said so.'

'But I'm tired!' Logan looked at her as if what she was saying was nonsense, but he knew she was tired. Hell, even he was tired.

'So am I. But I really don't want to go into school so early.' Logan explained to her.

'So stay out here.' She pointed to the car that he was leaning against. 'While I go inside.' She turned around.

'I don't think so, Pix.' He smirked as she stomped her foot like a kid.

'Why?' she cried. Suddenly she sobered up, realising exactly why he was waiting out there. 'Ah. First day to school with Veronica. I see.' she winked at him.

'Don't know what you're talking about, lil sis.' He said absentmindedly.

'I've said it once, and I'll say it again. I'm not stupid.' Lexi reminded him.

'Yeah. You keep telling yourself that.' He teased her. She gave him a glare.

'I'm leaving.' She inform him in a pissed off voice.

'Fine, go.' Logan told her, smiling.

'I'm going.' Lexi warned. Logan looked at her and nodded towards the school.

'Go right ahead. I'm not stopping you. Anymore.' He added. He knew that she wasn't going to leave.

'Why the sudden change?' she asked him, but as soon as she did, Veronica's unmistakable car pulled up. 'Ah. I see.' she nodded as she began to walk towards the now parked car, with Logan behind her.

'Hey Veronica.' She called out to her. They had only seen each other the previous day.

'Hey.' Veronica replied, her voice barely there.

'You ok?' Logan asked her, squinting to get a better look in the morning light.

'Yeah. Just…' she was joined on the last word.

'Tired? We know.' Logan finished off for her. She smiled at him as she got her bag out of her car, and he smiled back. Lexi rolled her eyes.

'This is gross.' She murmured, walking away.

'What? Not a fan of PDA?' Logan asked her, catching up to her. Veronica joined her on the other side.

As they walked into the school, some people looked at the three of them, walking together and laughing. That was a weird sight for them. But it was going to get weirder.

'Urgh. People are staring.' Veronica mumbled.

'So?' Lexi asked her. 'Thought you both agreed that you're gonna keep it open.'

'Yeah. But they don't even know yet! It's not that I mind them staring. It's none of their business, it's just…' Veronica shrugged.

'It's stupid.' Logan agreed. They all reached Lexi's locker. When she was done, she turned around and saw Logan and Veronica laughing about something. 'Gross!' she said again.

'What? You can go you know. We promise not to… uh… damage your locker too much.' Logan said with a smirk. Lexi gave him a dirty look, before walking away.

'I thought you didn't mind everyone knowing that Veronica was your girlfriend, Logan.' She said in a loud voice as she walked down the hall.

Suddenly the silence was deafening. Logan and Veronica looked at each other; her slightly smiling, while he looked shocked.

'I'm gonna kill her.' he murmured to her. Veronica laughed.

'Hey. At least that was easy.' she shook her head. 'Is it just me, or was that like a thing that Lilly would do?'

'Hmm. It was Lillyish indeed.' Logan laughed, before putting an arm around her shoulder. 'Better go and prove those rumours right.' Veronica hit him on his chest, but was happy enough to say under his arm.


As happy as she was to be back home again, Lynn was getting bored. She had done as much as she could do in the hotel suite, and now with the kids gone back to school, she didn't have anything else to do.

It was almost 2 o'clock when reception phoned the room to let her know that Logan's car had been returned. When she hung up, she decided upon whether she should go or not.

For the past week, the only places that she went were from her room to the suite, in fear of running into Aaron. Keith Mars had come to see her a couple of times, but that was it.

She grabbed her phone and room keys before heading downstairs. Lynn was in her son's car in less then 5 minutes, and heading over to Neptune High.


'Are you sure about this, V?' Wallace asked her for the millionth time that day. Veronica roiled her eyes as she walked out of her last lesson of the day and over to the lockers.

'Well, it's too late if I weren't, wouldn't you say?' she joked. She turned to see him giving her the 'it's not funny' glare. 'You know, my dad gave me the same look when I told him last week.' she informed him.

'For a good reason, you know?' Wallace said in a strict voice. She shut her locker and looked at her overprotective friend.

'Ok, this would totally help me if you weren't so tall, but, I'm gonna tell you this once and once only. I trust Logan. He trusts me. I know what he has done since back then, and so does he. We're not going into this eyes closed. Trust me a little?' Veronica asked him.

'It's not you who I don't trust.' He said.

'Ok, what if I make a deal with you. If he does anything that I don't like, like, in a really bad way, then you can go after him. Capiche?' Veronica watched him as he reluctantly nodded. 'Good.'

'But I refuse to be his friend.' He said matter-of-factly.

'Of course.' Veronica threw over her shoulder. 'Laters.'

Veronica headed out of the building, only to be stopped by Madison Sinclair.

'What?' Veronica asked coldly.

'Is this like a joke?' Madison asked her in her bitchy voice.

'Maybe. Could be. Might not be. What's the joke supposed to be exactly?'

'You and Logan.'

'Ah yes. I see you've heard.' She started to walk away.

'The whole school knows.'

'Good. Even though it's none of their business.' Veronica continued to walk away.

'You won't have him for long.' She yelled after her.

'Ok!' Veronica smiled at her, before turning… and walking right into Logan. 'Hey!'

'Hey, honey.' He said sweetly, giving her a kiss right in front of Madison. When he broke off, he gave a fake tip of the hat to her and led Veronica away.

'Idiot!' she reprimanded him. Logan laughed.

'Your words mean so much to me, love.'


Lexi waited by Duncan's car for Logan. He had said that he was gong to catch a ride home with Meg, so Lexi and Logan could take the car home early.

As she waited, a sudden car pulling up the road caught her eye. It was yellow.

There aren't that many people who would own a yellow Xterra she thought. She stood straight as she saw the car come closer to the school. As it did, Lexi could see the driver.

'Mom. What are you doing?' she whispered to herself.

'Talking to yourself?' a voice came form behind her. She spun to see who it was.

'Cassidy. Hey. And no I wasn't talking to myself. Just thinking.'

'Uh huh. Sure.' He smiled, causing Lexi to smile back. She was about to reply when a huge crashing sound of metal on metal, ripped through the air.

Spinning on she heel, she knew what it was even before she saw it. But the sight still shocked her.

In the middle of the road, the yellow car was facing the wrong way, the drivers side bashed in. there was glass everywhere. But just one car.

Lexi screamed.


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