Ok, this is it, the end! I'm so sad 'cause, not to be full of myself, but I love this story! Ok, will Wally live or die? Why you asking me? Read and find out for yourself!

This was it. Crunch time. Glancing at his watch, Roy grimaced. Wally only had 45 minutes left. He looked back up.

Dick, never one to stay still, was pacing around the medbay, clearly agitated. Garth was sitting quietly in the corner. None of them spoke and none of them left except for Garth, but even then only for his hourly swims.

He glanced at Wally sadly. He'd gotten much worse over the past few days.

His vision never returned. He was in and out of consciousness, and his temperature was spiking over 103°. He was in a lot of pain, suffering from irrepressible muscle spasms, uncontrollable nose bleeds, and unbearable chest pains. His lips were dry and cracked, and his skin was sweaty and too pale, an awful contrast with his blond hair. It was so hard to watch.

Roy ran a hand through his red hair. He hoped the nanny was alright with his daughter, Lian, for a little while longer. Heaving a sigh, he leaned back against the window, crossing his arms as he hoped to god this wouldn't be the one time Batman was unable to come through.

Batman sighed in relief as he looked at his watch. Plenty of time. There was 45 minutes left and all he had left to do was attach one piece to the device and-


He didn't have the part! Getting swiftly to his feet, he ran as fast as he could to the main deck.


"Clark," he said seriously, a little out of breath. "Transport me to the cave now and stand-by for transport back."

"Why. . .?"


Without further question, he did as he was asked. After a rush of light and noise, Batman disappeared and rematerialized in the Batcave. He began tearing it apart, frantically searching for the one part he needed.

"Master Bruce?"

He spun around to face his 'butler'. "Alfred! Where's my latest bat-gadget?"

"I believe it is on your workstation, sir," he replied, slight confusion evident in his british accented voice. "May I ask. . ."

"I need one of the parts for the device to save Wally," he explained hurriedly.

"Oh, dear! I do hope everything turns out well," he said, concerned.

"Me too," he replied as he found what he was looking for and ripped out the part he needed.

"Good luck, Master Bruce."

"Thank you, Alfred." He looked at his watch. "Shit!" he swore angrily. Only ten minutes left. "Superman!" he barked, two fingers on the commlink in his ear. "Transport now!"

Back on the Watchtower, he took off again, running full pelt to the lab.

"Bruce, what's going on?" Superman demanded, flying beside him.

"Just meet me in the medbay." he growled, then turned into the lab as Superman continued on. "And get the others!" he yelled, knowing he'd be heard due to the Kryptonians super-hearing.

Quickly, he installed the final part into the device, he looked at the time.

Three minutes.

Grabbing the device, he took off running again, hoping he'd get there in time. He was half way there with about a minute to go when he was suddenly lifted up and going twice as fast, and the world had taken on a green hue.

Looking behind him, he saw Lantern flying above him, a ringed-up bubble around him to help get him to Wally faster. He nodded in response to G.L.'s grim smile.

Landing outside of the medbay, they burst through the doors with about 30 seconds to go. Everyone was there, standing in a loose and anxious circle around Wally.

The young speedster' heart rate was almost off the chart. Blood basically poured from his nose. Dick and Roy stood on either side of him, holding him down as they tried to protect him from the violent seizure that shook his frame.

Batman raced over and shouldered the two young men out of the way. He placed the semi-flat and roughly circular device on Wally's chest and pressed a series of buttons.

Immediately, the seizure stopped and his nose no longer bled. Before their eyes, his muscles jerked and contracted and his 16 year-old face and body stretched and morphed into the more familiar 20 year-old version.

His heart rate slowly decreased and they all breathed a collective sigh of relief.

But his heart rate continued to drop.

Beep. . . beep. . . . . . .beep. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


His heart stopped.

Everyone was instantly tense again as J'onn reached for the defibrillator.

"No, J'onn," Batman said tightly, and the Martian froze. Everyone else turned to him in disbelief. "If the device didn't work, than nothing will," he said, his voice strained and quiet.

