Summary: With Grissom and Sara's new relationship, someone's gotta find out eventually. (spoilers Built to Kill part 1)

Disclaimer: If I owned CSI I'd actually be able to afford cable so I wouldn't have to watch television at my parents' house.

Chapter 1 – Warrick

He sat talking about the case with Sara when Grissom waltzed into the room. Now that he thought about it, Grissom really did waltz into the break room. He had this little bounce to his step that Warrick had never seen before.

"I brought you a veggie-burger." Warrick didn't notice the little smile in his voice.

"Hey, what about me?" He asked indignantly.

"I didn't know you were going to be here," was Grissom's logical reply.

Warrick shrugged it off, but couldn't shrug off the look that passed between Grissom and Sara.

A few things started to fall into place for Warrick when he saw that look. Like why Sara seemed particularly perky when she came to work lately. Or why Grissom decided to shave off his beard and spruce himself up.

Warrick smiled ever so slightly. Not that he wasn't happy that Sara was happy and that his boss had something besides that job, but he was pretty sure he'd just won the betting pool.