After You Fall


Disclaimer: I so do not own Inuyasha.

A poem about how Inuyasha makes Kagome return to her era to stay and how it breaks her heart.

Try picking up the pieces,

Of this broken soul,

You'll find out,

It was never at all,

She faded away,

One day at a time,

Tears brimming over,

"I'll be just fine,"

Look into the sunset,

And try to discover,

Was it truly hurt,

Or just another lover?

She tried to forget,

And tried to pretend,

It was all a dream,

That fell from the seams,

She tried to remember,

To always forget,

That he was never real,

Just a dream,

A figment of truth,

A false illusion of hope,

She tried to cope,

You say she should get over it,

It was never at all,

But try getting up,

After you fall…

The End

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