J'onn looked up at his emotionless face and tight jaw. But, even without reading his mind, he could hear the pain and misery in his thoughts as they rolled off of him.

No! It's all my fault! I was too late! It's all my fault! I didn't save him! It's all my fault! I wasn't fast enough, smart enough! It's all my fault! I failed! It's all my fault! Wally's dead and it's all my fault, it's all my fault, IT'S ALL MY FAULT!

He turned to look at the others in the room. Garth was standing with his back to them. Beside him, Roy stood holding his head as tears dripped from his disbelieving eyes.

Lantern and Hawkgirl stared at Wally blankly, fighting emotion and losing. Hawkgirl had a hand over her mouth and G.L. had a hand on her shoulder.

Wonder Woman cried openly onto Superman's shoulder as he stared at the ground, his face looking haunted.

"NO!" They all turned to look at Dick. "No, Wal, come on! You're stronger than this!" he yelled, running to his side. "WALLY!" He grabbed at his friend's arm as though it would bring him back.

"Dick. . ." Batman began softly, but Dick cut him off.

"No, Bruce, no!" he roared at him. "You promised me, you SWORE that he'd be fine! You swore to me that you'd save him! Dammit, Bruce, you promised me!" he yelled desperately.

As everyone reacted in their own way, J'onn reluctantly turned to shut off the heart monitor when-


Everyone whipped around. Dick stopped mid-rant and turned with hesitant optimism.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

A raspy cough sounded from Wally's bed and they looked at him tentatively.

"So I take it worked?" asked a hoarse, whispering voice.

"Wally!" Dick ran forward and grabbed his friend's hand in his own. "You ok, Wal?"

"Yeah. Yeah I think so."

Roy and Garth went to stand beside Dick with relieved grins.

The others then went forward. Wonder Woman almost smothered him as she hugged him. As she stepped back, Lantern gripped his other hand and Superman placed a hand on his shoulder. Only Batman stood apart from the others. Wally turned to look at him with a small smile.

"Thanks, Bats. I owe ya one."

Batman nodded once and left. "Love you too!" Wally called loudly after him. Outside the closed door, the Dark Knight paused, allowing a small smirk to creep onto his lips before continuing on his way.

A week after Wally was back to normal, he sat at a diner with Dick.

"Hey guys." They looked up, smiling and slid over so Roy and Garth could join them.

"You order yet?"


As if on cue, a young waitress a few years older than them came over, a big smile on her face. "What can I do ya for?"

As they ordered, the waitress hid her shock at Wally's request for an ungodly amount of food.

"You are so buying," Garth laughed.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever."

"So, how you feelin', man?" Roy asked.

"I'm better," he shrugged. "Could definitely be worse."

"Y'know, besides the whole almost dying thing, it was kind of an opportunity, right?" Garth said.

"Yeah, 'cause reliving puberty, and getting zits all over again was so fun." he snorted.

"You know what I mean."

"Yeah, I do."

"Y'know, 'cause of you, I had to apologize to Bruce for spazzing at him." Dick told him in mock-scorn.

"Oh boo freaking hoo. Get over yourself, Boy Wonder!" he laughed.

"Hey, boys."


They jumped up and all tried to hug her at once. Donna Troy, former Wonder Girl and sidekick of Wonder Woman, now called Troia, was the fifth member (and only girl) of the original Teen Titans.

She pulled up a chair and the waitress took her order as they began talking and laughing. Wally looked over at the door, rolling his eyes as he snickered. "Excuse me," he said as the waitress walked by. "Can we have a much bigger table please?" He jerked his head towards the door in response to her questioning look. Her eyes widened as six more people entered the diner.

"They're with you?"

"I guess so, yeah."

"Alright. . ."

"I'm so pawning the bill off on Bruce," Wally muttered to Dick, and they both laughed as the Justice League and former Teen Titans sat down to breakfast.