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Life is a Highway

I've seen him around before; well…, actually that's not quite true. To be honest, I've always known he was there, in fact, I find myself looking for him. You can say I'm kind of obsessed. He and his Emo crowd hang out in front of the auto body shop I work at; smoking, drinking, and generally loitering about. I first saw him in my junior year of high school (I say 'saw' because I've never met the guy in person). He walked into the classroom, basically ignored the teacher and the other students, and tried to disappear into his desk. My first impression of the guy was that he was a no good, stuck-up jerk, but apparently the girl populous found his 'fuck-off' attitude irresistible. A pink-haired girl, Sakura, whom I had a rather open crush on in elementary school, was the first to approach the brooding new student.

"Hi! I'm Sakura. You must be Sasuke Uchiha (I haven't given you his name yet, sooooo, there it is). I've heard sooo much about you (That was the worst lie I ever heard seeing as how no one knows anything about the guy). Why don't I take you around the town so you can get to know where all the coolest places are (this was a shameless attempt to take Sasuke out on a date. I nearly gagged from my spot two seats behind the two)?"

The Uchiha looked at her with disdain. After sizing her up, he replied with…

"Sorry, I don't go out with vermin like you." With that, he returned to carving profanities into his desk with a pocket knife. Sakura looked crushed, but she quickly picked herself up and acted as if nothing had happened. Till this day, Sakura and every other fool hardy girl still continue their childish pursuit.

Now, I failed to mention that it has been two and a half years since that day, and I'm currently out of high school (19 years old). I opted to go straight to work (I don't really have too much money, being an orphan and all, so college was out of the question). As for Sasuke, I'm not quite sure what he's up to. The only time I see him, as I said, is across the street from where I work. Rumor has it that his parents died in some horrible fashion before he moved here leaving him alone and loaded up the wazu. An even worse rumor is that he killed them. I personally don't care either way (not that I'm saying I wouldn't care if he had killed his parents, I'm just say'n that I don't really believe in rumors). What I don't get, though, is why he isn't out parting like a rich little snot and dressing like a freaken prep? Shouldn't he be out being groomed to take over some mega corporation or something? Or maybe the death totally fucked him up for life. I donno.

I think I should explain a little bit more about myself. My name is Naruto Uzumaki, BELIEVE IT! (Heh heheheh….a little joke from when I was younger. Actually there's a really good story behind it. After years of screaming 'believe it' after everything I said, my friends kinda tied me down and had an intervention. Sakura Haruno and Kiba Inuzuka in particular, told me how much they hated it; it forced me to a realization; I was REALLY ANNOYING. After that, I was better, but no one could possibly get rid of my unique personality). I have blonde hair, big ocean-blue eyes, and a curious set of three scar marks on each cheek (I think they make me look distinguished). Also, being that I like to work outside a lot, my skin seems to have taken on a permanent sort of tan. In physical stature, I'd say I'm average. I wouldn't say I'm…short, not as tall as others maybe, and I guess I'm pretty well built too (yaaa, look at these abs!).

A few years after I was born, my parent, Akiko and Arashi Uzumaki, were killed in a car accident. Everyone who knew my parents tell me that I look exactly like my dad. I suppose this is good because they also say that Arashi was very handsome (I am a sexy beast!). My dad's old teacher, Jiraiya (He's the biggest pervert I've ever met), took me in and raised me(If that's what you could call it). Gotta say, there were some very interesting talks in that house. Anywaaaay, around my junior year of high school, right as Sasuke first arrived, I moved into my own apartment and supported myself (with a little help every now and then from my perverted guardian).

