Supernatural Challenge

The Challenge: Write yourself into the lives of the Winchesters, which all your vital stats true.

How I'll do it: I'm the Winchesters little sister.

Dean rolled his eyes at his little sister Alex. "Come on, we need to hurry up, the car is running, and it needs gas. It doesn't take that long to pack your stuff."

Alex rolled her eyes, throwing in the last of her CDs into her Panic! At the Disco messenger bag. She checked her black purse to make sure all her makeup and things were there and said, "Yeah, fine."

To be honest, Alex did not want to live with her two older brothers. But, now she had too, because their dad died and she was a minor. So what? At the age of 12, Alex was more mature then most 25 year olds. She had fought demons, witches, and vampires, and wasn't afraid of anything. She could totally support herself; she had been for a while now. But of course, they found out that John Winchester had another kid, and so she didn't have to go into foster care, the brothers took her in. So now she had to leave her comfortable life style to live in hotel rooms and a car. Fun. She hadn't seen her brothers in 5 years; in fact, she hadn't even seen Sam yet. And Dean was acting like a jerk, like it wasn't even affecting her that their dad had just died. She trudged down the stairs to the car, getting in the back.

Sam turned to look at her. "Wow, you've…grown up." He said, looking at how much his baby sister had changed. She had gone from cute and girly, to…this. She still was pretty, that couldn't change, but she looked different. A little past the shoulder layered blonde hair, and her deep blue eyes were the same, but her clothing choices were not. She wore a pair of stressed skinny jeans, with a black studded belt hanging from her hips, and a black t-shirt with a 30 Seconds to Mars zip up hoodie over it. His little sister had turned emo. But, she was still short. 5 feet tall. Imposing.

"Yeah. And you haven't changed. Still the college prep boy." She said without emotion. Neither of her brothers had bothered to contact her in 5 years, why get all lovey with them now? It wasn't really their fault they hadn't seen her, John had her staying with various relatives, she hadn't lived with their dad until he went 'missing' from the boys. But still, Alex didn't care. She felt no emotion at all; everything had gone numb since her dad's death.

Sam sighed. Her attitude had changed with her appearance. What happened to his little sister that was nice and loving? Dean got into the drivers side of the car, turning to smile at his younger siblings. "Come on, let's get along for once in our lives." Dean said.

"We did when Dad was alive." Alex muttered.

"Alex…" Dean groaned.

"Why? I can't be upset that Dad died?" She snapped.

"I never said that."

"Then what? Upset your precious little sister isn't the perfect little anymore?"

"Alex, stop. Just stop. We never said any of that, and we don't even think it." Sam the said.

She glared at her older brothers and turned on her MP3 Player, turning it on loud enough that the brothers could hear clearly the music coming from the earphones.

"Ugh, that's bad." Sam said to his brother.

"Yeah, I know. My Chemical Romance is absolutely dreadful." Dean said.

"No, the fact that she has her guard up now. She won't trust us anymore."

"So? She's a moody little brat. Let her be. It's her problem."

"Dean, we haven't exactly been the best brothers. I mean, we basically ignored her for five years as we went on with our lives. You were even the one who suggested that she live with relatives until she was old enough to hunt."

"I only said that because I love her, and I don't want her to get hurt. And with our family business, she has a good chance of dying. Look at dad." Dean said, his face growing hard and cold.