Note: This poem is set just at the end of Episode 16, where Kambei leaves for the Capital (in my own story THE SWORD OF THE SOUL, this is just after the end of Chapter 31, "My Honor, My Heart, My Life").. I had originally posted this poem as part of the 50 Love Quotes community challenge on LiveJournal. The original quote goes, "Love knows not its own depths until the hour of separation."


Alone, she stands on a cliff, watching him walk away.
She knows where he is going.
She knows why he is going.
She wants nothing more than to stop him.
But she stands and watches him leave.
For all she can do is trust him
Enough to let him go.

Alone, he walks a dark and stormy path.
He does not know where he is going.
All he knows is why.
He feels her eyes watching him.
He wants nothing more than to turn back and protect her.
But he continues to follow the path that leads him away.
For all he can do is trust her
Enough to let her go.

Alone, she sits by the firelight, thinking of him.
She wonders what he is doing.
She wonders if he is all right.
But in her dreams, he is there beside her.
In her dreams, there is no bloodshed.
There is only him, and the warmth of his touch.
As she wakes, she feels him vanish like the morning mist.
But she buries the pain inside herself
Enough to let him go.

Alone, he awaits his fate in the darkness, thinking of her.
He wonders what she is doing.
He wonders if she is safe.
But in his dreams, she is there beside him.
In his dreams, there is no fear.
There is only her, and the sparkle of her eyes.
As he wakes, he sees her fade like the morning star.
But he denies the longing inside himself
Enough to let her go.

The miles between them continue to grow
But their hearts remain as close as ever.
With each passing day, he draws closer to death.
With each passing night, she sinks deeper into despair.
They long to live in peace, in love with one another.
But they do not turn away from their fate.
It is the samurai's duty to fight.
It is the samurai's duty to die.
But perhaps one day, the wars will cease
Enough to let them go.