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Life is a Highway


"And by the way," Sasuke broke the silence again, "I already have a boyfriend."


He….he what? HE WHAT!!!? I nearly lost my footing at the news as the brunet kept walking, even after he had dropped one of the biggest bombs you could to someone who OBVIOUSLY has a crush on you. I mean, how plain do I have to make it? Jump the fucker? No…not my style (not yet at least). Stab him in the head maybe…yeah…that sounds good. And, oh…what's this? A sharp piece of glass? Perfect, now all I need is to sneak up on him and then……ok, never mind. But you get the idea; I'm pretty pissed. You do not invite (more like force) a guy to dinner and then tell him he has no chance in fucking hell!

I stayed planted on my piece of sidewalk while Sasuke continued onward, oblivious to my inner turmoil….or maybe he wasn't……maybe he wants me to go crazy; maybe he gets a sick kick out of driving poor, defenseless, slightly naïve people off the edge. That bastard…..


"Coming." God dammit. There I go again being totally under the Uchiha's power.

I raced up to the smoldering brunet who was currently waiting for me in front of a rather nice looking restaurant. The sign "Le Ventilateur de papier" declared the restaurants name boldly in some French words I couldn't quite translate. After a year of French in high school all I could get out of the name was 'the' and 'paper' (I'm pretty sure even without a year of French anyone would have gotten that much).

"Well, coming in?" Sasuke's dark eyes flashed mischievously as he disappeared into the dark entrance of the café. –Fiiine-

I entered the dark doorway only to realize that the entire establishment was bathed in subtle darkness; mood lighting in other words. My eyes, once adjusted to the lighting, scanned the restaurant which was filled with small circular tables fit for two. So, this would be ideal for couples on a romantic night on the town. Just abso-fuckin-lutely great. Now I'm even more confused than I was when I first thought I might be gay (bi, actually). As I stepped up next to the tall brunet, a GORGEUOS woman in an expensive looking (not to mention very low cut) crimson suit appeared from the back room. She must be in her thirties, but she definitely didn't look it. Her long wavy black hair coupled with her tight, short skirt and evilly high stiletto heels probably meant she could get any guy she wanted. Confidence was too weak of a word to describe this woman; predatory was more like it. Heels clicking on the floor, the woman sauntered her way to the host's table.

"Sasuke-kun." The woman drawled. "It's been too long." Blood red lips smiled hungrily at Sasuke. "I've missed you." The scarlet woman (..get it? She's wearing red and she's a hussy. ….damn, I'm good) came out from around the podium and draped an arm on the Uchiha's back; a little too close to his ass if you ask me.

"The usual seat I assume?"

"Actually, Ms.Suzuhara..." Sasuke didn't seem to mind the closeness of her proximity, or the fact that she was practically groping his ass. A thirty year old woman for god's sake!

"Suki. Ms.Suzuhara makes me sounds so old." This Suki woman really annoys me. She's like a horrible black widow spider waiting to eat the heads of any guys who tread too near. Stupid pedophile bitch.

"Suki…I have a guest here tonight so I would like the corner booth this time."

"Oh.." Suki turned to look at me, an obvious look of surprise on her perfectly botoxed face. "Yes, of course. Follow me."

That Bitch! She didn't even know I existed! Am I not even worth being noticed? Maybe the Uchiha's pull is that strong. I could even imagine a warning sign; BEWARE, UCHIHA PHEROMONES MAY CAUSE UNEXPLAINED AND IDIOTIC BEHAVIOR!! CLOSE PROXSIMITY RESULTS IN BRAIN LIQUIFICATION.

"..Naruto?" Both Sasuke and Suki were half way across the restaurant by now and were staring at me, waiting for me to show any signs of life. I should really stop spacing out around the guy. He might start to think that I'm missing a couple neurons or something.


I raced up to the plush leather booth were Suki was currently seating the brunet and I slid into the opposite seat.

"May I get you anything right away?" I noticed that she was only addressing Sasuke.

"We'll order right now, thanks. I'll have the usual and my blonde friend here will have the emperor's special. Also, I'll have a martini and, Naruto…what would you like to drink?"

I was still too much in shock of having been ordered for that all I could give was a stupid, "ahh.."

"He'll have water."

"Of course." The scarlet woman backed from the table, all the while looking down her nose at me. The menu was unceremoniously plucked from my hand just in time for me to get a look at the INSANELY high prices. How was I supposed to pay for this? I bet Miss Muffet next to me could pay it in a heart beat with all the tips she must get. She probably would have given anything to be in my spot, and for which I was grateful she was not. I was. And what did she mean by 'of course'? Was she insinuating that I wasn't classy enough to have a big boy's drink?

"Did you just order for me!?" I finally had the nerve to speak to the Uchiha again.