Now I think I should tell you more about why I began this rant. As I've already said, my first impression of Sasuke wasn't all that good. But, DAMN, was he good looking. I mean really, no one should be that hot; it simply isn't very nice for everyone else to have to see him all the time and always know that you'll never get a taste (I bet I taste like ramen…-snicker- :D ). I'll explain exactly what I mean. Sasuke has the body of a model; long legs, long scintillating torso, and long black hair. His bangs which fall down from the spiked hair in back brush against his oh-so creamy skin and soulless black eyes. His voice couldn't be any more perfect either. After you're stuck fantasizing about his body, his deep, sexy voice fills your head, leaving shivers coursing up and down your spine. Mind you, I've never even talked to the guy so it may seem sort of strange for me to be obsessed with someone who could be considered a stranger. But there's something about Sasuke; I can't help but feel drawn to him, not like all his screaming fan girls, but…I don't know….something like destiny. Now it's been two and a half years since that fateful day in high school and I have this weird feeling something's going to change.


"Hey, Naruto! Can you come here for a sec?" A brown spiky headed male popped his head through the door leading to the work garage.

"Hm? Oh,..ya, be right there Kiba." I rolled out from underneath the car I was working on. Wiping my hands on my tan coveralls (my boss said I couldn't have bright orange ones (orange rocks!), he said they looked like prison jumpers. What does he know?), I entered the reception area from where Kiba had called me.

"Kiba?" The brunet was standing in front of the window, looking out at the street.

"Doesn't that just piss you off?"

"What are you talking about?" I moved next to my long time friend, glancing toward where Kiba was looking. The scene across the street caused me to freeze. Sasuke and his emo lackeys were once again loitering on the corner, smoking in the cold December weather.

"They're always there," replied Kiba in an annoyed tone, "loitering, smoking…pissing me off! Why don't you go over there and tell them they can't loiter in this area."

"ME! Why me! If they piss you off so much, why don't you go over there yourself?" Honestly, thinking I could possibly go over to them; the EMO's.

"Me? Why would I go over there? I'd get beaten to a pulp if I tried to tell them off." The brunet had a look of totally seriousness like 'duh…isn't it obvious that I couldn't go?'.

"What makes you think I'd fair any better! I'd be in the same boat as you." Like hell I'd go up to Sasuke and say 'Hey, you can't loiter here. Oh, and by the way, I think you're hot.' I could see it now; my face getting punched in by the scary red-head on the Uchiha's right, and having my remains stepped on by the long haired brunet on his left. Ya, I'll get right on that, Kiba.

"You mean you haven't noticed? That Uchiha-guy is always looking at you. Even back in school, he was always…checking you out." Inuzuka dragged out the last part of the sentence distastefully.

WHHHHAAAAAAAAAAT? He was checking me out? No, this can't be, this can't be right. I looked back to the emo in question; his dark eyes caught mine for an instant before I spun around embarrassed as all hell. FUUUUCKK! He saw me! He saw me seeing him! He saw me seeing him seeing me! Now he'll think I'm some kind of weirdo or something! Nooooooooooooo!

"Well, better hop to it, Naruto. Those crows won't leave by themselves." Inuzuka walked back to the customer service desk, but turned around to add one more thing. "Oh, and you have to do it, or I won't keep letting you work overtime. Kay?" With an evil smile the boy sat down behind the counter.

'Stupid, dog-loving, over-lording…..'

I took another glance out the window; god, this was going to suck. Heaving a sigh, I push open the door, a blast of icy air hitting me in the face. Sasuke's eyes grew bigger for a sec upon seeing me emerge from the windowed building, but he quickly covered up his lapse in cool demeanor with a blank stare. The red-head and long-haired brunet on either side of the Uchiha finally took notice of my presence as I began to cross the street. They set me with identical glares, their cigarettes motionless in their hands. Goosebumps formed on my skin not only from the cold but from the look on the apparent leader of this little band of emos' face. The thin, white cigarette dangled at the edge of Sasuke's lip, his head tilted back a bit, possible sizing me up, and his eyes were cool and smoky. Whoever said that it wasn't cool to smoke never met Sasuke. Damn, he was hot.

I slowed down my pace a bit, so as not to seem too eager or forward. My hands clutched the inside of my coverall pockets, my feet plodding slowly to the uncertain future that lay right before me in the form of three men, all of whom were waiting for my utterance.

