Alex's feet tiptoed down the hall hastily, wanting to make it to the front door as silent and quickly as possible. So what if she was grounded, From First to Last was playing tonight! These past couple weeks, Alex had changed quite a bit, going from so-called, 'emo', how she hated that term, to Scene Kid.

Just last week she had cut her hair, making it choppy and her bangs covering her left eye. New more fashionable but yet Scene clothes, and a white studded belt. Tonight, a whole lot of black eyeliner, a tight Panic! At the Disco shirt, and tight flare jeans with her white studded belt. She was good to go. She quietly as she could opened the door and crept out. The brothers were sleeping, but she still couldn't take any chances. She looked at the road; there was her friend and her older brother, ready to take her to the concert.

She got into the car, and away she went.

She got home at around one o clock in the morning, still being silent she opened the door, expecting blackness. But no, there was Dean and Sam sitting there staring at her.

"Oh. Hey guys!"


Sorry I haven't updated in a while, it's been a busy couple of weeks.