"Yes. I happen to be very good at ordering and knowing you, you would have taken an eternity. So I just took the liberty and saved us some time." Sasuke rested his chin on the top of his propped up hand and smirked at me; his other hand fishing out a fresh cigarette and lit it. It was then I realized that I was all alone with the guy, free to talk at our leisure. Dammit…now I can't think of anything to say. But before I could think of something magnificent to start our conversation with, a pretty young girl in a full-on kimono scuttled over to us carrying the drinks.

"ah…um..here are your drinks Uchiha-sama." The poor girl was beet red and could barely even set down the glasses due to her nervous shaking. I bet that if 'Uchiha-sama' had asked for an ash tray, she would have stuck out her hand. She didn't seem to be one to refuse an order since she probably only had the job by God's good grace. Now that's service; though I was happy that she left just as quickly as she had come before such an idea popped into the brunet's head.

"So…Naruto. At last we are free to talk." Sasuke's Cheshire grin irked me. What the fuck are we suppose to talk about? We certainly don't know each other (though I guess that would mean I would need to talk to him in order to get to know him… stupid paradox).

I couldn't look him in the eyes as he sat there, cigarette in one hand, martini in the other. I was afraid that if I got too lost in his stare of abyss that I'd say something stupid or not say anything at all but rather stare back like a fool.

"Le Ventilateur de papier."

"Huh?" There I go again with my one syllable answers.

"The restaurant's name, 'Le Ventilateur de papier', do you know what it means?" The brunet swished his drink around and took a sip, never taking his eyes away from me. The abandoned cigarette butt smoldered in the crystal ash tray to the brunet's right.

"Ah…all I could get was 'paper'." I grinned out of embarrassment, but stopped when the Uchiha chuckled.

"It means The Paper Fan."


"It's my family's crest. See, here.." He lifted up his arm and pulled back his sleeve, and there on his pale shoulder was a small red and white fan tattoo. A sad smile crept to the brunet's face; a look that I decided I never wanted to see on his face again.

"You own this restaurant?"

"..yeah." Sasuke put his arm down and swished his glass again before downing the rest of the drink in one large swallow.

Well that explains a lot, but not enough to satisfy my curiosity. I wanted to ask so many things now; like, how did his parents die, what was his family like, how was he getting on without them……who the fuck his boyfriend is!

"We never talked much in school, did we?" What kind of a rhetorical question is that?

"Uh, no. We didn't." I took a sip of my water while gauging Sasuke's face.



"Sasuke, why did you ask me here, really?"

I don't think he was excepting that question because the brunet stopped running his pale finger around the edge of his now empty glass. He gave me a thoughtful look before smiling pleasantly. (I think my heart just stopped)

"I asked you here because…..hmm…" Sasuke reached in his glass and grabbed a skewered olive before pulling off the small bitter fruit with his teeth and swallowing it. I couldn't help but watch his mouth in mind-numbing fascination. Completely sure he had my full attention he continued.

"….I like you."

I'd chosen the wrong time to swallow because I ended up choking on my own saliva, rather violently might I add. The evil brunet watched on in amusement as I tried to hack my lungs out all the while pounding my fist on my chest.

"Not that way, dobe." He said as he rolled his eyes at me. Ok, so I jumped the gun a bit but anyone could have been confused by that statement, especially someone who was waiting for that line specifically, followed by 'Let's fuck"...or something of that nature. I had finally stopped choking enough to get out a raspy reply.

"Hey, a guy can wish can't he?" Oops. Wrong reply. My hands shot to cover my mouth but the damage was already done. I really hadn't meant to say that aloud but Sasuke didn't seem to mind. He looked rather pleased with himself actually. A grin of supreme superiority spread across the brunt's face. Is it too late to run out the door?

"You like me." The smirk had grown considerably in size as Sasuke stated the obvious. Definitely not a question.

"Absolutely not! I was making a joke. Why would anyone like an emo-y bastard like you?" The back of my neck grew hot as I uttered the standard denial phrase. Please just drop it, please, please, please……

My prayers were answered when the Uchiha sat back into his spot, previously unaware that he had been leaning toward me during the squabble. Silence ensued until the stuttering young waitress returned with our food.

"Um..here you are s..sirs. Please enjoy." The girl bowed quickly and scuttled away. I felt bad for the girl. I could only imagine the torture that scarlet bitch puts her through.

Hot steam from the food before me drew me out of my musings. Now let's see what Mr. Perfect thought I would like. I turned to look down at my food and my heart leap when I realized what it was; the MOST FABULOUS BOWL OF RAMEN EVER! It had all kinds of rich looking meats and veggies surrounded by scrumptious noodles and broth. I think I squealed in joy (a very unbefitting noise for someone to make in front of an Uchiha) before inhaling as much as humanly possible into my mouth. I didn't even notice the horrified look on Sasuke's face while he watched me wolf down the food he had ordered for me, his own food untouched.

"Ahhh,.. that was so good!" My stomach purred happily as I emerged from the bowl and leaned back into my seat, bowl completely empty. It was then I realized that the brunet was still horror struck.