"Uh..um..hi.." I finally stopped slightly to the right of the red-head, who I saw now had extremely dark bags around his eyes and a rather strange red tattoo I couldn't make out from my position. Sasuke and the other fellow were facing me, the one brunet slightly more up the street and Sasuke in front and to the right, just past the red.

Sasuke raised a delicate brow at my announcement, never removing the cig from his mouth. God was that cigarette beginning to piss my off. Just seeing it there, clutched in the Uchiha's smirk curled lip, made me want to grab it and stomp it into the ground.

"Can we help you?" It wasn't as polite as it should have sounded coming from the unnamed brunet. I felt like the dorky kid in school trying to ask the popular girl out on a date, but her clique of friends smelt the fear in me and decided to work my nerve. I quickly jerked to attention at being acknowledged, sending me into a fury of mumbling.

"Ah…ya..ah, I mean, yes, yes. Um.. I was wondering, well, more like told to, it wasn't my idea, but..ummm.."

"Yes?" Sasuke interjected with a helpful tone as he took the cigarette out of his mouth, like he was trying to coax the words out of my mouth. My blue eyes shot to his ebony ones; I don't even think I've ever been this close to the guy before. It let me get a better look at him. His very expressive and yet totally emotionless eyes bore into mine; it's not even an uncomfortable sensation.

"Mybosssaidthatyoucannotstandherebecauseitisloitering.Iamsorrybutyouguyshavetomove.Pleasedonothurtme!" There, now that I got that out of my system, I can go back to work. If they don't leave then I'll just tell Kiba that they refused to follow my order. Ya, I'm good.

"Excuse me?" An amused smirk crossed the brunet's lips. The other two who were present (I think I'll call the red, Emo one, and the other brunet, Emo two, for now) seemed more confused than anything.

Damn, and I thought I made myself clear. Fiiiine…..-sigh-

"Um…You guys can't keep standing here, it's called loitering." I pointed to the sign behind them on the brick wall of the building we were in front of. It stated clear as day 'NO LOITERING'. I almost burst out laughing at that point. All three males looked at the shiny piece of metal like they had never seen it before; and who was I to judge, maybe they hadn't actually ever seen it. But now they did, and they couldn't just ignore it; especially when I, a somewhat loudmouthed blonde guy, was standing right there.

"I'm sorry but you fellas have to move." Wow, were did all that courage come from?

I studied each male's reaction to my forward assertation. Emo one was as stoic as a Rottweiler (you know, those dogs you can't tell if they want to eat you or play with you) and Sasuke was looking more amused by the second. Maybe he thought it was funny that someone like me would stand up to them and seemingly annoy the hell out of his two groupies. Then I finally turned to Emo two, and he didn't look the slightest bit happy. In fact, I think he wants to beat me up. Shit…. I squeaked audibly when fury flashed in the second brunet's pale eyes. The boy threw his cig away; grinding it into the ground like it was some sort of bad metaphor for what he had in store for me. To my surprise and eventual misfortune, Sasuke let out a stifled laugh, which he quickly covered up with his hand and turned to face the wall. Emo one quirked an eyebrow, then looked to his other friend for confirmation; their brunet leader found the entire situation funny.

As I said just a little bit ago, Sasuke's laugh would cause me misfortune, and misfortune indeed did come. Now I don't know if Emo two was just embarrassed or jealous (I'm betting on the second one) or both, but seeing Sasuke respond favorably to my intrusion (maybe he thought Sasuke would beat the shit out of me; I don't know..) snapped a cord. Fury at its peak, the brunet came at me, his fist ready to pound me into the ground. God, I never should have come. Why did Sasuke have to cause me so much trouble? Why did he have to laugh at my naivety? WHY do I have to love it so much that Sasuke took notice of me and finds me amusing? Why!

