Chapter 2: Midnight Madness

Jayk was thinking about what Kirie said lying in his bed. As soon the moon was out, a lot of Murkrow, Noctowl, Hoothoot, and Misdreavus could be heard, laughing, crying, and making noises.

"Maybe I am just hallucinating about my Pochama and that darn Chickorita talking and I can understand them." Jayk said, sighing a bit before Reatsuna, his Houndour came into his room, whimpering. "Hey Reat," Jayk smiled and petted Reatsuna on the head. Reatsuna nudged him and Jayk got out of his bed. "What is it boy?" he asked.

A loud crash was heard from the dining room. Jayk poked his head outside and noticed that there was a Murkrow looking around for something, shoving dishes out of the way with its beak. "Why is it that this house is cursed with wild Pokemon coming inside everyday?" Jayk groaned. Reatsuna looked at Jayk and then launched an ember attack at the Murkrow, scaring it away. "Thanks Reat." Jayk petted the Houndour once more.

"NYAA!" Nyaruma screamed dashing into the dining room, chased by a whole flock of Murkrow. "NOT AGAIN!" Jayk wailed, calling out his Growlithe, and Pochama. "GET THEM OUT OF HERE!" Jayk said, pointing to the Murkrow.

Pochama nodded and charged into the flock using Peck repeatedly.

Growlithe kept using Take Down while Reatsuna used Roar on the Murkrow.

"Tough luck bird brains!" Jayk said to the Darkness Pokemon. A Murkrow flew in with a violet-purple stone in its beak and it landed on the ground.

"What is that stone?" Jayk asked to Pochama.

Pochama shrugged before pecking at some more Murkrow. The Murkrow with the stone touched it with a foot and started to glow white.

"WHAT THE!" Jayk shouted as he watched the Murkrow evolve into a Donkarasu.

Donkarasu chuckled a bit before using the dark type Blade Test move on


"GROWL!" Growlithe screamed in pain as the move did a critical hit. "Growlithe, Return!" Jayk said pointing the pokeball at Growlithe and calling it back it.

"RAZOR LEAF!" a girls voice said before a Chickorita appeared flinging Razor Leaves at the Donkarasu and its Murkrow flock. "DONKARA!" Donkarasu shouted as the flock began to fly away.

"Why do I always have to pay for what I didn't do?" Jayk complained as he was sweeping the dining room floor the next day.

"Because youre unfortunate?" a voice said.

"Okay, I think I need to rest right now!" Jayk said, looking at Reatsuna.

"Okay," Reatsuna said. Jayk sighed and went to bed.

Donkarasu was watching Jayk through the window perched on a tree branch.

He growled in anger, mad that Jayk revolted against his flock.

- - - - - -- - - - - -- - - - - - -- -

Okay, I know it's kinda short, but I made sure that people won't get confused about where Jayk and company are at. I WILL replace the Japanese D/P Pokemon names with the English ones once they are released. I hope you enjoy this as much as my "Hero's Fate" fanfic.

Blazorna Santori