"Um, Sasuke? You gonna eat your food or what?" Sasuke shook his head to snap out of his lapse in grace. (That's right, the Uchiha had stared; which is very rude; he'd stared with an open mouth; which just about floored me and was rude; and he stared at my lips wishing to kiss their pump tastiness and…ok, so I made that last part up but who cares…I thwarted Sasuke's perfect image. Attention all humanity, Sasuke Uchiha is mortal!!!! Muaahhhahhhahahahah)

"Dobe, you're snickering to yourself, stop it."

Dammit. I did it again. Stupid Inner Naruto…noooooooo…Sakura will pay for her abhorrent influence!

"Sorry about that…just thought of something funny." My nervous habit of scratching the back of my neck was in full force as the brunet raised a skeptical brow.


The food that had been uneaten by the brunet was now gone, presumably into his stomach. I hadn't even realized he'd picked up his chopsticks let alone eaten his entire meal which by the way I never got to see what it was.

"Sasuke-kun, may I interest you in anything for dessert?" The phrase oozed with shamelessly obvious innuendo from the hostess's crimson lips as she leaned closer to the Uchiha. I also noticed she once again didn't ask if I wanted anything. Stupid bitch.

"No thank you. Just put the bill on my tab, Ms.Suzuhara." Sasuke remained as stoic as a clam, not once showing an ounce of emotion.

"Suki. And are you su.." The scarlet woman was cut off by a now deeper voice.

"Yes, goodnight, Ms. Suzuhara. Let's go, Naruto."

I barley had enough time to throw a big tip on the table for the young waitress before the brunet all but dragged me out the front door.

"Hey! Let go of me!" I yanked my arm out of Sasuke's hand once we were out on the street. The second his bear claws of doom were at his side and in his pockets (from which I'm sure I will have received a nice bruise on my forearm) the brunet took off down the cold and hazy, florescent lit street.

"Ah..wait! Where are you going?" I wasn't ready to let the night end just yet. I still hadn't learned much about the Uchiha except that he owned a restaurant and that his family-crest was a paper fan. Other than that, I didn't gain anything of real importance so I jogged after the teme.

"So," Sasuke's velvety voice began, "now you're stalking me?" I could hear the smirk as I walk next to the brunet.

"Teme, you're the one who stalks me…EVERY…SINGLE…DAY."

"I have no idea what you're talking about. Why would I stalk a blonde, dunderheaded, dobe like you?" I could hear the smirk again. So, he wants to play that game, ay? Well, he's certainly never played me in a game of obstinance.

"Is that so…so the guy I told to leave 'cause he was loitering and the time I punched him and all those times I caught him just leaning against the bank building were not you? Just some random joe-shmoe who has girly black hair, a feminine figure, and the voice of Alvin the Chipmunk?" My own grin now could out-smirk any of the Uchiha's at that moment.

"I do not sound like Alvin the Chipmunk!!" Sasuke cried indignantly, the back of his feathery black hair bristling.

"Who said I was talking about you?" With the biggest grin I could muster, I punched the brunet in the shoulder and ran past him, sticking out my tongue childishly.

"Catch me if you can, teme!!"

O.k. This may seem juvenile, but really it's kinda fun. I didn't have to wait long before Sasuke caught on and started to chase after me. ….shit...SHIT, He's really fast!!! I turned a corner hoping to get the brunet confused seeing as how he was sprinting after me like no one's business. Crap, he'll probably punch me really hard in the arm to get back at me. It'll probably be so bruised I won't be able to work tomorrow. What will I tell Kiba?

"Whaaaaaaa!!! I'm sorry Saaasssuukkkeeee! DON'T KIIIILLLL MEEEE!! Wuaaahhh…" I was clothes-hung from behind as my hood was pulled back and my legs kept on going forward. Stumbling back, I fell into Sasuke's chest, which was hard…very hard.

"Dobe…" I didn't have a chance to retort when I was suddenly spun around to face the brunet. His left hand snaked its way up the back of my neck and into my hair where it proceeded to embed itself.


My whole body tingled as Sasuke gingerly pressed his lips to mine. His other hand crept around my waist to pull me closer, deepening the kiss. It was better than I could have imagined. My stomach tightened at the contact. Everything about Sasuke excited me; even just barely touchly like we were. My hands itched to find a place on the Uchiha to anchor on to since my legs were quickly becoming useless, but I didn't get a chance to as Sasuke pulled away. It was so quick that I didn't have time to compose and gain my strength so I just crumpled to the ground, legs still tingling. Sasuke smirked down at me while I stared back dumbfounded.

"Goodnight, Naruto." And with another smile slash smirk, he was gone.

My power of reasoning slowly came back enough to show me that the Uchiha had left right in front of my apartment.

"How did he…?" Nevermind…I'll let it wait for some other time…when I'm not sitting in the middle of the street dazed…..damn teme.

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