Ducking away from the flying fist, I managed to miss the first bow, but it became harder and harder to keep dodging the brunet's punches. The red and the main brunet stood in shock as they watched Emo two try unsuccessfully to land a hit on me. I was backing up down the street evading as much as could, but every now and then he grazed my cheek or side. God, I was beginning to hurt. The cold air had numbed my hands and face, making me more sluggish. But the brunet never stopped coming. It was like he was on turbo drive and wouldn't stop until he had proven that he was better than me. It also didn't help that the guy must have been trained to fight since he was born; every movement he made was smooth and effortless. Finally he landed his fist into my left cheek, causing me to stumble back. The burnet stood back a bit, admiring his work and lording his supposed superiority over me. I couldn't stand the look on his face, the 'Get down and grovel like a dog, because there's no way you can win Sasuke's affection.'

It hit me then that this fight was all about proving to Sasuke who was better. My eyes wandered over to the two spectators; the Uchiha was whispering something to Emo one, which ended with both men shaking hands like they had just agreed to a bet. They were BETTING on who would win? Damn that stupid ebony-haired object of my lust. Suddenly, coal eyes caught mine. I looked directly at Sasuke, when he tilted his head back like 'god, you finally caught on to what exactly the fight is about.' I could tell that he wanted me to put up a good fight. What makes that damned bastard think he's worth all of this fuss or that I'm even interested (which I am, but how does he get off assuming that EVERYONE is in love with him?)? Well……isn't this Sasuke we're taking about? Isn't he wanted by everyone; fought over like some prized trophy? I decided then that I wasn't going to be like on of those creepy fan girls and run around like a decapitated chicken. I'm going to prove that I'm worth it.

Emo two caught me nonverbally communicating with the Uchiha. He looked back at Sasuke and then back to me.

"You think you can win? I bet you're just dieing to get a piece of that," the brunet nodded his head to the side, indicating that it was the other brunet we were talking about, "aren't you?"

"I have no idea what you're talking about," No way in hell was I going to admit that I was doing this for Sasuke. The Uchiha's head would probably grow so big with ego that it would engulf the whole planet. "But just for the hell of it, I think I'll kick your ass." Man, I really have to stop it with the false confidence.

Without another thought, I launched myself at the brunet bringing my fist into his pretty little face. The idiot went down in a second. (Remind me to thank Jiraiya for those self-defense classes.) Both Sasuke and the red-head were still as string beans. Identical looks of shock were plastered to their faces. The brunet on the ground sat up, fingering his lip and nose where blood had begun to ooze. It's safe to say that he was the most surprised. He looked at me in a daze, like he couldn't believe that I had taken him down. Now it was my turn to gloat, so I did.

"Next time you try to attack me; I'll make sure that your nose will permanently be broken." I was just about to walk away when Emo two staggered to his feet.

"D..don't you DARE walk away form me!" He grabbed something from his pant pocket and opened it. A switch-blade flashed cold and gray in the dull light of the afternoon.

Fuck. …Fuck…double fuck! This is really bad. WHY DID I HAVE TO GO AND PISS HIM OFF!

I backed up only to be stopped by a light post with the now crazed and armed brunet advancing toward me. I awaited the cold, stab of pain as he lunged at me, but it never came. Peaking open one eye, I was greeted by the broad expanse of the Uchiha's back. Sasuke had a hold of his friend's hand, pressing his thumb into the brunet's palm, making him drop the blade into the dirty snow below.

"Neji, calm down! What the fuck are you thinking?" Sasuke sounded really angry. I could have sworn that his eyes shone red for an instant. Maybe they did, because Neji (as I now know his name) wilted like a flower in winter. All fight gone, the brunet sagged there for a sec before the red-head stabilized him.

"Gaara, take him home." Sasuke's deep, sensual voice commanded.

"Hn." Gaara (I now knew his name as well) turned around with Neji and walked him down the street. I watched the two until they disappeared around a corner.

"Hey, blondie." I forgot that Sasuke was still standing next to me.


"Next time, try not to get killed." The Uchiha took off in the opposite direction of his friends. He acted like this was an everyday occurrence; someone starting a fight for his honor which would eventually escalate into a bloody brawl.

"Be see'n ya, ..Naruto." With a backwards wave, the brunet also disappeared around a corner. Once he was long gone, and the shock of the last couple minutes washed away, I realized that I had never told Sasuke my name.

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