Chapter 1: Commucation

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"Stupid Nyaruma, scratched up my favorite hat." A Brown haired kid of 16 said as he looked around with his blue eyes. The family Cats, Nyaruma, Meowth, and Skitty were all curled up and asleep. The teen sighed and ran out of the front door. He was running late for the Trainer's School Graduation. A blonde haired girl with brown eyes came out wearing a uniform. "Hey Jayk!" the girl said. "Yo Kirie!" Jayk said smileing.

The two were childhood friends and Jayk had a crush on Kirie for over a year. The two were to become Pokemon trainers when they were ten, but they were in the Trainer's school. The two friends ran for about fifteen minutes before entering the school.

"Kirie Imaki and Jayk Hashesawa, both of you are almost late." The teacher said.

Jayk and Kirie nodded and took their seats.

Jayk sighed and looked at a male Tailow that was singing. He sighed again and looked forward to see the teacher growling and tapping his fingers on Jayk's Desk. "I can't believe that you, the one who failed at everything, managed to graduate with the third highest Final Exam Grade twice in a row." The teacher said, his eyebrow twitching, "And you know if someone does that feat, they get to start out with three pokemon of their choice."

Jayk nodded and gulped while Kirie sighed and rolled her eyes. "Alright, time for you people to get your diplomas and pokemon." The teacher said.

After 17 other students getting their Diplomas, after Kirie, Jayk received his, but he noticed that the headmaster was at the door waiting for him. "Go on ahead," Kirie whispered to her best friend before sitting down.

Jayk went outside and met with the headmaster.

"I am impressed with your results son, so I decided to get you three pokemon that are the Shinou Region Starters. They are called Pochama, Hikozaru, and Neatoru." The headmaster said, giving Jayk three Pokeballs.

"Thank you Headmaster." Jayk said, bowing a little.

"Good luck my friend." The Headmaster said smiling.

Jayk nodded and went to the classroom.

"Who did you get?" Kirie asked.

"The Shinou Starters," Jayk said, posing a little with Pochama's pokeball. After the speech from the teacher was over, everyone said their goodbyes to each other and left the school.

A family of wild Ratata scampered past Kirie and Jayk, who were on their way home, and stopped in front of them.

"How cute," Kirie said, seeing the babies.

"If I remember correctly that a female Ratata has smaller whiskers than a male, right?" Jayk asked.

Kirie nodded and slowly walked to the family but stopped at a safe distance, so that the wild pokemon remained calm. Kirie smiled after the adult male Ratata crept slowly and cautiously to her and sniffed her backpack a little before his eyes sparkled in awe.

"Why is it doing that?" Jayk asked.

"It must have smelled my Oran berry I have in my bag." Kirie said as she took out the blue berry and placed it in front of the Ratata. He grabbed it with his teeth and scampered to his family and the youngsters began to eat it quickly.

"Rata tata!" the Mother said.

"Rat ratata!" the Father said, smiling.

"You're welcome?" Kirie said, smiling.

After eating the berry, the family scampered out of sight before one of Jayk's pokemon came out.

"Pochama!" Pochama said happily as he finished glowing white.

"I forgoten how cute this Penguin Pokemon is!" Kirie said as she squealed in joy and hugging Pochama.

"POCHAA!" Pochama cried jumping into Jayk's arms.

"Must be a baby." Jayk said, brushing the crying water type's hair gently and hushing it.

"Who did you get?"

"A Chickorita." Kirie said, calling out her pokemon. Chickorita was happy and was wagging her leaf to the side.

Pochama stopped crying but sniffled a little before falling asleep.

"Let's get going." Jayk said.

Kirie nodded and called for Chickorita to follow.

After a few minutes Jayk and Kirie went to their homes and when Jayk got inside, there was a fight going on with a wild Houndour and Growlithe.

"NOT YOU TWO AGAIN!" Jayk said before Pochama woke up and jumped out of his trainer's arms eyes glaring at the two dog like pokemon.

"Pochamama Poma!" Pochama said to the wild pokemon.

"Alright Pochama, Bubblebeam!" Jayk said as Pochama released a heavy spray of bubbles at the two pokemon. Houndour leaped out of the way but Growlithe was hit directly.

"GROWL!" the Growlithe said before falling to its side, knocked out.

"Better catch it," a little kid's voice said.

"Who said that?" Jayk asked, looking around.

"Me!" Pochama said, a vein mark appeared on his forehead.

"YOU CAN TALK!" Jayk said in shock.

"I have been since we both met." Pochama said before he was bitten by Houndour.

"Use Peck!" Jayk said and Pochama nodded before pecking the Houndour like there was no tomorrow.

Houndour yelped in pain and crashed into the wall.

"Go, Pokeballs!" Jayk said as he threw two pokeballs at Houndour and Growlithe.

The first capture was Houndour but Growlithe took a little longer before he was caught.

"Finally those two will stop fighting!" Jayk said as he picked up the balls.

"Yep," Pochama said happily, jumping a bit.

A while later Jayk called out the newly caught pokemon and talked to them about why battling inside his home was wrong.

Kirie came with Chickorita to hang out and Jayk explained why his home was a mess.

"Serves you right." Chickorita said.

"For what, being an idiot?" Jayk said to Chickorita before turning to Kirie, "Did you understand what that Chickorita of yours said to me!"

" No, I think all that happened today has made you delusional." Kirie said, checking Jayk's forehead. Chickorita snickered a little and Jayk gave her the evil stare.

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